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Magic: The Gathering, Double Master 2022 table top release

Wizards of the Coast is the world’s first strategic trading card game (TCG) ‘Magic: The Gathering (Magic)’ series’ Double Master ” Double Master 2022 ‘It was released as a table top.

Double Masters 2022, which connects the original double master series, features fans’ loved powerful trial cards and special designs. The unique texture card with special finishes stimulates the interests of the collectors. You can organize more powerful decks and enjoy high quality play with Foil Cards, Rare and Gourmet Cards, which are available for all packs.

The Double Master 2022 consists of 331 cards and is available in two draft boosters and collector boosters. This set consists of 80 Borderless Cards, including texture foil and foil etching cards processed with unique textures, to increase the satisfaction of magic collectors around the world.

Double Master 2022 Collector Boosters some cards include special finish and foil etching versions. The texture foil version, added to the five legendary characters of the borderless rare card, added a special texture to add the effect of the illustration. In addition, the rare etching style is applied to the rare and gourmet rare cards that add special coatings to a matte frame.

Meanwhile, Wizards is the MTG Arena set ‘Alchemi Horizon: Balders Gate’ on the 8th so that you can enjoy the fun of ‘Commander Legend: Balders Gate Battle’ with Dungeon & Dragon (D & D), which was launched in June. It was released. A total of 267 cards, Alchemie Horizon: Balders Gate consists of a new card for MTG Arena, along with the powerful trial card of the D & D Collaboration set, the Commander Legend: Balders Gate and the adventure in Pogaton Realm. This set is a card set consisting of drafts, alchemies, historic, and historic blankets.

Wizards will hold various promotions to commemorate the launch of the new card set. The double master 2022 launch party will be held at the official store until the 10th, and two English cards will be presented as a limited quantity, including ‘Bring to Light,’ and ‘Weathered Wayfarer’. In addition, through the ‘Love Game Store Promotion’, a limited quantity of the retro frame ‘SOL RING’ will be presented to customers who purchase more than 60,000 won in the Magic Store. The 2022 Tiger Year of the Tiger is in progress in the Asia-Pacific League, which is in progress, offers a commemorative promotion card for the star tiger.


For more information on the ongoing events and promotions, please visit the Magic Cafe.

EA PLAY LIVE 2022 Abandoned, projects do not align with a show

Electronic Arts has confirmed that it will not host EA playing live showcase – neither physically neither numerically – later this year during the traditional e3 delay in June. In a statement addressed to IGN, the publisher explains that it is because the projects he currently on the books “do not tail you to show you in a single date”. Instead, EA will share more information about his next games “when the time comes for each of them” throughout 2022.

These titles include Dragon Age 4, Dead Space remake, a Star Wars Jedi Suite: Fallen Order and its usual range of sports games.

EA Play Live June 2020

The full statement reads as follows: “We love Ea Play Live because it’s our way of connecting with our players and sharing new products with you all. However, this year, things do not align everything in a single date. We have what is happening in our world-class studios and this year, we will tell you a lot more about these projects when the time comes for each of them. We look forward to spending time with you throughout the year! »

This is another blow for the usual list of conferences and announcements around the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which it is not even confirmed yet that it really takes place digitally this year. We already know that it is not planned to host the show in person, and an online event has not yet been announced to take its place.

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