Value to your readers, it would be that time of year again.

During the year, the number of published photon monenmoisille games for various platforms, but which items will rise above the rest? What are the games that the future commemoration of the year 2021 of the greats?

Toimistuksemme leaves to seek an answer to these questions below. So some references to content perhaps?

In 2020, praised collected, among other things Ghost of Sushi, Castro’s Playroom, art of Rally and… Chicken Police ? Comparison with the previous year can be made through this link (list).

Juniper Petra

This year’s best games are strangely easy to name. Victory takes threesome Death loop, Metro id Dread and Hitman 3. More or less in that order.

The brightest crown goes to my literature in their own easily Deathloopille. Developed by Arcane Studios’ shooter was so functional, so funny, so interesting that the pair wanted to return to a truly great enthusiasm all the way to the end credits. And in fact, after them, it is possible to jump to the other players in the game deathlooppaajien destruction. I wrote the story of the game called Six reasons why Death loop is one of the best games of the year, if not the BEST (and a couple of tiny Puritan subject). More detailed justification as to why everyone should get excited about this title, you can read through it.

Metro id Dread is turn your game year as a Silver ranked. This is a superb Metroid-vania style adventure that takes players into the depths of a hostile planet. All applicable in this adventure simply not always work on new E.M.M.I.-vihollispeltiheikeistä adventure in itself. Very long belief not Ireland Metro id veterans persuaded, but the journey was over seven hours already. But those seven hours were the most entertaining, as you see in this review: the five-star decision after decades of Saga.

Third, the titles must be lifted immediately over the past criminal released early in the year Hitman 3, which feels with regard to the players. Lord to 47 and this nerokkaisiin ways to decide ilkimysten elämänjanat concentrating on the game offers much the same as two predecessors, which is not a minus. All three of the last Hitman experience have been Timanttiset, and brings the latest in this continuum exception. That’s the latest with the exclusive franchise’s probably the best courses. Criticism here: the best candidate in the sandbox, so as soon as January.

Jonathan Stone

Not this year occurred in the actual mega-surprise, but indie games among luckily we went really fast. These must be lifted as soon as the tip of the excellent little games Glyph and here too rating Topee & Wooden. Both represent the pure gaming best A-class, with gameplay mechanics are so cutting-edge that head spin. Who needs big budgets, while small can be so beautiful?

However, the older publications rose small surprise Fora Horizon 5. A bit in the same way as with certain sports, motor sports culture is grotesque to look at. This is the case also with the Fora Horizon in, where the framework is disgusting worship of the rich. But in spite of this play itself is so much fun, that’s disgusting frames can be easily hidden. A fictional South American exploration is tremendous fun, with friends and making seem to run out of any novella. If this genre of games wills never pelailtua, Fora Horizon 5 is the perfect first contact with this world.

Similarly, mention should also be a beautiful coat more beautiful Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, who manages at the same time to brighten up the whole platformer genre and at the same time to show what a new generation of hardware is capable. Gripping story is like Pix aria at best, and one another gratifying fields manage to smile even tried to find them would return time and time again.

Top 25 BEST Games of 2021 -  Including Our Game of the Year

The latest publications in the field must give honorable mention to an excellent Final Fantasy VII Remake on the Grade -updating, which is still the best thing Final Fantasy has been in decades. Upgrades are not quite enough to serve new that it could be considered as a new publication, so it will stay in my best games in last year’s list.

I also saw one with the best games of all time, that is, of course, Disco Elysium: Final Cut, which is still a major work by any standards. Updated release offers new audio exhibitions, a few new task and minor improvements here and there. If this masterpiece has not come yet tried out, so it is now playable in almost all platforms. Disco Elysium had their own on my list last year’s best game, and the temptation is great to put it in number one again this year, but in fairness only gets honorable mention will suffice.

However, the best feature game must be placed in Cap com’s unmatched Resident Evil Village, who cheered their ways clumsy and jammed a series of astonishingly fine. The story is still daft as a bush, and Ethan Winters’ character can not say anything good with a straight face. But the ingenious level design, a colorful bunch of the bad guys and addictive re walkthrough value make this throwing one of the highlights of the year.

Sonja Pittman

The year 2021 was for me video games in terms of total flop. I played some pretty nice works, but only one fabulous experience made me gasp for breath. This is, of course, Frogwaresin Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. Reviewed gave to the creation within five stars, and I stand behind the rating to this day.

A -P Until

This has been a year of great game in the sense that in the spring I bought an Xbox X Series lit the spark for a wonderful game. Most of the attention has been exporting Black Ops: Cold Warn zombies, but what a pelailtua produce more to come.

The year is definitely the best Hot Wheels Unleashed. I have not enjoyed in years arcadekaahailujen working, but for some reason Hot Wheels began to be interested. I got excited enough so that tärskäytin time a special version, which became involved in the pairs season passes and more comfortable. Furthermore, I spent seven hours on the game as soon as the first day, which for me is really rare. Now, the clock shows less than 40 hours, no end in sight, the passport office, and by day challenges entertained from day to day. The going is fast-paced, fun and bugitonta. However, the online game is a great deal of mud, but alone and the same couch with a buddy action-packed toy cars is one of the very best in entertainment.

Tommy Mistaken

In my case, victory will take this year’s indie surprise Encased. A small but wonderful venäläispoppoon role-playing game is at a depth of almost everything that I ropelluksilta long been hoping for. Battle lines are not in any way your head spin, but the weight of the game and the magic have more dialogue and interaction between the characters. Both, of course, humor.

Eastern neighbors dashed sci-fi story is set in an alternate 1970s. The desert has been found in the mystical dome, under which presents the technology, which is of course much more advanced basic vacuum cleaner. The discovery may be rampant in the Cold War passion, dash away when mankind to explore the grounds.

However, the dome has one big factor: below its latent technology can certainly send out, but none of the organic can no longer be under the hood to the exit. Left the one-way trip people thus end up under the hood build a major research center, as well as an entirely new kind to civilization. As the player, you are sent under the hood the new employee. You get to choose fallen on you belong, scientists, militaristic police, more technical remonttireiskoihin or are you perhaps who enlisted the place Hoyland prisoner. And of course, everything will go exactly the fir.

The story arrangement is impossibly nice experience. Hahmoluomuksista gets sculpted the greatest personalities linked through a character’s skills, dialogue options. In fact, I was the first pelikerrallani Judge Dread spirited police, while another old Russian papparainen, which served as the center of a new civilization, among other things, drug courier. The options are many more, and not their own career choices, of course, need to stiffen!

Jaczko Hermann

I had to googlies that the games in general has become this year about time. In hours the game will take victory by throwing a perfect Fora Horizon 5, which offered a relaxed mellow and very quite flowing game experience has been just right for this autumn bleakness. Slightly corresponding vibes was fabulous Kenya: Bridge of Spiritsistä, which I would relent to continue to review the full five stars. This year, I have not longed for the challenge pelillistä giant roolipelieepoksia and I — of course, appeared in 2020 on the side of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla cleaved life more during the ten hours, this year.

Halo Infinite, in turn, is hooked so ranks December atom’s weight, I criticized that the Player magazine campaign is peluutuksessa for the second time, now also after the official release. It is the cantata so great things, and game mechanics are in a better shape than ever Halo, that remains a bit disappointed how the campaign will decline at the end of bleak käytäväjuoksuksi — it is open to the world is still a delightful place to romp. Multiplayer in turn is the best Halo piiiitkiiin time, it will remain active peluutukseen guaranteed for a longer period of time.

Myöhäismaininta yet Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which I dare say part of the year already among the best in the game on the basis of three hours. Happy flap flip, medieval and simple activities and spectacular environments, it will get you far!

Petra Lesbian

Most gaming this year, the book is likely to Red Dead Redemption 2, but in the feature game can not guess you can choose — or can I? A couple of smaller indie book reviews yet received the full five stars, Them and Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. Both combine a relaxed atmosphere, photographing and outdoor air intake of a sympathetic adventure. And my game of 2019. A Short Hike also turned to the current consoles, so Shanahan it has three great titles on which we do not need unnecessary stress.

Into Karinkanta

In 2021, a variety of aikasilmukkapelejä published in the special deal. I do not know something advise of what the developers of myself or the fact that two of these are located in the huippupelieni list: Death loop and The Forgotten City. In particular, Death loop is myself GOTY-matter, and I am not alone in their opinion. Petra Also keep publications as the best ever.

The Forgotten City is a little hidden gem, which was definitely too little space for the year of The Game Awards, and remained unrewarded. This is Skyrim started a mod Set in ancient Rome adventure, a mystery that report is not really a straightforward who-was-made Story. The story of layers to hatch out, interestingly, so all the different endings you should definitely look through!

In addition, the bank was blown up early Hitman already 3: n release. Basically Hitman-sarjan the latest manifestation of the trilogy went on quite a familiar line, but when the line is just so damn high! IO Interactive is a really skillful studio, and is more than right that James Bond titles nakitettiin development work for them!

Nike Lähteenmäki

In 2021 has become wagered on the new games, perhaps more than in many years. Fora Horizon 5 and Hot Wheels Unleashed tasted good to me, even though I’m usually terribly Playing car games. Having considered the matter for a long time to raise the most, however, in particular, the following headings on a pedestal.

This is not actually a new game, but Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a model example of how remastering done tastefully, even if all of it väsätäkään from the beginning. It also shows how well Bioware’s masterful epic has withstood time. Really strong recommendation for all who have not yet saga of concern.

Double Fine Productions Psychopath 2 made a deep impression on me. Tim Schaefer and his team produced perhaps the best of his career as a video game, although the development time slipped out really long. The work, however, was already released to the extreme refined and incredibly stylish package that can be recommended insightful script and imaginative world of thanks to everyone. Platformer not to be afraid of, because that too is carried out so smoothly, that a beginner doing the ride.

Traditional is good when its around vacation insightful and compelling gameplay mechanics starting points. One indication of this is Atlases Shin Mega mi Tense V, brings adult Pokémon, which is in their own best years of my books, perhaps role-playing game. Leaning on turn-based fighting mechanics Switch-exclusive right to dismiss a series of specific traditional dungeons, so access to places to explore, this time much more freely. SMT V does not morale design, but the audio-visual realization, in addition to the gameplay still as prime, that game sweep overview in no time. The kit is also known in some places extreme challenge level, but vitososassa is available at various levels of difficulty, which make it possible to lower the initial threshold for novices.

Lewiston Term

The first year with the new consoles enjoying having largely passed back numerology, disassembling, when many left between the beads got to experience even smoother frame rates, and accurate resolution Under the cover. Sure completely new games came about time more than your doctor prescribes.

In late spring ashing Return pita still holding up as one of the best experiences in the whole year, of a kind that did not quite come around the corner against. The most surprising gainer manages to personal list probably turn Death Stranding: Director’s Cut. Originally the whole idea of ​​the game and all the packets heard stories chartering sounded mostly distasteful. However, in some mysterious way the end result managed to completely wrap the view.

Less surprising is Halo Infinite to pick up their own favorites. The multiplayer offers practically the best online performance for years. Also, the Single Game section turned out to be a brilliant package, even though stories could have been unannounced. Suitably renewed but still a series of fans with their familiar fabrication against the blazing artificial intelligence was in any case so much fun that after all the enemy stagnation signs struck the straightforward and emptiness of the emptiness. Moist for the new supplements in the map, no other open-world shooting has not been left, which tells you about the quality of the essential element.

Ollie Ouninkorpi

The Small World walker Games -Studio Wilder myth offers a great entertaining gaming experience. Even the one that no other work does not offer. That is why it has risen to the best indie product of all time in my list.

The game left in the small point of view is heavily leaning to the characters you created by the player who follows this through the role-playing campaign — if stay alive. A bit like com, except that characters have personality and talk, quarrel and create relationships between the fighting.

The story is transported in cartoon screens. In some places, in addition to interesting drinks and choices, game-joy maintains humor, whose power is as growing if you use a little imagination in the character. Or, for example, throw wildermythin world heroes from other works.

The battles rest on the probabilities of hitting.

The turn-based and well-known fragments will take place on the squares in the shared battlefields supported by paper graphics. Various talents and especially character categories and equipment should be more than present, but the lack is not standing at the end of the absolutely five-star overall rating.

Other critics liked, in Metacritic, Tens is a shared in the list of published PC games in the 9th ranking average 87.

Died or retired heroes may return to subsequent campaigns while maintaining some of their previous abilities.

Even though I give the biggest shaded wildermythin now earned the main commercial, is a race for my personal year in 2021 tighter than at the time.

Title also compete with all single player-JRPGs with each meter except on the appearance of an innocent MMO-extrar Final Fantasy XIV: WALKER and above Jonathan Humoring a huge fine, atmospheric and, if necessary, fun disco Elysium: Final Cut.