GTA Online: The Contract Trailer Featuring Franklin & Dr. Dre
As we know, since the release of “the contract”, which put in particular from Dr. Dre in his own role, Franklin Clinton is back in GTA 5 / GTA Online. It must be said that since the end of the solo campaign, the latter has withdrawn from the bad shots by getting married, melting a family and launching his own business. The only problem is that Lamar, his soss still, does not stop wanting him and he has succeeded if we believe this new trailer where the two friends go back to 400 shots. In fact, these reminiscences were initially available after the VIP contract requested to recover Dr. Dre’s music in the “contract” mission, but it is now possible to access them by launching the Activities menu. Suddenly, to boost desires, Rockstar Games has decided to double the $ and RP doubled until February 16th. You are warned!