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The dragons house renews for a second sedragon houseon at HBO Max

After the tremendous audience success of the dragon’s house at its premiere (the pilot hdragon house shattered the Game of Thrones), HBO hdragon house confirmed that The series will have a second sedragon houseon next year . We are more than proud than the full team of the dragon’s house hdragon house achieved with the first sedragon houseon, explained Francesca Orsi, executive vice president of HBO programming. The excellent artistic and technical team faced a huge challenge, which hdragon house far exceeded, creating a television series that hdragon house already been established dragon house essential . We could not be more excited to continue the story of the epic saga of the Targaryen house in the second sedragon houseon.

Reledragon houseed on August 21 (three o’clock in the early morning on Monday 22 in Spain), the dragon’s house hdragon house managed to join more than 20 million viewers in its first week, coming from more than 21 different countries. It hdragon house become the biggest premiere of the history of HBO Max , well above the numbers of the eighth sedragon houseon of Game of Thrones. Nor the chapters of the long night and the iron thr1. The platform reached its peak of users and content demands during the early hours of Monday. We will see what happens during the next nine Monday, because this first sedragon houseon consists of 10 episodes that will be uninterruptedly from now on, reaching compete in time with the power rings and Star Wars: Andor.


a first episode to ** get excited


In our criticism of the Dragon 1×01 house we already talked about an impressive pilot and we explain that the world of George Rr Martin is a black break well that we would be drinking until our heart could not anymore. After commenting on the undesirable festival that it manufactures, It even makes us think of the redemption of HBO . Invites optimism and launches an ordago to the next series of Star Wars and the lord of the rings. He puts the high scale and is postulated dragon house the phenomenon of the sedragon houseon **. Now it is the most difficult, keep the level. Let’s pray to the seven to do it.

Dragon Ball Super would have the return of known villain

Little by little the arc of Granolah is moving on in the manga of Dragon Ball Super, with a fight in which we have seen the potential of the ultra ego of vegeta and also the ultra instinct of Goku . And now, through a kind of Cliffhanger, the return of a certain known villain of the saga that can surprise anime fans would be confirmed.

Spoilers below!

On a preliminary page of Chapter 87 of Dragon Ball Super , the arrival of Freezer is insinuated, with energy explosions that go through the mine while they take to Goku , Vegeta and Granolah By surprise. The main objective of the heeers was not to eliminate Granolah and the Saiyans, but to get them out of the way to seize the strength of Freezer .

During the Power Tournament in Dragon Ball Super , Freezer joined the Z Warriors to be able to ask for the desire of Sheng-Long and also save the seven universe from the total destruction. However, during the Broly movie he was a villain again to try to use the legendary Saiyan to his convenience, something that in the end did not materialize thanks to Vegeta and * Goku * .

In news related to Dragon Ball. If you want to know everything that is going to add to Battle Royale of Epic Game s, we invite you to click on the following Link **.

Dragon Ball Fighterz will leave on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, but they dont plan any more fighters in the future

Ads were expected during Evo 2022 and Bandai Namco hDragon not lacked his word. The Japanese study Arc System Works works in a native version of Dragon Ball Fighterz for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5. In fact, through a statement they have confirmed that Netcode rollback will only be implemented on new generation platforms, Dragon well Dragon PC. Of course, The developer hDragon dropped that no more fighters are working or equilibrium updates.

We are happy to announce the next launch of the PlayStation 5, Xbox X/S Dragon Ball Fighterz versions with the NetCode Rolling System implemented, they reveal in the statement. After investigating and performing different tests have determined that this characteristic is available in these systems , so they have already begun with the production phDragone.

will be updated for free if you have the game on PS4 or Xbox One

Players who have the previous generation versions will have the opportunity to update the new no additional cost. We also hope that the PC version will be updated so that users can choose if they want The presence of Lag. This is especially important in the competitive field.


The native version of Dragon Ball Fighterz for current systems hDragon no confirmed launch date . Meanwhile, the study hDragon confirmed that it currently hDragon no plans to add more fighters or equilibrium updates to the game, so everything seems to indicate that they have closed the doors to more post-lamination content.

Developed by ARC System Works, Dragon Ball Fighterz is a two-dimensional fighting game starring Goku, Vegeta and the rest of the characters in Akira Toriyama’s work. With Xenoverse 2 still alive and squeaky, The future of the titles of the saga pDragonses through Dragon Ball: The Breakers , an Dragonymmetric multiplayer video game that will go on sale on October 14.

Dragon Ball Xenoversee 2: Goku Ultra Instinct is the next person in DLC, here is the trailer

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Vous pensiez que Bandai Namco Entertainment en avait fini avec Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 ? Think again ! Six ans après sa sortie sur PC, PS4 et Xbox One, le jeu continue de s’enrichir avec l’arrivée prochaine d’un nouveau DLC en la personne de Goku dans sa version Ultra Instinct. Ce choix, c’est le public qui l’a décidé par le biais d’un vote qui avait pour but de designer le prochain personnage jouable, parmi Dyspo, Bergamo, Vegeta GT, C-18 version DB Super et Goku Ultra Instinct. C’est donc ce dernier qui a remporté le suffrage des votes de la communauté et arrivera l’été prochain (ouais, on a le temps). Pas de quoi s’extasier quand on sait que la version Goku Ultra Instinct Maîtrisé est d’ores et déjà dans le roster depuis plusieurs années. Un choix controversé puisque certaines personnes ont constaté que les animations sont exactement les mêmes entre les deux versions de l’Ultra Instinct. Doublon, vous avez dit doublon ? Qu’importe, c’est le public qui a voté, rappelons-le…

The publisher Shueisha (Dragon Ball, Naruto, My Hero Academy) creates a division of videogames

Shueisha, the Japanese publisher responsible for, among other things, Shonen Jump magazine and its various publications, has announced that it established a division especially dedicated to videogames last February. Shueisha is responsible for the publication of Dragon Ball, Naruto, Kimetsu No Yaiba, My Hero Academy and many other manga licenses.

The Origin of My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Z, and Naruto | Get In The Robot

The intention is “expand your business within video games”, and offer support and support to different developers, artists, novelists and other creators to produce video games. Currently, he is working on “more than ten games”, several of them unannounced.

Among the games yes announced is Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump + Dimension, a tactical action game scheduled for this summer in Nintendo Switch; The Tower: To The Bottom, a survival roguence with an estimated release date for 2022; ONI, a 3D action game also scheduled for this year and Ukiyo, a Japanese-style Cyberpunk “adventure” for 2023.

In addition, there are at least two “large-scale” projects not yet unbelieved: one for mobile phones and another with platforms yet to be confirmed.

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