Cyberpunk 2077 are partying, since yesterday news was revealed as an improvement for the Xbox Series S version and a new expansion for the game was also announced. And while, Phantom Liberty promises a lot with completely new districts, some wonder if this will be the end for such a controversial game.

Through the comments of its YouTube channel , the CD Project Red team has given the task of answering certain comments, here whether there will be more content for the future is included. And they precisely mention that for now they have nothing planned, so from that moment it would only continue to support the title and nothing more.

It is worth mentioning, that long before the arrival of the game on consoles and PC , expansions and content that would be launched in the future in the giant world RPG were being mentioned. They talked about this in a plural way, but it is understandable that after the initial failure, now they only have the budget to limit themselves to just an expansion.

In news related to Cyberpunk 2077 . It was reported that the versions of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will stop receiving support, this to devote themselves to the new generations and also the PC . In case you want to know more about this hard decision by CD Project Red , we invite you to follow this link to the full note.

Remember that the game is available in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.