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LOL: weekend full of action with the last week of playoffs in La Lla

The squads that remain in the playoff phase face this weekend to be able to determine which team will accompany Estral in the grand final of the Clausura tournament, after great challenges that have been seen throughout the weeks now we have the semifinal of the lower bracket where we will see whether the rainbow or the aces can continue in the contest of the next day.

On Saturday we have a duel to death among the Rainbow 7 team against Team Aze that seek to be able to take the victory to advance to the final of the lower bracket, on the one hand Dimitry has had a complicated season compared to what which demonstrated in openness while Oddie continues to show its fangs to be able to dominate key games, now we will see that Junglero will have the power to go out in the encounter. On the other hand CEO will have an important challenge to be able to fall to 5kid Since both shooters have demonstrated great performance in the lower lane, without a doubt the looks must be in this epic duel.

The squad that comes out victorious from this best of five will have to face another series on Sunday where Isurus is eager to get rid of any of the two squads because he wants to reach the grand final to be able to take revenge on the pharaohs in the face-to-face event, having the aggressiveness of Grell in the jungle and the experience of Seiya in the middle part the sharks will seek to leave everything to obtain the victory.

With two very interesting games, the three teams are ready to be able to demonstrate their greatest tools to get the pass to the final in Gamergy, Only one can get ahead after this weekend, we have seen dilled series towards a single side but we have also seen fifth map in some past duels now remains who will be the one who dominates others.

How to get and use acid -resistant glaze in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has something to draw, and it is easy to get confused in it. This is especially true if you look at a huge number of objects and systems. One item that can confuse is acid-resistant icing. This can make you ask you what acid-resistant icing is and how to use it in Tower of Fantasy.

Acid-resistant icing is an improvement in the weapon in the game Tower of Fantasy. This is one of many items increases you can turn to your weapon . The modernization of your weapons and its strengthening is crucial to increase your power level. You can see below to find out how to get acid-resistant icing and how to use it in Tower of Fantasy.

how to get acid-resistant icing in Tower of Fantasy

There are many different ways to get acid-resistant glaze in Tower of Fantasy. The easiest way to open boxes with sets to improve weapons or purchase them in weapon store . Here are all ways to get acid-resistant icing in Tower of Fantasy.

  • A box with a set to improve weapons (make sure you have chosen acid-resistant icing)
  • Weapon store
  • Random loss from Password Chests II
  • Interstellar study
  • Spatial trials
  • Omnium lighthouse


How to use acid-resistant icing in Tower of Fantasy

Acid-resistant icing is improvement of weapons you can give a certain weapon, but make sure that you have chosen it. This includes the hammer of Ane and the molten shield of Huma. This item will increase the characteristics of your weapon, which will help you in battle. You must be wanderer of level 20 and your weapon should be level 30 before you can use this addition.

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Like you, alterium change suches as JRPG Super Nintendo a lot

Alterium shift will certainly welcome you to select from three distinct heroes whose objective is to stop a tragedy from tearing 2 worlds, themselves improved the exploitation of a strange resource, alterium. Dolion, a previous war hero in search of new apprentices to make them heroes, is undoubtedly prepared to offer his understanding to the three profiles of characters currently announced. There is Pyra, head of state, who takes care of the spear like paradox, with a spike at the end. Atlas plays him the role of the young Archer Sniper. As for Sage, the Boug specializes in adjusting alterium essence.

Difficult to note all the recommendations that get on these pictures and thesetrailers _, but one thing is particular: Drass_ray as well as Mottzy, the 2 designers of Alterium Shift, are keen on Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and also all the big JRPGs Super Nintendo period.


Alterium shift-band-announcement # 2.


The fight system is based upon turn-by, with an exact screen on the display to better assess its next activities. It will obviously be essential to make use of adversary weaknesses to shorten clashes as well as maintain its valuable resources. The launch of the video game is generally prepared for this end of the year, if all works out, whether on console and also PC.


Archer Sniper video

Forspoken: physical violence, alcohol, in-game purchases as well as even more

The fact that the project is on the appropriate track and possibly does not have actually to be held off once more could show that “forspoken” was given a very first age this week. This was lugged out by the Frying Pan European Game Information (brief: PEGI), which gave the action role-playing game with the “from 18” rating.

As a result of elements such as practical physical violence or alcohol consumption, as it claims in the summary of the PEGI.

Update : Also if the PEGI report caused the assumption that “forpoken” is geared up with microtransactions, this does not seem to be the instance.

According to the evaluation of the Reddit customer “Zxthed”, the referral to in-game acquisitions describes the opportunity of acquiring the download additive of the Deluxe Version (” in Tanta We Count on”) independently.

According to Reddit **, a problem of the Video game Informer states: “Square Enix has actually verified that forpoken will not have any microtransactions, but DLC.”

Message of May 25, 2022: After a shift, which ought to particularly profit the quality of the action parlor game, “forspoken” is now intended for a PlayStation 5 release in October this year.

PEGI description with smaller sized looters

According to the PEGI, “the video game also consists of scenes of reasonable physical violence, consisting of a lady who is struck by a group of hooligans who defeat and also kick them as well as hold a tool at their heads. There is additionally violence against dream figures that are tossed back by attacks and also bleed yellow blood. “

Forspoken rated 18 because of strong language, alcohol use, and in-game purchases
In the description of the Pegi ranking it claims: “The character of the player can buy alcoholic beverages at a bar. The drinks influence the statistics of the gamer, yet arbitrarily with possible negative results. “

Additional reports on the subject :

” Forspoken” will certainly be released on October 11, 2022.

Additional reports on forpoken.

Interest spoiler! The rating of the PEGI continues to describe that the lead character in the meanwhile is preparing to commit suicide under alcohol impact. However, it is saved by a mystical entity from this fate. According to the PEGI, the assistance of in-game acquisitions likewise led to the “from 18” rating.

| Final Fantasy XVI: Growth practically completed-trailer comes quickly
| Forspoken in the sneak peek: Magic satisfies Parcours elements

| Final Fantasy XVI: Insider has doubts about a launch this year **

Resource: Pegi

Interest looter! The rating of the PEGI continues to define that the lead character in the meantime is planning to commit self-destruction under alcohol impact. It is conserved by a mysterious entity from this fate. According to the PEGI, the assistance of in-game purchases additionally led to the “from 18” score.

All heroes and abilities in Mythic Heroes

In total, Mythic Heroes have 48 heroes to choose from. They are divided into four fractions: luminarchs, Tenarchs, Guardians and Verdians. Each hero has at least three abilities. We will talk about all the heroes and their abilities.

all the heroes of luminarks


Amaterasa *
Lighting etching (final)
Firing sunny spot (passive)
Sun storm * (passive)
curved light (passive)
Holy chaos * (final)
Falling flame (passive)
Veritative look (passive)
fallen stars * (active
Ritual Renaissance (final)
Oda witchcraft * (active)
Cleaning spell (active)
Balanced clock (passive)


  • One
    Meet fate * (final)
    Fateful choice (active)
    Guards Raven (active)
    Static field * (passive)
    The anger of the Lord (final)
    Lightning chain * (active)
    Voltage shield (active)
    Static field (passive)
    * Athena

*** Aegis ** ** Light ** (final)
*** Victorious pier ** (active)
*** The light of Athens ** (active)
*** Holy Protection ** (passive)

Susanoo *
Phantom rage (final)
Phantom blow (active)
Avoid blow * (passive)
Board Boil (active)
Crescent arrow * (final)
Lunar blow * (active)

Full moon * (passive)
Lunar arrow (active)
drunk * (final)
Fog of the wine (active)
Chronic poison (active)
alcoholic * (passive)
Divine descent (final)
Thunder hammer * (active)
Static shield (passive)
Northern flurry (active)
Western Queen *
Lotus branch (final)
Spring peach (active)
The mercy of the blue bird * (passive)
Bird Premium * (active)


Baldr *
Earth strike (final)
Holy Slash (active)
Divine protection * (passive)
Energy thread (final)
reprise * (active)
Harmonic melody (active)
Light of dawn * (final)
Light Light (active)
Dawn protection (active)

all the heroes of Shadowarch


Lucifer *
Holy chaos * (final)
* The fallen flame (passive)
Veritable look * (passive)
* The fallen stars (active)
Double shadows (final)
shadow lightning * (active)
Dark ritual (active)
Double masks (passive)
Typhon *
chaos Storm (final)
snake flurry (active)
King of monsters * (passive)
titanium shield * (passive)


Loki *
phase of chaos (final)
Double Cross (passive)
Soul north * (active)
arrogant damage (active)
Faust’s contract * (final)
sins comprehended (active)
The fusion of the skin (passive)
Thin poison * (active)
Bitter flowers (final)
Void flowers * (passive)
Bullets of void (active)
Protection of void (passive)
Isanami *
Breath of the dead (final)
Phantom impact (active)
Discussion of life * (active)
Emergency spell (passive)
Death with a scythe * (final)
Hell dog (active)
shadow shield (active)
Life crane * (passive)
Dark synergy (final)
Dark medicine * (active)
Dirty essence (active)
Bloody (passive)
Medusa *
petrifying look (final)
Split show (passive)
Arrows damage * (passive)
Poisonous snake (active)
abyss dominance * (final)
Balance of the underworld (active)
Mummy commander (active)
* Guardian mummy (passive)


tanatos *
necrotic emptiness (final)
Death coil (active)
The illusion of the ghost * (passive)
Black rain (final)
Bloody arrow * (active)
Preparation (passive)
Blood pool * (final)
Immortal blood (passive)
Thirst for blood (active)

all the heroes-guardians


Amaterasa *
Luminous etching * (final)
* Firing sunny spot (passive)
Solar storm * (passive)
* curved light (passive)
Double shadows (final)
shadow lightning * (active)
Dark ritual (active)
Double masks (passive)
nuva *
fix the sky (final)
Five -color stones (passive)
Pillars of the sky * (active)
Brilliant Earth * (passive)


Hercules *
Mortal blow (final)
Sword storm (passive)
provoke * (active)
Cruel jerk (active)
Stone jump * (final)
Focus flame (passive)
Piercing cartridges (passive)
Sloking grenade * (passive)
LU b
Fearless blow (final)
Tiger strength * (passive)
Conditional heart (passive)
Crescent Slash (active)
Ganjiang and mine *
Gemini souls (final)
Illusory blades (passive)
Blow of the Spirit * (active)
Mastery (passive)
Joan of Arc
Deus le volt (final)
Victorious sprint * (active)
wide charging (active)
Banner of Honor (active)
Cleopatra *
Poisonous decline (final)
Cobra Scrap (active)
Delicious couples * (active)
Poisonous beauty (passive)
pious prayer * (final)
Holy insight (active)
Guardian spirit (passive)
* Strainless prayer (active)


Hippolyta *
Amazon ardor (final)
Overword (active)
Last battle * (active)
Decisive blow (final)
Phantom blow * (active)
Storm of Klinkov (active)
Sorcery Fire * (final)
split area (active)
refractive aura (active)

all the heroes of Verdiana


Iset *
Ritual Renaissance – (final)
Oda witchcraft – (active)
Cleaning spell * – (active)
Balanced clock – (passive)
chaos Storm * (final)
snake flurry (active)
King of monsters (passive)
titanium shield * (passive)
fix the sky (final)
Five -color stones * (passive)
Pillars of the sky (active)
Brilliant Earth (passive)


Poseidon *
whirlpool of anger (final)
Underwater current (active)
tidal wall * (passive)
Carrying tides (passive)
Blessings of rain * (final)
Aqua Barrier (active)
raging wave (active)
Aqua Favor * (passive)
Tamamo but May
Anger of nine -tailed (final)
Foxfire spirit * (active)
Flower dance (active)
Phantom jerk (passive)
Idun *
Tree of life (final)
Salvation of Eden (passive)
Divine blessing * (passive)
The spirit off (active)
Flower explosion * (final)
Holy fluorescence (active)
Blooming magic * (passive)
Primitive power (final)
Cruel baton * (active)
Rocky likeness (passive)
Earth’s vein (passive)
Oberon *
Return to homeland (final)
Twisted blades (active)
Storm of Klinkov * (active)
Double blades * (passive)


Yukonna *
blizzard (final)
frosty explosion (active)
Freeze * (active)
riot (final)
Earthquake * (active)
Vajor shield (active)
cyclone * (final)
Back with claws (active)
Blessing of the wind (active)

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All new Weaver recipes in Final Fantasy XIV PATCH 6.1

Upgrading 6.1 For Final Fantasy XIV, many new recipes have appeared for Weavers. They will twist more than ever before. Let’s see what’s new.

6.1 crafting recipes

  • Eilloran sofa
    • White oak board x6
    • Ar-Key velvet x5
    • Ar-Key Cotton X4 Box
    • Crystal zipper x8
    • Crystal wind x8
  • University Flat Cap
    • Capturing fiber
    • Frigian gold ingot
    • Transparent glass lens
    • Lightning cluster x3
    • Wind cluster x3
  • University Jacket
    • Capturing fiber
    • Ar-Key velvet x3
    • Lightning cluster x3
    • Wind cluster x3
  • University pants

How I Made 40 Million in the First Week of Patch 6.1! (Giveaway!) + 10 New Lists | Gilmaking Guides
* Capturing fiber
* Ar-Key velvet x3
* Lightning cluster x3
* Wind cluster x3
* University jacket on buttons
* Capturing fiber
* Ar-Key velvet x3
* Lightning cluster x3
* Wind cluster x3
* University Skirt
* Capturing fiber
* Ar-Key velvet x3
* Lightning cluster x3
* Wind cluster x3
* craft turban concluded contract
* Hannish fiber x3
* Gold silk x2
* Ar-Key velvet
* Unchanging solution
* Ether sand endwood
* Lightning cluster x3
* Wind cluster x3
* Craft vest of concluded agreement
* Hannish fiber x4
* Gold silk x3
* Ar-Key velvet
* Immutable X2 solution
* Ether sand endwood
* Lightning cluster x3
* Wind cluster x3
* Saruel Crafts of the Contract Complete
* Hannish fiber x4
* Gold silk x3
* Ar-Key velvet
* Immutable X2 solution
* Endstone ether sand
* Lightning cluster x3
* Wind cluster x3
* Ushanka collection contract
* Hannish fiber x3
* Gold silk x2
* Ar-Key velvet
* Unchanging solution
* Ether sand endwood
* Lightning cluster x3
* Wind cluster x3
* Collective coat of the concluded contract
* Hannish fiber x4
* Gold silk x3

* Ar-Key velvet
* Immutable X2 solution
* Ether sand endwood
* Lightning cluster x3
* Wind cluster x3

patch 6.1 crafting recipes

  • Alchemik
  • Gunsmith
  • Kuznets.
  • A carpenter
  • Culinary
  • Jeweler
  • Kozhevnik

To learn more about Final Fantasy, check out the collaboration of Final Fantasy XIV Butterfinger: You can still get the Mount ChocorPokkur? in professional guidelines for the game.

All Arches of My Hero Academy in order

The order of anime arches can be a bit confusing sometimes, which makes you ask you when certain episodes take place and what a history they were part of. With so many parallel and spin-offs stories, My Hero Academy is definitely one of those animes that you may need help to follow the track, especially when it comes to finding out how much remains to be adapted. Here is all you need to know about all the arches of My Hero Academy, in order.

Before entering matters, it is important to keep in mind that there are three different sagas for My Hero Academy: UA Beginnings, Rise of Villains and Final Act. Currently, the anime is almost at the end of Rise of Villains, quickly approaching the final act.

* Spoiler WARNING: You will definitely want to avoid reading the past where the anime has been adapted so far if you have not read the sleeve, since these titles will ruin some very important upcoming events and will also yield light on some Other mysteries. ***

All Arches of My Hero Academy in order

Saga of the beginnings of UA

  • Entry exam arc (EP. 1-4)
  • Peculiar apprehension test arc (EP 5-6)
  • Battle test arc (EP 6-8)
  • Arco USJ (Ep.9-13)
  • Arch of the SPORTS FESTIVAL UA (Ephesians 13.5-25)
  • Arc vs. Hero Killer (Ep. 26-33)
  • Final exam arc (Ep.34-38)
  • Arch of forest training field (Ep.39-45)
  • Assault arc at Escondite (EP 46-50)

La Saga Rise of Villains

Of the three sagas, this is what is a bit out of place compared to the sleeve. Instead, the arc of the Meta Liberation Army of the villains occurs everything at a time, it begins in episode 100, then it does not see again until episode 108.

An episode of the arc of the paranormal release war is also launched in the middle of that. The anime is currently in that arc once again with episode 113. After that, we have officially tapped with the wall where the sleeve is a bit ahead. So be careful with spoilers after this section.

  • Arc of the provisional hero license exam (EP 51-62)
  • Arco Shie Hassaikai (EP 62-78)
  • Remedial arc course (Ep.78-80)
  • Arch of the School Festival of the UA (Ep.81-86)
  • Professional hero arc (Ep.87-90)
  • Set training arc (Ep.91-100)
  • Arch of the Meta Liberation Army (EP. 100, 108-112)
  • Arch of the Agency Endeavor (EP 101-106)

MHA: All 20 Arcs Ranked in Less Than 5 Minutes!!!
* Arch of the war of paranormal release (EP. 107, 113)

Final Act Saga (SPOILERS forward)

  • Arch of tartar fugitives
  • Striped and Star Tie
  • Arch of the ARA traitor
  • Current arc (launch of manga in progress)

That’s all you need to know about all the arches of my Hero Academy, in order. If you are still looking for more information about the game, be sure to check the rest of the Academy World to see the rest of our guides, they have Many advice, tricks and frequently asked questions.

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