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PLAYSTATION PLUS PREMIUM: The 1st PSONE, PS2 and PSP games on the run, largely excluded to the program

You are not without knowing (finally, perhaps) that the PLAYSTATION PLUS will evolve in June to offer three levels, the last one will give access to a lot of Old-School games. Today, some of them could be seen and they all come from an old Saga PlayStation, formerly a reference.


Syphon Filter back

Sony still keeps the secret on the game catalog that will propose to all subscribers of the Playstation Plus Premium, the last degree of subscription of the Japanese giant online service. It is known that it will consist of PS4 and PS5 titles, but also of PS3 Softs (via the cloud) but also PS2, PSONE and PSP (it will be possible to download): Brief, what to bring back great classics for the happiness of the most nostalgic.

However, the indefatigable classification body of South Korea (their equivalent of the pegi, by home) has just let a handful of softs appear, listed on PS4 but coming well from the first consoles PlayStation… the Syphon Filter. * * It was once great references to the action and infiltration game as well as exclusives developed by Sony Bend, the authors of Uncharted Golden Abyss or, more recently, Days G1. Here are the titles concerned and which are therefore likely to appear in the PlayStation Plus Premium (with trophies, sudden?) : **

  • Syphon Filter _ (PlayStation, 1999) _
  • Syphon Filter 2 _ (PlayStation, 2000) _
  • Syphon Filter: DARK MIRROR _ (PSP, 2006 / PS2, 2007) _
  • Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow _ (PSP and PS2 / 2007) _

Alas, Some games of the series still miss the callyphon filter 3 call, released at the time on PSONE in 2001 OuSyphon Filter The Omega Strain , published in 2004 on PS2. Maybe they will be integrated as well.

All about the new PlayStation More

As early as the month of June, The PlayStation Plus will experience a restructuring, including by absorbing the PlayStation Now. Here are the three subscriptions it will propose, each with specific advantages:


  • Online game
  • Several games (from two to three per month generally) included to download
  • Discounts on purchases
  • Backups in the cloud


  • 8.99 € for a month
  • 24.99 € for three months (ie 8.33 € per month)
  • 59.99 € for twelve months (less than 5 € per month)

Subscribe 1 year to PlayStation + for 59 €


  • Online game
  • Several games included in addition to download
  • Discounts on purchases
  • Backups in the cloud
  • 400 PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games for download (distribution still unspecified)


  • 13.99 € for a month

Fix PPSSPP plays psp games Can't play Play playstation 1 or 2 game
* 39.99 € for three months (ie 13.33 € per month)
* 99.99 € for twelve months (a little over € 8 per month)


  • Online game
  • Several games included in addition to download
  • Discounts on purchases
  • Backups in the cloud
  • 400 PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games for download (distribution still unspecified)
  • PSP, PlayStation and PS2 games for download
  • These same PSP games, original Playstation, PS2, but also PS3 and PS4 streaming
  • Limited time access to the latest AAA games (a priori on the day of their release)

PlayStation Plus Premium: Rates

  • 16.99 € for a month
  • 49.99 € for three months (a little over 16 € per month)
  • 119.99 € for twelve months (a little less than 10 € per month)

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4 minutes ago

Frankly I would have many small PS2 or PSP games, especially if they could implement the trophies. I dream a little bit, I know.

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