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Corocoro magazine will unveil the details of Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the Mars edition

The Japanese monthly magazine of Mangas Corocoro has promised some juicy details on the next Nintendo life simulator animal Crossing: New Horizons in their March issue.

The magazine, whose target audience is generally in the elementary age group, added Teaser to their latest edition which indicated that their next issue, which is to be released on February 15, will include details on the new game that should excite Fans as the game approaches.

Corocoro Magazine is not the only Japanese magazine publisher to offer information on the next traversée d’Addiques Title, the March number of the magazine Nintendo Dream and TV Game, published on January 21 and 31 respectively, also stated more ‘Love on the game with exclusive details.

Neveaux Horizons should be released on March 20 for Nintendo Switch, and this is the first new main line traversée d’Addes game from Nevelle leaf launched for 3DS in 2012. There have been a certain number of derivative titles for the series since, y Including board games festival Amiibo for the Wii U, and the mobile version with Pocket Camp. However, all were welcomed with a freezing critical and commercial reception. It is also the longest since the release of a main line of a certain distance in the series.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Jouw eiland, jouw leven! (Nintendo Switch)
The marketing of the game has increased slowly, and the new details of each of the three magazines in Japan should sharpen the appetite of impatient fans.

Animal Crossing Fandom has just become more expensive

Being a fan of _ Crude of animals_ has just become more expensive for a lot of _ Bruce of animals_ amateur. When _ Crude of animals: new horizons_ was launched by 2020, many _ Bruce of animals_ Fans were forced to update their Nintendo 3DS to a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite. In addition to this update, many _ Bruce of animals_ Fans pay a animal crossing: Pocket camp Subscription each month, and now they are going to pay even more if they want the whole _ pocket-experience.

Nintendo came forward and added a subscription level for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. What does this mean? Well, it means that if you want to access the game in full, you must disburse more than $12 per month, also known as $144 per year. Previously, this figure was $11 each month.

What Happens When You Make 1,000,000 Poki? | Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise Pay | ACNH Million
The price increase of $1 is the result of adding the Merry Memories plan, which was implemented together with the recent 5.0 update. What does Merry Memories plan do? Well, unlock more Pocket Planner features, which was added the 5.0 update. More specifically, it allows more personalization options, such as the possibility of decorating your agenda with a wide range of stickers.

For only $1, the Merry Memories plan is economical, but when combined with the Happy Helper plan and the Furniture & Fashion plan, which cost $3 and $8 a month, respectively, the cost increases rapidly. At $12, the three accessories cost $2 more each months than Xbox Game Pass, which provides unlimited access to subscribers to a wide library of game in constant evolution. Then, at $12 per month, the total access level seems quite high.

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