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Wikinger-MMORPG dies-developers were around EUR 800,000 in cryptocurrency, which is not worth a cent today

The Wikinger MMORPG Northern Guild is insolvent. Since the designers have actually relied upon the risky cryptocurrency Luna. But the currency is barely worth anything today. What the developers driven right into the bankruptcy.

This has now happened to the team of the MMORPG Northern Guild. Due to the fact that they have actually relied on a cryptocurrency that is virtually useless today and also needs to currently sign up bankruptcy.


Some programmers today rely upon electronic money or other Pay-to-Eearn systems in their video games. The idea is: while you play, you can gain some money on the side. Some designers rely on high-risk ideas in their game.

NFT video game counted on Vikings and also retro look

In his last wedding, 1 Luna was worth 106.05 euros, which was on April 5, 2022. Presently (as of September 5, 2022) 1 lunacoin is worth EUR 0.000261.

A video game in Minecraft-style sold NFTs worth over EUR 1.1 million and is suddenly gone.

  • The founders of the group are claimed to have actually worked with one more NFT job without the understanding of the various other colleagues.
  • In charge of Pixie Interactive is said to have been more as well as less existing: he might hardly hold the group with each other and was.
  • There are claimed to have been many business trips that are mostly expensive.
  • New, feasible financiers would have thought about the job as not huge enough as well as with too reduced array.

programmer placed all her cash in Luna-today the crypo money is no more worth anything.

What was for a video game? ** The designers of Pixie Interactive Northern Guild as a playground for players as well as guilds who keep in mind the freedom of the very early MMORPGs to go to themselves Reinvent and specify :.

Other tales about NFTS and also Carbon Monoxide: Designers can not just speculate strongly, yet there are also some ne’er-do-well that are targeting the players’ money. This took place to some gamers in Minecraft:.

What’s going on now? It implies that the former team does whatever feasible to a minimum of get the intellectual property of Northern Guilds as well as to save part of NBA 2K the points. Due to the fact that you don’t seem like shedding the work of 9 months. In the most effective situation, the video game would certainly be playable someplace ultimately.

What precisely was the trouble? The developers invested around 800,000 euros in the cryptocurrency Luna, among numerous money that are currently on the market. But much like Bitcoin or Ethereum, Luna additionally has a strongly fluctuating course.

This is just how the designer blogs about the disorder (through

As early as February 2022, there are said to have been the very first discussions with new investors. This is stated to have actually surprised some because the last financing round need to have brought sufficient cash right into the funds for 1-1.5 years of growth.

Our creators put component of the taxpayers’ money aside in Luna, and also with the demise of Luna they lost every little thing. Regarding I know, Pixie owed around 800,000 (since completion of June 2022) to tax obligations. This decision as well as any loss are the reason that the financial obligations can not be paid and also that Pixie is eventually insolvent.


The Wikinger MMORPG Northern Guild is insolvent. But the currency is hardly worth anything today. The programmers spent around 800,000 euros in the cryptocurrency Luna, one of numerous currencies that are now on the market. What’s going on now? It means that the former team does every little thing feasible to at least get the intellectual building of Northern Guilds and to save part of the points.

North Guild likewise rely upon a cute retro-pixel appearance and also therefore reminded of older titles.

A previous developer had actually signed up for bankruptcy in the official discord. He himself said that nobody would report to the main persons. Since they either disappeared or the problems would certainly not want or acknowledge to ask forgiveness.

Even apart from this incorrect investment, there is possibly a great deal of troubles within the team that are claimed to have actually added to the death of the studio:.

  • Gamers need to have the ability to construct a world with each other and develop clans.
  • The profession in the game need to be based on the gamers as well as you need to also be able to totally take control of the profession in the game.
  • You might choose whether you would instead end up being a warrior or dealer.

The second season of Star Wars Visions will arrive at Disney+ in 2023!

During the fall of 2021, Star Wars Visions, an anthology created by different Japanese animation studies _,arrived at Disney+. Although critics and fans receive this work very positively, it was unknown if a second season was in development. Fortunately, all rumors and speculations have come to an end, since it has been confirmed that star wars visions will have a new volume.

Star Wars: Visions – Season 2 Rumored To Be Coming To Disney+ This Fall | Disney Plus News
Announced during a panel in Star Wars Celebration, it has been confirmed that The second volume of Star Wars Visions_ will arrive at Disney+ at some point in the spring of 2023 . At the moment it is unknown if the same studies of the first part will return, or if we will see a totally new selection.

The first season of star Wars Visions presented us different stories of all kinds . From a samurai fight with lightsabers, through a concert for Jabba The Hutt, to a duel full of adrenaline with the characteristic Studio Trigger firm. It will be interesting to see what are the studies that return and what are the new ones.

Remember, The second volume of star wars visions will be released in Disney+ in the spring of 2023. We hope to have more information about animation equipment as soon as possible. On related topics, here you can see the first advance of the new season of the Bad Batch. Similarly, a new animated anthology of Star Wars has been confirmed.

Editor note :

Star Wars Visions has been the best that has happened to Star Wars in a long time. The first season was spectacular, although with a couple of loose chapters. I hope that Studio Khara, David Productions, Wit or Mappa have the opportunity to work in at least one chapter on this occasion.

Until Dawn points to a remake that would arrive at PS5, Xbox Series X

While Supermassive Games continues to delight the fans of horror games with the Anthology The Dark Pictures, it is reported that the company is working on a new version of the acclaimed Until Dawn . These are only rumors of the Accountngt user on Twitter, whom we give him a certain credit because he has already vaticinated the launch of Star Wars Eclipse.

_ “For what I have heard of multiple sources, in addition to its new games, Supermassive Games has been working on a new version of Until Dawn for some time that will come to the consoles of the current generation. I will try to find out more about this project.” _

Until Dawn had been one of the biggest successes, if not the largest, Supermasive Games, long before the Games of The Dark Pictures Anthology also catch the fans of terror. After its launch in 2015, the game was the first in sales around the world and then the first one in the classification in the United States the same year. Since then, the title has not stopped selling, so a remake – or even remastered by improving the graphics – in other consoles would be a good strategy to conquer a new public with a successful game **.

The interesting thing about this announcement is the mention of the launch of the game in the current generation consoles, which could include Availability in PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC and even Switch. Until then, the game could only be Play on PS4, so it would be an expansion to new platforms. It should be seen if the adventure also follows the line of the aforementioned anthology, where each player can take control of a different character to pass “a night of movies”.

PS5 vs Series X: Who Has the Most Upcoming Exclusives? - Next-Gen Console Watch

From now on, Supermassive Games has not made any official announcement. So we’ll have to wait to give up this information that, at the moment, it does not sound bad.

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