■ Product introduction
The product to be introduced is the ROCCAT BURST Pro Air (Locat Burst Pro Air) wireless mouse. Locat is a brand that is familiar to us as a conure mouse and was established in Hambruke in 2007 and is a manufacturer of the world’s best gaming products with the carefulness of Germany’s innovative technology and small details. In 2019, it is a mergers and acquisitions in Turtle Beach, which is known as a gaming headset.

Locat Burst Pro Air is a right-handed product with a symmetrical left and right symmetrical, but is equipped with a ROCCAT® OWL-YYE optical sensor based on PIXART’s PAW3370 sensor, with a maximum tracking speed of 19,000 DPI and 400 IPS and a maximum acceleration of 50g The gaming wireless mouse is an impressive product with a good height and a good grip in one hand.

The 2.4GHz connection, which enables fast and stable games, and a variety of Bluetooth 5.2 double wireless systems, can be selected for the user’s environment. In addition, it supports the removable USB-C type charging cable to play during charging, and has a time of use time of use when fully charged.

Titan optical switches with 100 million click lifespan are applied, and heat-treated pure ptrre glide offers a smoother and softer movement. In addition, Swarm, a software for Locat products, can be controlled by various settings and lighting effects.

■ Package configuration

It is released in two colors: black and white, but it is designed to see the color even by looking at the box. In addition, the actual shooting of the front of the box was the same as the actual mouse size, so it was very good to see the size of the picture. The opening of the top is attached to a large Locat sticker.

It provides a USB Type-C to A cable and a user manual for mouse body, charging and wired connection. Locat Roccat Elo 7.1 Air RGB Wireless Gaming Headset White, which had been previously seen before, was regrettable by providing a charging cable in black.

■ Locat Burst Pro Air Appearance

It is a symmetrical product for right-handed hands, but only a button on the left side. Of course, if you don’t use the button on the left, you can use it with your left hand. The smooth surface blocks dust and contaminants, and provides more colorful lighting by applying four clear RGB LED modules. The left and right click button is a detachable design that provides a suitable height and satisfactory grip.

Roccat Burst Pro Air Review / DREAM COME TRUE

■ Software

Locat Burst Pro Air can control various settings and lighting effects through Swarm, a software for Locat products.

The Burst Pro AIR has an exclamation mark and a confirmation update is required. You can’t update wirelessly, so you can connect the cable and update to the latest version.

You can store your profile in five colors, and change your hardware with a profile change button on the floor. When you press the button, you can easily see what the current profile is because it shows it for a while in the stored color.

■ LED effect

In the case of Locat Burst Pro Air, four LED modules are applied to the entire mouse except both sides. In the case of black products, if the LED feels very clearly transmitted, white products feel like LED and housing will be synchronized. Is it a very favorite part? Usually it doesn’t go well with the mouse, but in the case of White, it seems to be very fun to see.

■ Grip

The mouse, finger, and palms are closed by grabbing the mouse through the fingers and palms. This is the most common grip method for users. Normally, the mouse for the palm grip is that the left and right asymmetrical products are very close to the palm of the palm, providing a satisfactory grip, and Locat Burst Pro Air is a symmetrical product, but it is possible to grip the palm without any inconvenience.

The palm of the palm touches the mouse, but the fingers are built up, which is like a bird’s claw. In the case of Locat Burst Pro Air, unlike the usual mouse, the side of the palm is getting thicker, and the two fingers clicking on the hinge of the thumb and the little finger are located in the center of the button. I think it’s a mouse.

It is a grip method that uses only a finger to hold the mouse with only the fingers to take the palm out of the mouse and move the mouse. I didn’t feel very uncomfortable with the finger grip.

■ Finish

So far, we have looked at Locat Burst Pro Air Wireless Mouse. It provides 2.4GHz that enables fast and stable games and a variety of Bluetooth 5.2 double wireless systems, and supports detachable USB-C type charging cables to play during charging..

It is equipped with a ROCCAT® OWL-EYE optical sensor based on PIXART’s PAW3370 sensor, with a maximum tracking speed of 19,000 DPI and 400IPS and a maximum acceleration of 50g, creating an environment that is better to enjoy gaming with a moderate weight of 81g. give.

It is a wireless gaming mouse that best suits the name Locat, which satisfies convenience, trends, and completion of the product, such as luxurious clicks, scroll wheel motion, brilliant LED lighting, and detailed settings through Swarm, software for Locat products..

If you are a user who uses a claw grip and thinks about buying a wireless mouse, I would like to finish the review with a strong recommendation of Locat Burst Pro Air.