BattleState Games officially announced the arena FPS Escape from Tarkov Arena on June 4. The compatible platform is a PC, which is scheduled to start a closed test in the fall of 2022.

ESCAPE from Tarkov Arena is an arena shutter version of the hardcape FPS game ESCAPE from Tarkov which is being distributed as beta tests. The arena mode, which has been suggested before, is finally officially unveiled. The main game, ESCAPE from Tarkov, features a breathtaking survival and escape on a vast map. On the other hand, Escape from Tarkov Arena seems to be able to enjoy simple session-based shooting in the arena. However, the hardcore game mechanic of the base game remains the same. Injuries may incorporate injury systems, which have various adverse effects.

As a game mode, both PvP and PVE are supported. There are also elements such as rating and unlocking weapons and equipment. In addition, users who hold the main game ESCAPE from Tarkov seem to be able to use elements such as sorties using the main character in the same work.

ESCAPE from Tarkov Arena will be sold separately from the main game as a standalone work. ESCAPE from Tarkov holders need to purchase newly, and they can purchase independently even if they do not have the same work. However, the Edge of Darkness Limited Edition holder of ESCAPE from Tarkov seems to be able to obtain this work for free.

ESCAPE from Tarkov Arena is scheduled to start closed testing in the fall of 2022 for PCs.