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Exploring The Dark Depths Of Darkest Dungeon: Are You Brave Enough To Face The Unknown?

The darkness gets everyone!
In Darkest Dungeon you hire heroes and master the darkest dungeon that you have ever entered this round-based Unlike RPG.
The tiniest light can save you the skin, since Darkest Dungeon is not almost your heroes come out alive, they likewise fight against psychological damage.
One of your heroes can develop worry, paranoia and much more with what you have to deal with.
On top of that come a bunch of monsters that you can beat.
But consider: If a hero dies, he is death forever!
The Permanent System makes the entire dungeon matter more interesting.
But do not worry, in the town you can always hire new heroes and buy brand-new items to equip yourself for the fight.

In the most current video we offer you an insight into the Gothic experience.
Be ready to tape-record it with the darkness in order to end up as a glowing hero.


Darkest Dungeon is now included in the Xbox Game Pass Ago.
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Road Fighter 6: Spoiling game has new button Mashing

For the upcoming 6th part of the prominent STREET Fighter beating game, designer Cap com presents a third control alternative with the name Dynamic Controls together with the Classic Controls and Modern Controls.

Street Fighter 6 need to appear in 2023 for Xbox Series X | s, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and also PC.

Although Mutsuhito does not even hold the controller in his hand and also only runs the three strike buttons, he is successful in winning the battle many thanks to the assaults selected by the AI.

While the two traditional control variations will certainly be readily available in all game modes, the freshly added vibrant variant can only be selected for neighborhood matches. Specifically, brand-new gamers should make it easier to start.

According to Okayama, the objective was to make button Mashing a useful point, in which the very same attacks are not lugged out over and over.

In a video clip, Game Supervisor Kabuki Okayama and producer Shula Mutsuhito show the effectiveness of the brand-new control version. The previous usages conventional control, while 2nd counts on the brand-new dynamic version.


This extremely streamlined variant lowers the control by the player to press attack buttons A, X as well as B. A AI after that determines dynamically and relying on the combat situation of the fighter.

Fighter Mirai Asakura will appear in Dragon Like 8. The state of the development floor of the studio like the dragon will be released, and the appearance of Kasuga Ichibans new work will be confirmed.

It has been revealed that a fighter Mirai Asakura will appear in the Ryu-like 8 , which is developed by the Studio like the Sega of Sega. Asakura, who also works as YouTuber, released a video of visiting Sega on July 19. Masayoshi Yokoyama, a studio representative, commented, I asked for something ridiculous.

Dragon Like 8 is the latest work of the Dragon Like series. It was revealed that it was under development during the reorganization of the studio organization like the dragon last October. In the reorganization of the organization, Toshihiro Nagoshi, who had been the top of the studio until then, left the company, and Yokoyama was appointed as the representative. At that time, Mr. Yokoyama said that the new work would be a work depicting the previous main character, Kasuga first.


In the video released by Asakura this time, Mr. Asakura met Sega’s president Haruki Satomi. Mr. Asakura has received an offer from Satomi to appear directly in Dragon Like 8. It is said that Asakura will be the first one who will offer the appearance for this work.

And in the latter half of the video, Asakura and Yokoyama moved to the studio development floor like Ryu. The monitor of the PC under development shows a video of Dragon Like 8, and is unveiled for the first time under the permission of Mr. Yokoyama. In addition to Kasuga first, you can also see the appearance of Namba and Koichi Adachi who appeared in the previous work. Kasuga first seems to have a different hairstyle.

After that, Mr. Asakura immediately conducted a 3D capture to create his own 3D model to appear in Ryu Ga-no-Yaku 8. It incorporates various expressions. This video was so far, but in the conversation with Mr. Satomi, the motion capture of the action also mentioned the possibility of Asakura himself. Such work may be implemented in the future. It has not been revealed what kind of roles will appear.

Dragon Like 8 is only announced that it is under development at the moment, and the details of the game contents are unknown. I want to wait for the official announcement.

How to fix slow work Street Fighter V on PC

Street Fighter has been one of the most popular episodes in the Faiting genre, and for that, good reasons for several decades. It causes sentimental nostalgia for those who have grown on it. Street Fighter V continues this tradition and is available on many platforms, including PCs. However, since CAPCOM requires the game to work at a speed of 60 frames per second, but it does not, the players will face a strange effect when the game plays at a slow pace. Therefore, before you decide to return the money, let’s consider some possible corrections.

possible corrections for Street Fighter v works slowly

Set the NVIDIA power parameters

For not entirely clear reasons, NVIDIA may limit the amount of energy used by the graphic processor for rendering the program. This is one of the most common reasons for the slowing effect in Street Fighter V. To fix it, open the control panel of NVIDIA . Go to 3D settings under Category “Settings 3D” . Select the program settings Street Fighter V, and then power control mode . From there, select Prefer maximum performance from the opening list.

Disable virtual synchronization

Make sure that the frequency of updating your monitor is really set at 60 Hz. This can be done by going display Category and choice Change resolution . From there, select the monitor on which it is played and select the correct update frequency: 60 Hz, 75 Hz or 144 Hz, depending on the brand and model.

If the update frequency is set correctly, VSYNC may be the culprit. * go to * 3D settings under Category “Settings 3D” . Select the program settings Street Fighter V, and then Vertical synchronization . Select turned off from the opening list.

Set the Steam Parameters

Some users report that the shutdown of the intra -game overly Steam also solves the problem. In Steam, select pairs and then settings in the menu line. In interface prohibit turn on rendering with the acceleration of the graphic processor in web presentations . Then select in the game and remove the flag turn on the Steam overwhelming during the game **.

How to fix Street Fighter V lag (Slow motion)

Make sure the equipment corresponds to the recommended characteristics

This should be self -evident, but when trying to launch Street Fighter V on a PC, make sure that the PC corresponds to at least the minimum, if not recommended, specifications. The statistics below should allow the player to play with maximum settings, and since these specifications are already several years, any new equipment should work just as well, if not better.

Operating systems *: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit version)
Processor : Intel Core i5-4690k @3.50 GHz or AMD FX-9370
Memory volume : 8 GB of RAM
* Graphic processor : Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon R7 370

To find out more about Street Fighter, see when Street Fighter 6 will come out? In professional game guides.

Nexon, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile Two Market Popular and Sales # 1

** [Data provided: Nexon]

** \ – 1 day Google Play and Apple App Store Popular and Sales 1st place,

\ – Lee Jeong Heon Nexon “I will find the fun of the game that users think,”

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile - Gameplay (Android) | Official KR Launch

Korea’s representative game ‘Dungeon & Fighter’ wrote a new history again on mobile.

The ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile (Dungeon Baiye Bai) of Nexon Co., Ltd.’ was released on Google Play and Apple App Store on the first place in Google Play and Apple App Store.

Ahead, Dawn, has been on the first place for Apple App Store sales in 5 hours from 8:00 am on the 24th. Dictionary downloads 12 million cases, Dictionary characters generated by 1100 million users, and the number of users who have accessed the game on the day of launch is 1 million.

Du Neople Live Director said, “I did not set a goal for sales rankings, and I wanted to listen to a ‘fun’ as a one person who sent youth with a dungeon and fighter,” he said, “he said,” he said, I will do my best to do it. “

Lee Jeong Heon said, “To secure growth engines through the improvement of the body of Nexon, the Nexon Company’s employees have created a meaningful change,” I have created a meaningful change, “I have made a meaningful change.” I will focus on it. “

Nexon presents a coupon to get Ryan Cokes (1111 “to all users, commemorating the top of the two marketed market.

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile is a 2D action game that is a 2D action game that has been a 2D action game that is a 2D action game that is a manual manipulation, which was a ‘action pleasure’ and enjoyed a manual manipulation in the past entertainment room, and a journey of adventurers on the Arad continent that the beautiful legend and miserable war coexist.

Meanwhile, Nexon is the ‘Mobile Mobile, Mobilization (Mabinogi Mobile, Tales Weaver: Second Run)’, ‘Cart Rider: Drift, Arc Radars, Project Magnum, Project HP, Project D, DNF Duel (DUEL) ‘,’ ‘,’ the market ‘s Pando, the big MMORPG (HIT2, Project ER), and the keywords, etc., and spurs on super IP development.

The best hand was implemented, Dunpa Mobile released on March 24

Nexon’s top expectation ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ is taking off veil on March 24th.

Nexon opened the use of the Dungeon & Fighter Mobile to open the use of mobile users in the 7th. On this day, the broadcasting of the Neoppy Yoon, Neop, and the three core developers such as manager, and the fact that the core developed, such as Jade Typical Mount, and the number of users were consisting of interviews and 5-party talks to answer the questions that the users are most wondering about the game. The development of the developed from the launch schedule, the advantages of the game, the introduction of a dungeon-dedicated original class, introducing a duel, and the Dungeon & Fighter Mobile Festival, not a variety of questions.

The first interview, the unique director of Yoon Myung-jin, “launches the Dungeon & Fighter Mobile in Korea on March 24,” he said. I am preparing a game that matches the name of the Dungeon & Fighter, “he said.

#40 2nd Wax Artist | Pro Player | Sacred Heart Hospital | Identity V

Asked asking the most common part of development, Yoon Director, “I made a good game, and I would like to be able to improve the joystick for 30 times for the ‘hand taste’ for a long time,” In the situation, he was hard to optimize the client so that they can not be disconnected without being disconnected. “

More information on Dungeon & Fighter Mobile can be found on the official website.

Nintendo Switch Shinobu Game is a sexual representation. “FF14” of “Major Demonium Demonium Formula: Hen Hen” first week. “COVID SIMULATOR” is horrible. Gaming this week

The Nintendo Switch games checklist notes the video clip games readily available on the Nintendo Switch console, dispersed by professionals, all locations integrated. For the benefit of uniformity with the remainder of Wikipedia in French, it is useful to place the French appellations if the game has a French-speaking title.lend: Excluded = Special Nintendo Switch Dem = game readily available only in dematerialized variation. Free = cost-free game on the Shop Nintendo.

Now Gaming is a corner to write a loose game every Sunday, each writer played in that week. It is 320th. Let’s play a game in your house.

Spring will also be distributed by PS4 / Xbox One version

This week’s Nintendo Switch version of Dungeon Man Cheese is a little. A protagonist revived as a zombie is an action game that advances the dungeon while cooking and eating a defeated demon, eating weapons and armor. Eating cooking, up to seven capabilities, such as adding various stator-up, movement and attack actions. Although the ability itself is a lot of decent, the material is just a material. Visual or text is plenty. In addition, the conversation with the pro male teacher who teaches cooking technology to the main character is gag cartoon. It is a fun work.

In fact, this work has not yet completed the content for PC versions. It is rare that such works will be delivered with Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo is interested in what kind of stance. By the way, the Nintendo Switch version is compatible with Japanese and the remaining episodes will be added with the update.
By. Tier Yamagata

Dungeon USA

This week, I was playing Dungeon USA that I was produced. This work is a new demon king and revitalizing the devil’s army, and it is a dungeon production RPG. In the world, there are vials who have fallen into a terrible reign, such as the demons that you have to think about the death of the predecessor devil. The player acts as a new demon king, liberation of demons and control of continent. I will give my own parties and make a command battle, control enemy bases such as villages and cities, and gradually expand the power. On the other hand, humans are aiming at the neck in the newcomer’s style of the new magic king that makes the bad name. The player also supports visits to such a demon king castle in parallel with the expansion of the power. We will carry out dungeon production, such as placing trap rooms in the castle or strengthening the demons waiting for enemies.

This work has a system bad name that rises in the behavior of the devil. If you act that Hate is likely to be accumulated, such as making taxes and requesting the captured enemies, and I act that Hate is likely to accumulate. As strong enemies attack dungeons according to the bad name level, they will not be interrupted without being unplanned. Although there are too many items and the release of recipes is complicated, it was a feature that gameplay to adjust the enemy in parallel with the capture of the enemy base. By the way, it is also at the time of the enemy’s attack, but as a result of thinking about the construction to be died efficiently, a casino with a sauna was built.
By. Each Yokohama


FF14 of FF14, Magic Pandemonium Classification: Hen was able to be depressed for the first time. It was a capture while changing the job with a barrier healer, but after all the scholar flanges are strong. Normally, it is clammy that you can run all the time of sprint and all party members. However, the wise man of the anti-horse is not subtle, but this was easy to use the point where it can impart a barrier in no cast. However, the healer is moved so that the healer can not be cast, and if there is no barrier, an attack is coming, and the scene does not come true if it is not an abortion, so there may be a lot of scenes that can take advantage of this strength of the sage. Hmm.

I am worried about the healer about the three-tiered flame. It is necessary to bring the dying friend HP to the fullness of the recovered decline depth, and probably designed as a difficult place for the healer. However, the current situation is a vague to breaker that can be breached fairly easily if you use the Macrocosms of the astrologist, focusing on the Pure Healer’s opposite horse. It is remembered that the summoner has been properly appropriate for the Summoner in the Die Labyrinth Bahamas: Abuse Hen, but it was quite surprised because a specific job was overwhelmingly advantageous for a long time rice field. It is a place where Macro Cosmos was made in the intention to be a relief policy, or it is a bit worrying or a little of design.
By. AKA Polish

Feeling that humanity is being questioned

This week I was playing with COVID-19 Simulator. This work is a simulation based on the new coronavirus. We aim to increase corporate sales while dealing with viruses. First, create a workplace reflecting the domestic virus infection situation and start the game. Then the virus spreads in accomplishment and an increase in employees who can not leave by high fever. That’s also, I was not obligated to wear masks in Japan. Due to the effect of viruses, sales of companies are also lowered right. Damage is further followed by an anti-vaccine exercise by employees from the influence of the negative coverage of the media. Initially, we do not know how to deal with viruses and disturbances, and pay employees from one end. When I remembered again, I was sloped with the cruelty of the action.

However, the vaccine & mask negative dominates part of the company. I really want to consider the diversity of employees to vaccinate. However, the purpose of the game is to increase earnings, so I have no choice but to demon my heart. Discover a good action later. It gives employees a lot of holidays. Due to working hours, employees who were negative to all things began to show masks and vaccines that are recommended to recommend masks and vaccines, and as well, sales will also rise along with it. It is important to take a rest. It seems to be presidents only for the game subject, but I’m worried about what other players are playing with motivation…… Furthermore, it was such a work.
By. You Wagner

Game genre is difficult

I’m playing Duel Princess released for Nintendo Switch. The price is high in the Durante works, but it is made of it. As the format, the cost is consumed and summoning units. A strategy that allows you to advance the opponent’s castle. Since the unit has its own capability, there are three surstractics, as there are also three surplus systems. If you defeat the partner’s princess waiting at the end of the map, the Muffs production of the punishment is caught. This Liftoff production has attacked HERO D’s last minute. The beauty of CG is also compatible with the victory reward. The STEAM version of this work seems to be rejected by examination. It is probably because it is probably because it is a reinforced version, but it is no longer imagined if it becomes more radical than the Switch version.

On the other hand, the game play side is a slightly slow peak of the castle and battle. The unit of this work seems to be treated like a card, and it seems that a log light game with a deck building element is said to have a deck building element in the sense that the game play changes due to how to pick the unit, but there are not much synergy and compression etc. Don’t do it as a game of the same genre. Even if you defeat, you can also re-challenge from reinforcement of units, so there is no terminates element. The game itself is politely made, and the elements related to popular deck building games are incorporated, but I thought that it was likely to position this as a rogue light. After all rewards are the main game.
By. Ayuo Keybase

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