Scorn’s battle will most likely cause you shed your development. As a result, it is the key that you can look fairly near to your present setting so that the video game does not feel like a torment or hard to end. However, unfortunately Scorn does not constantly do this, specifically early.

With the knowledge of how you can conserve your video game in Scorn below, you can know when the video game will be conserved for you. In this means you can watch on the key moments when you reach a control factor.

Saving your game is always the trick in every video game, but especially in games that have plenty of testing circumstances or tasks, such as scorn. The game doesn’t inform you exactly how you can save, so we do this with this overview for you and show you Just how to save your game in Scorn .

Exactly how to conserve your video game in Scorn

To save your video game in Scorn, you need to achieve among the predefined control points of the game . There are no manual storage standing or means to conserve your game through the menu.

With this knowledge, it should be much easier for you to make it through scorn and not have to repeat numerous of the challenge options. If you desire additional ideas before you go too deep right into experience, do you take a look at our combat suggestions for mockery to aid you on this page of experience?


In the first fifty percent of the video game, the checkpoints are rather large, which is not so wonderful because you can lose a lot of development. But if you enter into the extra consolidated, much more challenging second half of the game, the checkpoints are even more usual. In AKT I-III of the game you must only save after you have actually gotten to vital landmarks, e.g. B. a brand-new problem or a brand-new location.