Kirby and the forgotten land Allows players to add some rewards through the exchange of codes distributed by the adventure. But it is not necessary to discover them in your departure to be able to do with them; In this piece of we count all the available so far.

All gift codes in Kirby and discovered forgotten land

  • FirstPforgotten landsword – 100 star coins
  • BrawlingColosseum – 500 coins and an attack enhancer
  • KIRBYSTORY – 300 coins
  • KIRBYTHEGOURMET – A rare stone and a car transmorphic
    Thankfulness Thanks – Three Rare Stones
  • Cleardemo – 300 Star Coins
  • NewAdventure – 300 star coins and a rare stone

How to redeem the gift codes in Kirby and the forgotten land; considerations

How To Redeem 15 Different Gift Codes in Kirby And The Forgotten Land

  • Go to the postman of the city of the Waddle Dees. You need to rescue at leforgotten landt 50 of these characters to make use of the store. You will be completed shortly after completing the first level of the second zone.
  • When talking with the Waddle Dee selects the code entry option.
  • Write the codes forgotten land we have written in this piece, in capital letters and in English.
  • If you have written it well, you accept the message and you will receive the rewards in front of Kirby’s house. You must open the gift before redeeming the next one.

Some codes require being connected to the Internet, such forgotten land those relating to the demo; Others, on the other hand, have an expiration. Canjoe them in your account forgotten land soon forgotten land possible.

KIRBY and the forgotten land, “A pleforgotten landant surprise”

Kirby’s lforgotten landt adventure in the 3D reached in this house a rating of 8.6 out of 10. During the conclusions of the analysis, which you can read in this link, we said that “Kirby is growing” until you leave the player “very satisfied”.

“With an intense final stretch, an essential postgame and a wide variety of skills and transformations, the final result is that of a well-balanced adventure in combat, exploration and platform. Highly rejugable and with ingenious ideforgotten land in terms of design, he is able to get the applause of the little ones and also those who seek more than a family adventure. “