INAMI Digital Entertainment (INAMI)/ Annapurna Interactive announced Silent Hill: Downfall on October 20. Compatible platforms are undecided. It was revealed in the information program Silent Hill Transmission to deliver the latest information of the series.

Silent Hill is a horror game series sold by INAMI. As a numbering work, from the first work released in 1999 to the fourth work released in 2004. In addition, several studios have been released by several studios. On the other hand, since Silent Hills was discontinued, series fans have long been waiting for new developments.

Silent Hill: Downfall seems to be a completely new work of the Silent Hill series. Although many of the teaser images were not revealed, the recorder had more meaningful narratives. A mysterious glasses man and a creepy coast were reflected.

The NO CODE is based in Glasgow. In the past, Stories Untold and Observation were released. He has worked on a one-of-a-kind work, including horror elements. This time, Silent Hill: ton fall will be handled in Annapurna Interactive’s publishing. According to Jon McKellar, the creative director, he respects the original and incorporates a slightly different elements.

The follow-up report about this work will be revealed in early 2023. McKellar looked back at the teaser video many times and said he wanted him to discover new. Motor Nakamoto, a producer of the Silent Hill series in INAMI, said that he will expand his partnership in the future, although he has not yet been named. Let’s look forward to the follow-up report.

Silent Hill: Downfall is under development with No Code.