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The best demons in Soul Hackers 2 – List of Levels

If there is something that is in Soul Hackers 2, it is demons. There are so many options scattered in 32 types, which may seem impossible to remember who does what. That is why we have compiled a list of Soul Hackers 2 demon levels.

Soul Hackers 2 List of Demon levels

We divided this list of levels into three different categories: demons of early games, medium games and late games. This is done for ease of use during the game. You will also notice that we did not turn on each demon-because of the huge number of demons, we cut it to the most necessary, so that you know exactly what you need to focus on.

early game (levels 1-25)

mid-game (levels 26-50)

Late game (levels 51+)

The usefulness of each demon can vary depending on your proposed style of the game and on whether you have united them. Therefore, although this list of levels serves as a reliable guideline, keep in mind that your real game experience may differ and give different results.


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[Soon Jeongnam] Is it a reward? Strong Recommended Catch Happiness TOP 5

※ [Soonjeongnam] is a corner that sets a unique theme every week and introduces the right game, character, and events.

It is a word that is sometimes used in fighting games, and it is called ‘catching happiness’. Mainly refers to catching techniques that use thighs or chests, and the most famous is the technology of throwing or squeezing the crotch into the opponent’s face. It is an attack that contains a painful damage, but for the above, some people began to express ‘happiness than hurt if you hit that.’ Some say, ‘Happiness is a reward in this industry.’

In fact, most of the ‘happiness’ technology is used by female characters. But catching with a strong thigh muscles is quite reasonable in martial arts, and of course men can use it. So I brought it. ‘Happiness is a reward in this industry’ is recommended for those who are recommended! Recognize if you are happy and happy!

TOP 5. Long-term F, Law File Driver direction…?

Long-term F. His specialty is a screw file driver, which is a technology that puts the opponent upside down and then jumps to the ground. If you get caught by this, the other person usually holds the outside, making it an extraordinary sore skill that has nothing to do with ‘Happiness Catch’.

A typical example is Street Fighter 2 or Zero. Obviously, the character, which was held on the outside, screams at one moment, towards the long-term F. Perhaps it was difficult to take a dot until the back of the back, so it was turned to the front or side, but for the character, it became a typical beneficiary of catching a face in the middle of the triangle panties. In fact, if your head is inserted at that speed, you can die instantly, but if you see it alive in the damage, you may be happy and the damage is less.

TOP 4. Clark Steel, Happiness Catch-Taunted Set

Like the above, there is another muscular and soldier catching character. The eternal uncle (2) Clark Steel of the KOF Ikari Team. Most of his catching technology uses the power of the upper body muscles, but the only legs… No, there is a technology to use it. It’s Frankensteiner, who hugs his opponent’s head with his thighs and throws back.

At first glance, Shel Me’s happiness comes to mind, but this is the original technology. For reference, this technology is linked to the addition of ‘Flashing Elbo’ after the completion, and if you do not deliberately enter it, it will open both hands from side to side and spread the ceremony (?). It is natural that the happiness index will rise to 300%after catching happiness and celebrating ceremonies!


TOP 3. King, Frankensteiner is also a triangle pantage than jeans

The King of the Tekken series also has ‘Happiness’. It is a technique that hits the enemy in the backbill in place, and it is connected to catch when hits from close. It is a feeling similar to the fourth place Clark Steel, with the legs on the opponent’s shoulders. In fact, based on the same professional wrestling technology, Frankensteiner, it is the same name.

In the case of King, the customs are slightly different, but they are basically wearing a professional triangular panty in a naked state. Compared to Clark Steel, which wears thick jeans, the area is relatively large and the distance is close, and the motion itself is slower, so you can feel happiness for a long time.

TOP 2. Chin Gensai, I eat alcohol by catching happiness

Gensai, a Chinese team, and KOF’s oldest participant. He uses a shaking right and casts happiness that is mainly for the characters to catch. It is ‘Gangeumju’, which is a corrective technology. When you use this technology, you get on your opponent’s shoulder, tightly join your head with your legs, and then forcibly feed the alcohol in the disease. With the legs of the legs, the crotch close to the face.

For reference, this technology has the longest duration of ‘Happiness Catch’ introduced in this article. In addition, the drinks that are feeding together are high enough to catch fire, and the high levels of alcohol are high-quality alcohol. It’s not Mureungdowon because you drink good silk and get drunk.

TOP 1. Soul Caliber Series Custom Custom (Sofitia Based)

In fact, the first place in this field is Sofitia, the hero of the Soul Caliber Series. It is also a character that created the term ‘catching happiness’, and the traditional character customization of the Soul Caliber Series is based on the sofitia based on high-exposed male characters.

For reference, Labor No. 8, which serializes [No 8 Review] in Game Mecca, is said to have been online with the underwear bald muscular fashion character, saying that he will do the same after he was in the early stages of Soul Caliber 6 Online War. He will be the one who practiced the catchprise of the movie ‘Parasite’, which happiness grows.

Players showed a figure in the new Jrpg Soul Hackers 2 trailer

Atlus has published a new trailer for its upcoming Jrpg Soul Hackers 2 with a focus on one character of the game. This time we were shown a figure that is one of the protagonists of this project, and Ringo tells about it.

As for the horoscope from the developers, today the Sagittarius should be the most lucky, but Aries are at the very bottom of the top of luck.

Soul Hackers 2 NEW OFFICIAL Trailer PV02 REACTION

The release of Jrpg Soul Hackers 2 is scheduled for August 26 of the current year for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Personal Computers. Gamers from Japan will receive the game at their disposal a day earlier than the rest of the world.

Soulbone ACT “THYMESIA” distribution date decided to make full use of the power of plague!

Publisher Team17 and Developer Overborder Studio announced that the distribution date of the new action RPG “ THYMESIA “, which is a new action RPG (“Dark Soul” + “Bloodbone”), has been decided on August 9 of the local time. bottom.

In this work, set in the kingdom of death, the player becomes a man with amnesia, “CORVUS”, and pursues the truth while dating back to a mysterious memory. The game has a complex biological weapon system in addition to a good tempo battle.


The kingdom that once flourished with the power of alchemy has reached an era of disaster. He noticed the price of alchemy and was backfired to stop using it. After many days, the kingdom fell into a turmoil, and monsters overflowed in the city.

The key to understanding everything is in Corvus’s hand. But he has fallen in memory. The truth is only in his memory, but it is only more mysterious that you can find it every time you go back.


Use the plague
Take away the illness from the eerie boss and use it as a weapon. Taste your medicine. That is the only way to survive this desolate kingdom.

Accept the inner crow
Transform into a crow at the time of battle. Throw the feathers like a dagger and kill the enemy at a speed of birds of prey.

Know your way of fighting
Upgrade and remodel basic movements and biological weapons. Establish your own play style and prepare for a trial that blocks the way.

Memory that falls apart
Let’s revive your memory through the adventure. The ending changes depending on different options and collected items. Let’s sew your own truth.

“THYMESIA” will be distributed to Windows (Steam, Series X | S. In Steam, a limited time (until May 10) has been released in line with the “Rogue: Mysterious Festival”, which started today on May 3rd.

[Genui] 20th presidential election game

※ [[Genui] is a corner that sets a different theme every week, and introduces a game, character, event, etc.

The 20th presidential election, which was 9 days, was finally finished. The presidential election was unusually fiercely like an analysis of the minimal gap of the constitution, and the elected prefix, which was confirmed by the previous presidential election, was an ultra-theater that did not appear until 3 o’clock. Perhaps a lot of voters, including reporters, would not have been able to sleep in the opening of the openings.

I sweat my hands in the tide, and the ridiculous waves that have been experienced in the game are thrilled. Who is a fierce winner that is not caught. Usually, it is ending due to the victory of the main character, but if the main character is not clear, it is not a bad ending of the main character death / fading. Today, I reminded me of the 20th presidential election, Top 5 in the game in the game.

First Presidential Debate Of 2020 Election | NBC News NOW
TOP 5. Metal Gear Rising Revension, Leiden VS Stephen Armstrong

Metal Gear Rising Revision Arms, the final boss, Stephen Armstrong is a person who drove the main character Riiden to the supernatant. Above all, it is a person who is a politician from the president of the President of the President. Remains.

Although the hero was predicted that the hero was predicted to win, the Armstrong was so strong that the stronger was strong. In the scene where Leiden is almost just before the death (+ nanomer) and the fighting technology, it is not the end of the game. In fact, there is no guarantee that it is not guaranteed to die in the metall gear series characteristics, and it is time to sweat in hand because it is not yet coming up. Well, finally, the Lien won the Buffer Buff, but the name of the presidential candidate Armstrong is the way to the road between the gamers, and I do not know what to do.

TOP 4. KOF 95, Kusa Nagi Kyo VS Yagami Iori

Starting the Street Fighter, the stretching of the fighting game is a strange law that rivalry characters appear unconditionally. In the early days, this rival composition, which was close to the competitors such as Ryu / Ken, Terry / Andy, and Rollbert, such as Robert, is a little bit of Genjuro at Samurai Spirits 2. And the presence of the line in the vertex is the rival of madness, Yagami, which reveals an exposure to KOF main character KOF KOK.

Iori first appeared on KOF 95, which is the second work, and he had a breathtaking Japanese team in the finals. Even 1-1 1 engagement of Kyoki was drawing as a timeover, but it was a situation that the remaining athletes was turned into the following difference. Even after that, I want to continue to win Kyokyo, but I do not have a stronger, I will not temporarily make a hand, faster, faster, fight, fought, or leave the adventure to the team members. It is a feeling that the internet proverb called the truly winner of the last one is the true winner.

TOP 3. Dark Soul 3, Me’s Ear Recered VS Selected Posts (King of the King)

Dark Soul 3, Furthermore, the final boss of the Dark Soul series is a pretty unique. I am sitting in front of the bonfire, but I am not immediately starting the battle immediately, but I do not immediately start the battle, but if you change the pattern similar to the player, you will see the use of a variety of difficulties and alarious difficulty. It comes to be transmitted.

In particular, it is an identity that allows this battle to know that it is a choice of choice. Even if you see a little bit of a bitterly survived while watching on the Dark Soul 1, it is clearly revealed that the player who has been selected by the player who had a player, In the end, this battle is three of the three and one fight, and I fought the first time, and at the end of the choice, I will overcome the chest sick in the past. Well, Dark Soul Series Worldview What’s wrong with the world, let’s not worry about a big worries. And let’s make themselves. It’s not difficult, but I do not have a defeat.

TOP 2. TOKENK 7, Mishima Hayaachi vs Mishima Kazua

Kazuya and Hei Hachi, who was a policy relationship, It has already been deteriorated to be difficult to express the two between them. The two victims of the two were made a few times, and the true binder was not once. One, Kazuya is finished with ending to defeat the Hayhachi and throw it on the cliff, and the Hayachi, who revived, beat Kazuya and throws to the volcanic crater. But Kazuya is also alive on four pieces, and eventually leads to the end of seven times, and eventually.

In the meantime, it was true that it was a lot of wattage, and it was difficult to lose the victory on one side of the Iron 7. In fact, the taste series was not a strange situation, because there is no one character that can be called a distinct protector, so it was not strange even if one dies. As a result, he fought against the human limit of Hayachi, but he defeated Kazuay with a car, Maybe it could have been an unavoidable depression with the death of the two hundred times, but it is only a good idea to support the Hayachi.

TOP 1. God of War 3, Crete vs Zeus

As a word of God of God Greek myths, I can summarize “Crete to Greek gods”. If you get strong gods and monsters get into Crete, you can not write it up once, and you can use excellence. I had a relative to the crithm before death, and there was a relative to him, and Jiangs, who is his father. Even if you meet with the overwhelming mental power and power, it is the only person who dragged Crete to be beaten by the power of death.

In fact, Crete loses all the weapons that he have acquired in Jausu, and he grabbed the “hope” at the end of the fighting fight until just before the defeat date, and won the final victory. If Crete was not the god of the war, it was the ultimate invitation that it was not the god of the war that became stronger. For reference, it is similar to the heyachi-ga Kazuaya and the old-way, but in terms of fighting scales, the gods of the gods beyond the semi-circuits, but in terms of fighting scales.

Gin Goddesss entire derivative Soul Hackers, new in 25 years

Atlas, the goddess of Atlas, the goddess, there is a lot of main sole, but it is not less derived from popularity. Among them, the soul hackers, which had been broken for a long period of time, has been announced by the fans’ eyes.

Seja Public Lisish Korea released the latest ‘Soul Hackers 2’ through the online broadcasting ‘Aion Live Broadcasting Sequence’ from 8:00 on the 21st. Soul Hackers is a soul hackers followed by one of the Deville Summer series derived from the goddess of the goddess. The first title was launched in Segata, in 1997, and successive work in 25 years.

Soul Hackers scored a world view of SF in the goddess of Jean Goddess, and the subsequent Soul Hackers 2 recalls the previous feature. The background is the mid-21st century, and it is active in Devil, who has a contract with the devil and live secretly. Deville Someton has two organizations of the Yataaras and Phantom Society, and there are figures to work without belonging.

In addition, the transcendence of the transcendental existence in the new technological vertices is protecting the human world. Then one day aion detects that the destruction is coming to the human world, and sends Ringo and the pigs to the human world to prevent them. The Ringo party looks for Devil, which is the presence that is necessary to avoid destruction, but they were already died. The Ringo is a dumplilled thermaler who died of Soul Hack, which is a special ability of Aion. Since then, Lingo, Pyg, Rewards Devil Someton, will be able to combine the strength of the world to solve the fabulits of the world.

This is the main character that was released this time. First, Aion has an agent Ringo and Pig. Both are new born bees and the Ringo has curious about human society and emotion, and the pigs have a relatively calm character. Then Deville Something is a total of three. Then, the Nero of Yatagaras accompanies, is a normal time, but the only one is small and mild, but it is hiding the enthusiastic inner. The Milami, which is a phantom society, then Malayi, is also cool and rational, and sometimes harsh judgment. Finally, the cyonds that act as a silent is a romantist that identifies the atmosphere of a romantest.

If you look at the published promotional video on the 21st, it is a turn-based combat based on a team of four characters, and the power of the devil is also utilized. In addition, the goddess was introduced to the ‘Savat (Total Attack), based on the inherited weakness of the Persona series. We offer a powerful one by combat technology that gathers the enemy weakness of the enemy’s weaknesses.


Soul Hackers 2 will be released on August 25, and support models are PC (steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / s. Support official Korean subtitles to Japanese voice. The package is 69,800 won, and the limited edition is 129,800 won, and the download version is 69,800 won, and the downloaded luxury plate is 100,800 won.

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