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Murder of DMZ Vehicles: Level 2 Crown Faction Mission in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ

Auto unappetizing murder is a degree of level 2 for the crown faction in Call of Duty: War zone 2 DMZ.
This objective calls for the players to dedicate murders with the help of explosions of lethal C4 coverings, linked to lorries.

Just how to undergo the mission Murder in a cars and truck in a demilitarized area.

  • Kill 10 adversaries with an explosion of a combined C4 equipment.
  • Kill 4 opponents with explosion from obstructed C4 helicopters.

Just how to kill adversaries with an explosion of the detonated car C4

To start with, outfit C4 as lethal equipment in your tools before leaping right into the DMZ suit.
Collect a little as well as collect some cash to buy ammo boxes that can be acquired for $1,000 at the purchase stations.


Usage ammunition boxes to restore your C4 and put additional in your backpack.
Currently, you need to discover A armored vehicles as displayed in the image.
If the automobile that you discovered is moving, it is best to follow it at a distance and wait until it quits somewhere.
Most likely to the A truck imperceptibly without frightening the guards.
As quickly as you find yourself close sufficient, toss at the very least a couple of C4 directly into the auto and also blow them up to kill the guards.
Although 2 C4 can not explode an armored workers’ carrier, the goal here is to get murders from C4 affixed to vehicles.
You can jump, tossing C4 to fly even more.
We tried to link C4 to random automobiles as well as drive them right into the AI soldier, however this technique is not extremely effective, given that the crawlers are either bouncing or crushing them.

Exactly how to kill opponents with surge from the detonated helicopter C4

As when it comes to the murders of vehicles, you can complete the 2nd job in the objective Murder in roadway transport, throwing C4 to the support helicopters, which from time to time provide the AI soldiers to the demilitarized area.
To create spawning of these birds, you can turn on the website on your own take the procedure and also wish that helicopters will certainly arrive rather than large helicopters.
Be certain to throw two or 4 C4 straight right into helicopters, and also then click on the catch of the explosion, because the crawlers getting here on these helicopters are armored.

Remain with us in the expert guide overviews to find out more concerning Telephone call of Obligation: Modern War 2 and also War zone 2. In the meantime, read our post on how to obtain a sight with a variety finder in MW2.

Saints Row analysis

We could be discussing how the son of his time is the humor of Tetralogía Saints Row, which began as a discreet but compliant who knew how to see the hole between Grand Theft Auto 2008: The first Saints Row, in 2006) and offering a resulton substitute but ended up evolving (or degenerating) in a delusional history, hyperbarroca and always on the edge of implosion. They are games that have always been attractive to me, to a large extent because of the often uncomfortable tension that ended up between the relative honesty or sensitivity that was noticeable, very occasionally, even in their most delusional moments and the self-imposed need of Being more and more pandilocos, an exponential death spiral that for my taste volition did not know how to finish in a satisfactory way. The extremely difficult thing that is to explain the path of Saints Row IV to Agents of Mayhem should be a reason for plenty, yes, to justify that the formula of the reboot has been chosen when reliving the series, although we could also Ask (and, again, we could be discussing it all day) if it was necessary to recover the brand Saints Row ; If it will not be a distraction or a ballast, more than anything else.

Starting from below, the new Saints Row begins with your character, the boss who decides to be (and that you can create with a powerful characters editor, first, and customize later buying clothes and accessories of all kinds: from shirts and pants to Rings, hats or fantasy helmets), living with notable narrows with a group of friends, Kev, Eli and Neenah, on a shared floor after losing your job for Marshall Defense Industries, a private security company that, for practical purposes, It is one of the criminal organizations that control saint unharmed, the place where the game takes place. During the introduction of the story you also know the other two: the panthers, the bodybuilders, and the idols, a group of watch dog raveros less interested in defending the interests of the common and current people of what they say to attract unsuccessful to its pyramidal scam. Malvivir is not enough for this grupete, which after a couple of high voltage incidents with local bands decide to use their talents to mount their own criminal organization, which end up baptizing how the Saints.

From the beginning this new Saints Row has trouble showing that he tries to say something different. The first missions is sufficiently disappointing so that the moment in which the group decides to create their own crime empire is received as an oasis in the desert. Revuélcate in your misery, reads the objective indicator; Pressing the × button narcotically, you make your character stain painfully on his bed, and then do the same-this time with the triangle-to try to heat a frozen gofre, the only food that you have left in the freezer, with a toaster Second hand that clearly touches to take to the clean point. It is a pathetically long situation that leads your character to have the revelation that triggers his new career in the promising world of organized crime; Surely it is not the brightest or most executed scene in the history of video games, but it reminded me of the type of tension that was sought in the best moments of the ancient Saints Row: a tension between the violence that surrounds the characters and that Define the world in which they live and their ambitions, frustrated despite being much more pedestrian and simple than those of the Kingpins that move the threads in Santo ileso. Your character just wants to get a gofre, and not even so; Why not try to make a place in the crime, for which they clearly have talent and in which they surely have more than winning than curre them and looking for life for the usual channels?

It is a promising starting point that little by little is knowing how to add the occasional point, although somewhat shy. When the Saints are taking shape, the table of the criminal empire allows you of martial artists or a radio with which to get into the media business. These businesses serve as a cover to carry out other less legal activities: Chalupacabra, one of the first companies that you can open, These businesses are giving you passive income that you can access through an app of your mobile, exchanging the money you get every hour. Keep your businesses-eliminating the competition, fulfilling the objectives that are unlocked when you open them, keeping at bay the presence of rival bands in their area-makes these income grow; The money you get can be used to buy weapons or improve your abilities, thus making you more capable of facing the rest of the bands and conquering territory.

And hopefully this system had greater presence and importance! In practice, Saints Row doesn’t have much to say; Just nothing, unfortunately. Its structure is the generic of its kind; Although it is a rather raw way to say it, I don’t really have much problem with the most standard presentation of these open action worlds, with their maps full of icons, activities and nonsense more or less light than going to your air, and I know which in general is a formula that works and likes. In that sense, Saints Row has no more blame than others: his nine districts are not very original or memorable but they are sufficiently functional to explore them to have that narcotic quality that occasionally, at least in my case, he wants. Perhaps going out there between mission and mission to stir between the garbage cubes, one of the collectibles of the game, is not the most stimulating in the world, but if you cross yourself with one of those icons going to some more specific place does not bother get out of the car and look for the happy Container. I can think of very worse, in short, that a great open world (or at least a large open world) in which to look for collectibles, make the goat and spend a few funny times; If this is not your case, Saints Row will not make you change your mind.

The big problem here is in the poor execution of the whole set. It is not a game that looks for high precision shootings, of course, but the approach to the design of the huge arsenal seems questionable to me: almost all weapons are similar enough to give more or less the same as you use at all times, beyond Choose the subcategory that best suits the distance you want to cover. To compensate for this, Saints Row is strongly betting on a system of skills that sometimes gives rise to funny situations, although it does not always fit equally with the tone of the game. Although there is a bit of everything (from smoke pumps to fire fists), the best skill is the first one that you unlock: approaching an enemy, you put a grenade in the pants and throw it in the direction in which the camera, making it an explosive ragdoll that can make a porridge to large groups of putty. This, together with the fact that to recover life you have to make an execution (a movement that can only be done when a bar is recharged, and not all enemies), it causes a greater emphasis on movement and distances short. However, most fighting end too soon or are too confused to result in many cases even legible; A few missions and you have already explored all the mechanical possibilities of the combat system. It gives the feeling that the game gets into a dead end when you fail to design interesting confrontations around the execution system: from a certain moment, the form that Saints Row has to upload the difficulty is to make the moment at the time in the That it is possible to do the execution, when the first yellow life bar (something like the shield) lowers the red one, is increasingly difficult and tedious. There are no more complex enemies or that require more advanced strategies; There are only larger bullet sponges.

This same philosophy extends to the design of missions, outdated and ramplón. Beyond the most prepared missions and with specific moments that come out of what can be done in the minute by minute of the open world, the vast majority of what you do in Saints Row is tragically soft and bland, both for argument and by gameplay. Go here, steal this car, kill these people; It escapes such, talk to which, leads to this site in a specific time. Neither combat nor driving have the necessary touch to endure a whole game like this; In these cases, as in many of its kind (there will be those who say that it is the case of GTA, even), the need to be apprentice to everything and teacher of nothing with arguments, dialogues, settings is compensated. There is some moment in this new Saints Row (the live role missions are immediately head They move the widest history of the criminal empire to anywhere. No character dares to be nothing very concrete or do anything that breaks the weak balance of the game until it is about to end.

It is not difficult to imagine that the ambition of volition is very different from that of other open worlds, and possibly also its budget is different; I want to say much less. But I think it is not necessary to focus much on the quantitative to see Saints Row’s seams, and that there is a purely quantitative part that makes waters everywhere. From a certain moment, Saints Row became something, as they say at the beginning of the south Park chapters, rude and unreal; This reboot tries to adapt the tone of the game to our times, and does not do it at all evil. The idea of developing a criminal empire as if it were a startup (in the end, the Saints are not so different from the grupete of kids of the series silicon Valley) gives rise to some interesting scene, and in general I think it is valuable. But the tone of the game is unbearable: he wants, at the same time, to be irreverent and macarra and not disturb anyone; We want us to believe that Saints Row’s DNA retains as us with some of the softer jokes with which I have crossed in my life. The posters of the walls, the marques of the bus, the phrases that the pedestrians release when you cross with them; Everywhere there are things that seem, jokes, but they don’t really have any bite.«Skateboarding is cool» _, reads in a poster in your headquarters;Just not in This Property,finishes. Something died in me when I read this. The same with most dialogues among the characters, even among the main ones: if there were an AI that could produce Marvel film dialogues, the result would be something very similar to this.

I do not believe that a giant dildo with an handle is the top of humor, on the other hand, but I think I see in this new Saint Row an uncomfortable paradox: that of wanting to be an integrated outsider, a criminal who follows the rules, a humorist who does not He wants, as they say now-and very reason-hit down,but either up_. He doesn’t want to hit in any direction. There are two and nobody falls. His own past and the extreme prudence with which he touches all the issues means that sometimes his commitment to some of the gardens in which he decides to get into, or his sincerity: it is not clear if it does for conviction or by crossing out points is not clear In a hypothetical list of buzzwords that align it better with the sensibilities of our present, or, worse, that align less with the sensibilities of its predecessors.

All this would care less if I thought about all these things while playing something better executed, without so many bugs, with better physics, with a more interesting fight; something that started from a base that worked for itself to shape its stories. It is not the case. The only thing that manages to be Saints Row is an outdated open world and with hardly any ideas that remind us of why this format won the animosity of so many people when, two generations behind, its popularity began to become an excuse for justify Gameplay Poor and narratives ramplonas trying to compensate it with gigantic maps and full of secondary mission so that is unlikely that they ended up confusing each other. His best ideas could have worked better if he had not had to adhere to a formula, that of the originals, which was already at the time-because he did not want to be more than that-much less sophisticated than that of GTA or almost any assassin’s creed; As reboot, you have to live with the mental cocoa of wanting to be and not to be what it is or what it is supposed to be, whatever that is: a tongue tweep that confuses anyone, and that unfortunately it does not reach any port, not good not bad.

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Red Dead Redemption 2: Next-Gen Grafik

After Grand Theft Auto V received its upgrade for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, it would be logical if a next-gen graphic upgrade and improvement also came for Red Dead Redemption 2.
Even if the update in Grand Theft Auto V did not promise everyone, it has boosted the sales figures again.
So far, the update is only a rumor and the leaker account only wrote on Twitter: “It comes, I don’t have more.”

Red Dead Redemption 2 [RTX 3090] TRUE NEXT-GEN Graphics almost like a MOVIE!?
In the meantime, the tweet has been deleted again.

However, Screenrant saved the tweet in an article.
It remains to be seen when an official announcement will follow.
An announcement at the Summer Game, which begins on July 9th, would be conceivable.

Grand Theft Auto Filter Affirms that the first GTA 6 screen capture has been filtered

The first gta 6 The screenshot supposedly filtered months ago. On February 4, Rockstar Games announced the next grand theft auto game has yet to call gta 6 and from which nothing is shown, or so we believed. On November 16, 2021, a new image was found in Grand Theft Auto: the trilogy – the definitive edition made the rounds since it was speculated that it was the first screenshot of GTA 6 or at least one GTA 6 annoy. Months later, one grand theft auto filter says that this is in fact a screenshot of GTA 6 and therefore our first look at the game.

On Twitter, Matheusvictorbr affirms that it has been confirmed that the image mentioned above and shown below is, in fact, gta 6. Adding to this confirmation, the filter injects some speculation, noting that it is possible that the location in the image is inspired by Hollywood, Florida, a Miami main city, the latter being the rumored setting of the game, or at least a map location.

“After a few months, I have confirmed that this image is from the next title in the grand theft auto series,” said Matheusvictorbr. “The location in the game is possibly inspired by a US suburb, in the vicinity of Hollywood, Florida.”

Top 10 GTA 6 Geruchten & Feiten!

As you can see, all this information is in Portuguese, which is a language difficult to translate into English, so it takes the previous translation with care, since it is sometimes lost by the context and the vital meaning in the translation. And, of course, take the claim in itself with a salt grain as well. This is not an official confirmation or is a claim that has been validated or regurgitized elsewhere.

Rockstar Games never comments on rumors. He does not even recognize them. Therefore, it should not surprise that you have not touched this rumor in any way. It is very unlikely that this will change, but we will update the story accordingly if you do. Meanwhile, for more coverage about the next Grand Theft Auto Click here or examine the relevant and recent links just below:

The actor of GTA 5 reveals what would change from the game of Rockstar

Franklin on things he would change about Grand Theft Auto 5 (Part 12)
Grand Theft Auto V Actor Shawn Fonteno has revealed what would change from Rockstar’s criminal epic. It is difficult to say grand theft auto v needs many changes since it is one of the most acclaimed games of all time and has managed to sell more than 160 million copies in less than a decade. Its immense success has allowed Rockstar to continue with the impulse in three generations of consoles and PC, and the developer regularly adds new updates to _GTA online. Although the last remastery for Xbox Series X | S and PS5 is a marginal update, it is still a fun way to experience a fantastic game.

However, Shawn Fontene revealed what would change from the game in a new interview with saying cheese! To promote the new book of it. Fontene played Franklin and pointed out that he may make Franklin a little more aggressive. There were times when he tried to make Franklin had a rapture with characters like Trevor or Lamar, but Rockstar told him to do it because he was not suitable for the character. Franklin is the most sensible character of the game and Fontene attributes it to the fact that Franklin wants to ascend in life and knows that he has to deal with the blows to get there.

While it would probably have been fun to equalize the energy of the other actors in the game, it is clear that Fontene understands the importance of Franklin’s arch and knows what is needed to achieve it. It can be said that Franklin is the most successful character of the game, since he is the only one who stays alive in each end and has a successful celebrity arrangement agency in gta online. It is difficult to imagine that Franklin has almost the same success if he was as explosive as Trevor or Michael, but the latter also became a films producer.

What would you change from grand theft auto v? Let me know in the comments below or contact me on Twitter @Cade_ONDER.

Grand Theft Auto Fans think that GTA 6 is set in 1978

Grand Theft Auto fans, or some grand theft auto fans, rather, think gta 6 is set in 1978 and may be revealed or subject to mockery today. Do not you think this? Do not worry, it’s not alone, but today we immerse ourselves in the latest speculations that circulate in parts of the Grand Theft Auto Community. Speculation comes by the way of the GTA and Reddit forums, where most GTA 6 is born speculation, and involves some dubious and cryptic teasing from a user of the first with some different alias but known on Twitter as the last fish dinner.

As has been transmitted in Redditesta Foros of GTA to a user with a reputation among some as “filter” and “privileged information” has been attributed «Goteandotake-Two Interactive (the parent company of Rockstar Games) acquired Zynga before it happened to Principles of this year. This same user also responded to a tweet from Universal Orlando Resort in January asking what year they would visit on a time machine, with “1978.” This was accompanied by “Join us” and an gta san andreas gif. This is where the speculation of the 1978 scenario comes into play, despite the reports of solid sources that affirm that the game is currently set. Where does a revelation on March 25 come into play? Well, also in January, they made a cryptic tuit on March 25.

So, if he still has his aluminum hat, the “filtration” of the acquisition of Zynga, in the eyes of some, he has given credibility to the user. Meanwhile, the cripical mockery of 1978 has been interpreted as a joke over the scene of GTA 6 and the equally cryptic Tweet of “March 25” has been taken as a possible disclosure date. Of course, it is March 25, and so far nothing has happened.

Update: Interestingly, while GTA 6 has not been revealed (not very surprising), Rockstar Games announced GTA +. In other words, it seems that there was something in the advance of “March 25,” what of course raises the question: Is there anything in the advancement of 1978?

Какой будет GTA 6 - игра столетия или шаг назад? Всё, что известно об игре

Continued original article: What makes this speculation particularly vague is the fact that the tweets that are used are vague. There is nothing in the Tweet of «1978» that insinues that it is the date of GTA 6. And there is nothing about the tweet of March 25 that suggests that it is a disclosure date for the game. However, today some grand theft auto fans woke up with a little more hope.

(Warning: Take it with a lot of salt) GTA 6 will be announced on March 25 and will begin in 1978? from

As always, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section or, alternatively, contact me on Twitter. @Tyler_fischer_ and let me out there. What do you think of this new GTA 6 Speculation? Is it the greatest speculation on aluminum foil hats so far?

Rockstar launches GTA, an exclusive online gta service for new generation consoles

Rockstar Just announce through all networks a new service for Grand Theft Auto Online under the name of gta + . It is a new program of exclusive subscription for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S , which offers easy access to a variety of valuable benefits for new and veterans players in the latest generation consoles.

Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online Out Now on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S
It will be a price of 5.99 euros per month and will go to light the next March 29 for the NEXT-GEN console players. Thus, Rockstar increases his golden egg hen with a service that can bother more than one due to the longevity of the game that celebrates almost 9 years in 2022.

What is Exclusive GTA +?

These will be the benefits that users who hire GTA + will have:

  • 500 thousand dollars that will be deposited automatically in our account
  • Prince 3 Eight, with the improvement of Hao’s Special Works, before being available to the public, and the covers flue orange and distortion cmyk

  • The workshop located at the table, which grants access to several content updates of the Saints Tuners. The owners of a workshop can be Moving to the free table
  • Suspension of the quotas of the Car Meet of the Saints. The current members of the Car Meet that have GTA + will receive a refund of 50 thousand dollars during the period that lasts the event
  • The owners of a yacht can be updated to the Aquarius Superjate with the Subscription
  • The Gussét T-shirt and Broker Prolaps Basketball T-Shirt and Shorts will automatically be added to our closet
  • The conveyor cover for Mammoth Avenger, HVY APC and TM-02 Khanjali
  • A selection of free paints and emblems in the workshop
  • Triple dollars at the Series of Hao’s Special Works
  • Double reputation in the Car Meet in the urban racing series

In addition to all this, players subscribed to GTA + can also benefit from GTA + special shark cards that offer an extra money bonus at PlayStation and Xbox stores. To access all these benefits, you have to go to Legendary Motorsport, Hao’s Special Works, Maze Bank Foreclosures, Docktease and other GTA online stores to enjoy the advantages for members of each period before they expire. These GTA + rewards add to regular GTA online events that will continue as always for all players.

To GTA-Trilogy Disaster: Players ripping next rock star

A Definitive Failure - Rockstar Destroys Legacy With The GTA Trilogy Remaster - Now Worst Rated Game

Rockstar Games just come to no green branch. After the Miesen GTA Trilogy, the next GTA game must now plug in. On Metacritic Falls Grand Theft Auto 5 for the Next-Gen consoles to a brutally low user score.

Fans decide: GTA 5 for load gene is better than for Next gene

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a sinking ship. Of course, that is not quite true if you look at the continued high player numbers. (Source: SteamDB) The mood image on Metacritic is clear: fans hate GTA 5 for Next gene.

Both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X have to be satisfied with a miserable user score of 2.1 / 10 – and this value currently still fluctuates around one or the other decimal place. (Source: Metacritic – PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X) Important: At the time of this news, the PS5 version has 274 User ratings and the version for Xbox Series X 87. Criticates offer a total of 82/100 or 81/100 Contrast program.

But in one point both fans and critics agree: GTA 5 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is better. Both versions leave with top ratings (fans: 7.9 / 10 – 8.4 / 10; Critics: 97/100) The Next-Gen versions look pale. (Source: Metacritic – PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

Why is GTA 5 for Next-Gen consoles brutally punished?

The dissatisfaction of the players is unmistakable and the critique clear and clear. The user thecreepingbam writes, for example: “Nothing new added. Do not waste your money. Better it for a new game and continue playing the PS4 version. ” (Source: Metacritic) In fact, the Next Gen version is mainly with new graphics modes. GTA 5 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One added at his time an ego perspective .

The user tom11th is angry that Rockstar Games has not done much except for a higher resolution and more FPS. “This is not even a remaster, but only a patch for which you have to pay .” (Source: Metacritic) There is no free upgrade for the owners of the last-gene version.

Rockstar Games announced that new works of the “GTA” series are under development. Sudden announcement

Rockstar Games releases the latest information on “Grand Theft Auto V” and “GTA Online” on February 5. Among them, we officially announced that new works of the GTA series were under development.

The company may be developed for a long time, and many fans know that many fans know the information about new works. And, whenever you have a new project, we stated that the development of the “GTA” series is progressing well. Details are to be released as soon as they are ready.

Rockstar Announces the Next GTA Game - IGN Daily Fix

In addition, it has been revealed that this is to launch “GTAV” and “GTA Online” PS5 / Xbox Series X | S version on March 15. Both works can already be played by backward compatibility, but the versions optimized for these next-generation machines are released. In addition, the stand-alone version “GTA ONLINE” is also scheduled to be delivered on the same day. PS5 users are provided free of charge for the first three months (played to PS Plus. In Japan, a credit card registration for age authentication is also necessary).

The next generation of models have new graphic modes, and implemented with up to 4K / 60FPS, upgrades texture, drawing distance, and responses to HDR Ray Tracing. In addition, functions unique to the next generation machine such as speeding up load time and 3D audio correspondence. Haptic feedback is also mentioned, and it seems to leverage the function of PS5 DualSense. The PS4 / Xbox ONE player can migrate data to each next generation of the progress of “GTAV” story mode and the character and progress of “GTA Online”.

Development report of the next work that was suddenly announced. Each time the “GTA Online” update was announced in SNS, the request for the next work was delivered to a large number of times. It may be an answer of RockStar Games for such a fan.

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