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How to improve cure indicators in a two -point hospital

The frequency of cure on Two Point varies from the hospital to the hospital. But if you want to increase the rate of treatment and reach a 3-star level, we have some tips that can help you.

In this manual you will find all the tips that you can follow to improve Two Points cure indicators.

How to check the cure level in the Two Point hospital

Checking the current cure level on Two Point Hospital is quite simple. Just go to the Patient tab, and you will find the percentage of cure in the Review section.

The rate of treatment will be as a percentage, and the required percentage can also be seen with it if you complete the task.

how to improve the cure speed

The cure speed greatly depends on your current hospital. But if you are trying to bring your hospital to 3 stars and reach a cure level of more than 90%, we have some tips for you. These tips will help you significantly improve Two-Point Hospital cure indicators.

Hospital staff training

You must invest your time and money in the staff to train it. If your staff is well trained, it will help you achieve a high level of cure.

Be sure to train your employees with diagnosis and treatment, and then appoint them to a specific room.

Personnel trained in diagnostics should be assigned to the diagnostic cabinet. The same is with procedural offices. Set only personnel to the procedural office that specializes in treatment.

increase in the number of medical and diagnostic rooms

Your main attention should be focused on the diagnostic office. To cure the disease, you must be 100%sure of it. More diagnostic rooms mean that you can quickly diagnose more patients.

After that, you will need procedural rooms to cure patients with a higher speed. Both diagnostic and medical rooms work side by side, increasing the cure level on Two Point Hospital.

update your cars

Cars are necessary for the treatment of many diseases in the hospital. The janitor will play a role in the modernization of these machines. The update will cost you an average of $ 15,000.

For some improvements, you will also need to conduct a study. You can return to the created hospital and complete the study in order to unlock the necessary update.

Modernized machines will help you increase treatment and cure rate.

good layout of the hospital

The layout of your hospital is really important for the unhindered stream of patients, and especially beginners do not pay much attention to this. What you need to do is your hospital so that patients do not have to walk much.

For example, you make diagnostic cabinets, cafes and toilets in one place so that they do not spend time in vain. Patients may even die due to wasted time, so you must cope with this if you want to achieve a high level of cure.

increase the amount of treatment with highly exhausted diseases

To increase the level of cure, you can choose a few well-cured diseases and start marketing campaigns so that more patients with these diseases come to your hospital.

More patients with well-cured diseases mean more successful treatment and a high level of cure. Some of the diseases that you can quite easily cure are also given below.

* Dizziness (20%)
* Loveshot mind (20%)
* Grout (0%)
* Clamp (10%)
* The face of the bed (20%)

Patients with a low probability of treatment

To maintain a high cure level on Two Point Hospital, you should send home those patients whose chances of survival are quite low. You can even use mods so that you do not have to constantly check your patients.

Set the diagnostic threshold by 100%

So that employees do not know about diseases and do not kill patients due to improper treatment, you must establish a threshold of diagnosis by 100%. The diagnostic threshold can be found on the Politics tab in the Review section.

When you are 100% sure of the disease, the chances of successful treatment are high, which means a high percentage of cure.

Add elements that can increase the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment

If you add objects that can increase the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment in the wards and corridors of your hospital, you will improve the cure.

These objects improve the treatment and diagnosis process and increase the chances of survival. Now you might think about what it is for objects. Do not worry; You can see these elements in the list below.

  • Medical office
  • Wall monitor
  • Scales
  • Book cabinet for treatment
  • Deep thing 2

Your expenses should be reasonable

To successfully complete the treatment, it is necessary to make sure that the patient pays.
If the patient refuses to pay, you will not receive any improvement in the level of cure.
Sometimes people adhere to tactics in which they increase prices for less cured diseases so that patients do not come.
But still, patients can come, and even if you are successfully treating the patient, they can refuse to pay, which will be bad for you.
So you should avoid raising prices and follow other tips.

Ghost of Tsushima 2 would already be in development

_ Ghost of tsushima _RESULT TO BE A SUCCESS FOR PLAYSTATION , so it’s easy to assume that sooner or later, Sucker Punch will start working in your sequel. Since last year, there is rumored about it, and thanks to new work vacancies with very specific requirements, it seems that their developers are already preparing to continue with the story of Jin Sakai.

It happens that Sucker Punch is hiring for multiple positions within the study, including a Senior Combat Designer and combat technical designer . The company does not mention which project or projects these two candidates will be working, however, one of the requirements is that any of them must have played ghost of tsushima previously, as well as being perfectly familiar with their main gameplay mechanics.

Ghost of Tsushima 2 on PS5 Already in Development? + Spider Man Miles Morales Update

From here we can assume that the project in question is related to Ghost of Tsushima, and at this point, I no longer think that Sucker Punch Want to re-throw an expansion for the base game. I say, it could happen, but the reality is that this team has surely put down the work in the sequel, which will probably still take many more years to see the light.

Editor’s note: Considering how successful it was Ghost of Tsushima, it should not be surprising that a sequel is already under development. If I had to bet, I would say that this second part will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5, because I think we could even see it at the end of its life cycle, as happened with the first title of the saga.

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