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100 Thieves will supposedly promote NAs top League possibility ahead of 2023 LCS period

100 Thieves will certainly be advertising its topLeague of Legendspossibility, support gamer Music, to a beginning function in 2023, according to a record by Alejandro Gomes of Blip.GG.

Music was among the best-performing players in the North American Academy scene this period and his initiatives in Summer Split gained him the Academy league’s A lot of Valuable Possibility award. Music is gotten to the organization with the end of the 2023 season, according to theOrganizationworldwide contract data source.

Music has been in the 100 Thieves organization since 2020, initially competing with the franchise’s amateur-level group, 100 Following.

100 Thieves has actually competed with one of the longest-standing rosters in westernOrganizationhistory the last 2 seasons, with the same five gamers completing in 126 consecutive games with each other dating back to the 2021 Summer season Split. The entire roster is signed through the 2023 period, conserve for leading later Sunday, whose agreement expires later on this month.

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Following 2 straight appearances at the World Champion in which the 100 Thieves core fell short to advance past the group phase, it’s possible that an overhaul in the heavily-tenured lineup can be coming. Earlier this month, 100 Thieves’ mid-jungle pairing of Closer and Abbeydale were reportedly allowed to start exploring their choices for a potentially new group come 2023.

According to Gomes’ report from today, 100 Thieves would be bringing on MAD Lions assistant coach Christophe Haas van Oudheusden in a head training duty.


The 2022Organizationoff season will certainly begin on Nov. 21, when numerous gamers’ contracts worldwide formally expire.

LOL: Playing to have fun can also be spectacular, and its playing is the perfect test

When we think of the best plays of League of Legends , it is normal for us to come to mind the highest level qualifying games or even professional games. However, there are times that the best moments of the video game arrive in a mode without competitive interest. These alternatives allow us to try objects of objects or combinations of runes that are not necessarily the best for our champions with the sole intention of bringing their stronger characteristics to the maximum. Something that has resulted in an impressive interaction.

An impossible play in a competitive game


In this case, the moment a player wanted to share with the League of Legends community is starring Warwick . Although it is easy to forget taking into account that the champion does not usually take advantage of this face of his skills kit, The definitive wolf increases the maximum scope of it depending on the speed of movement . In this sense, the player at the controls was clear about his goal. Increase the distance by investing the gold and the necessary resources to pounce on the enemies from outside their vision radius. A hunting strategy that would make us jump from the chair and had the following result.

With a higher range that would be necessary to consider his definitive one as a global ability, the champion cuts a distance of thousands of units to pounce on a rival that hardly fled using one of the portals of the hextech crack. There was no need to make use of the interesting additions offered by Ultimate Spellbook. For the player, it was enough to know each other without pressure and to be able to choose a Build far from being optimal in terms of competitive performance that has reminded us that perhaps we have not played League of Legends too much for too long just to have fun.

Far from all the stress of the rankeds, there is a world in which League of Legends is enjoyed in a different way. It is very good to try to compete to increase our MMR and get different goals. However, few things are more fun than enjoying a somewhat less demanding game accompanied by our group of friends seeking to take the champions to the limit.


LoL: The New Pampas foxes finish off the millionaires in the Master Flow League

The last series of the quarterfinals in the Master Flow League begins with a very intense confrontation between the team from New Pampas and River Plate where only one can stay with the victory to achieve the last place in the semifinals of the Argentine tournament, the performance of both squads was varied because the foxes remained at the top of the table throughout the tournament while the millionaires did not have their best season.

The first map would begin with great action taken at the start by the Pampas team who would demonstrate their work with a surprise selection of a Yasuo in the hands of QQMore who would manage to take several casualties in his favor to take an important advantage in the part low and accompanied by the healing of Kindless with his Senna they would manage to close the first game in their favor in a good way.

For the second duel we saw the very aggressive foxes with a Lucian in the hands of Kindless and with a brutal duo of Yummi who healed him at all times to let him do all the damage he wanted, thus managing to put him in a situation favorable to the Pampas team that would not leave the rivals an opportunity to answer, leaving a second point in their favor.

In the third map we see the millionaires’ team worried about the situation they were experiencing, however, the foxes will have a different currency with the Enga Ahri that would be destructive during the match to end the lives of the opponents in different occasions in order to give an important advantage to their team and that little by little would increase on a large scale with it they will close the series in a phenomenal way.

Thus concludes the last chapter of the quarterfinal phase with an overwhelming victory for the team from New Pampas which gets the last ticket to reach the semifinals, the search for glory in Argentine lands is still in process to determine the team that reached promo/relegation to fight for the acclaimed ticket to the LLA.

LOL – Patch 12.13 PBE: Nilah is the new champion, Sivir receives a reWork and arrives a great event

After the introduction of an update without a lot of changes, League of Legends prepares again for a small revolution. The next 12.13 patch is now available in the PBE to introduce Nilah in the game with some great consideration settings. Riot Games continues with the updates of the old champions and prepares modifications that promise to cause controversy among the community. Even without having yet published the complete list of novelties, we have more than plenty of materials to excite or be frightened for the next version.

The great novelties that will arrive in League of Legends in Patch 12.13

In any patch that premieres a new champion, this will be the protagonist. Nilah It takes all the community looks and will be available in the invoker crack from next July 13. A direct arrival to a Bot Lane where he will occupy Carry’s position. Atypical character that, apparently until now, promises to be one of the most powerful in his position. Improvements to the experience achieved, spectacular combos or invulnerability are some of his great bastions for triumphing once he joined the game definitively.

However, monopolizing the spotlights does not mean being the only one that deserves attention. Sivir is not a precisely new champion, but that does not imply that Riot Games’s great update does not promise to change it completely. The character receives a playable reown with which he will keep his identity, but adapting to the new times. We can prepare for a greater amount of damage in area and interactions, but above all for a great rebound in its popularity. Something similar occurs with Master Yi , which will be reinforced and the opposite with the divine heartbreaking , item that receives a hard nerf.

As for new skins, we are in luck. League of Legends receives on the occasion of the patch 12.13 the new cosmetics belonging to the Star Guardians . A very grateful novelty that will come accompanied by the one who promises to be the great summer event . On this last Riot Games he has not offered too many data, being one of his best saved secrets. The only thing we have moderately clear is that the chosen game mode will be Ultimate Spellbook .

Summary of patch changes 12.13 in the PBE

Then you can find the complete list of modifications, but before we are going to make a brief summary…

New Champion

  • Nilah

Champions changes

  • Buffs: Teacher Yi
  • Settings: sivir

Changes to objects

  • Nerfs: Divine heartbreaking

New skins


  • Star Guardians: Nilah, Kai’sa, Sona and Ekko
  • Star Nemesis: Fiddlecticks

LOL: New format, new possibilities now with LATAM regional

With the opening of new regional leagues or the already known Professional Video Games (LVP) , it seeks to generate opportunity for players from the different countries of the American continent to reach the Northern Latin America League to look for the maximum Latin medal and possibility of traveling to international tournaments to face the best teams in the world.


The first step of the teams is to win the tournament of their region to be able to reach the promo/relegation tournament where they could ascend as was the case of Team Aze, however, today Riot Games has just communicated that A new format has just been implemented where the best teams in each region must face each other in order to reach these instances.

After months of intense competition, each National League will determine its representatives. Same that will be divided into north and south. For its part, regional norte League of Central America and the Caribbean. While in the South Regional the Champions of the Liga Master Flow of Argentina, the Liga de Honor Entel of Chile and the Claro Gaming Stars League ** of Peru.

Regional South

For this season you will have a format change. A Play-in phase will be played on August 8 and 9 among the second places of each South National League. Each of those 3 teams will fight in a Round Robin to the best of 1 that will serve to define the organization that will advance to the next round in order to have both regional with 4 squads and the same format in the main stage.

The next stage will be formed by the 3 best teams of the Liga Master Flow, The Honor League Entel and the Claro Gaming Stars League plus the winner of the play-in. These 4 organizations will play a whole against all of the best of one with a round trip on August 11, 12 and 15 in search of both positions to the final phase. The two best teams in the South Hemisphere will leave everything in the grand final on August 17 in a better 5 that will define the quota to promo/relegation to League Latin America.

Regional Norte

The North Regional will have a format similar to that of previous years. Golden League, Volcano Discover League, Telcel Honor Division and Elements League will send their best team to play a double Robin Robin from August 15 to 17 where the two squads with the highest score will advance to the Great end of August 19; where a better of 5 will define the organization that continues in search of sleep: advance in promotion/relegation and ascend to lla.

These changes seek to give a greater possibility to the teams to advance within the competition, seeking to generate a much greater competitive area where the teams of the regional leagues seek that little opportunity to reach the big leagues, now it only remains to define who will be who will be the representatives of each of the tournaments and see which to reach A Promotation/relegation to repeat the feat of Team aze and of Estral.

LOL: When does Bel’veth come out? This is the most likely launch date for the new champion

League of Legends It is on the way to the launch of one of the most anticipated champions. Bel’veth has already been officially presented by Riot Games and everything indicates that its premiere will take place imminently. It is true that the company has not ended with the promotion work and we are still pending that its skills are explained in detail. However, developers have always proven to continue the same work pattern when a character opens and it is easy to determine when the launch will take place.

The most likely launch date for Bel’veth

Bel'Veth Release Date REVEALED - League of Legends
As we explain in previous cases, it is no accident that Riot Games accelerates in the ads in the week before the arrival of a patch (the next one arrives on May 25). Every time a new version is introduced into live servers, the next one begins its test cycle in the PBE. An alternative server in which we can all enjoy the new aspects, equilibrium adjustments and even the champions that are about to join the title. The process is always the same, so that each character spends two weeks in this controlled environment before reaching the live version of the game.

Everything that Riot Games has done so far invites you to think that will continue the same procedure that GLASC Conrena , which also officially appeared on the night of a Friday to be available in the PBE just a few days later. In this way, the key dates are the following:

revealed skills *: Before Wednesday, May 25
LIVE LIVING SERVERS : Wednesday, June 8

There is the possibility that Riot Games modified the launch for any unforeseen or that our theory has failed. However, it seems very unlikely. It should also be added that the champions usually launch on the live servers of League of Legends between 20:00 and 23:00 Spanish peninsular time (CEST). This is also a habitual custom in the company, which can be allowed to carry out any necessary emergency change if Bel’veth is too strong or is too weak compared to the rest of League of Legends champions.

So it is allegedly with Superman in the DC

The DC Universe finally wants to continue to grow and prepare with The Flash on June 22, 2023 for its own kind of big bang. Because the movie with the fastest man in the world should completely roll the DC movie world completely . It can even happen that important elements that make up the group dynamics of the Justice League will soon be omitted. Because if a new timeline is established with the film, it might be that the steel is no longer part of the DCEU .

The Flash establishes a new DC universe

It is expected that The Flash changes certain elements of the original DCEU and especially of the z ACK SNYDER “Snyderverse” and events from the flashpoint comics tackles a completely new one Universe for the preliminary documents from DC to establish.

Superman vs Justice League | Justice League (4k. HDR)
According to reports, The Flash , Aquaman and Wonder Woman stay as they were . Whereby it is not certainly whether Ezra Miller continues to work in his role as Flash, after his recent violence scandal . Furthermore, Michael Keaton should take over the role of Batman , consequently, a return of Ben Affleck as the dark avenger is excluded. But what about the man of steel?

Will Superman still be part of the Justice League?

According to the online magazine ComicBookMovie, even for Clark Kent on the Great Canvas could be concluded this year. The magazine reported a “Scooper Viewer Anon” soldered now, that Superman is no longer available in the newly established guideline .

Accordingly, there is allegedly a scene in the coming The Flash movie in which the Speedster Superman mentions against Aquaman and has no idea who he means. Should this apply, this would confirm the predominant theory that Supergirl, played by Sasha Calle, will take the Superman Square in the JUSTICE League in the future.

It would of course be a pity if Superman no longer would return to the screen. Henry Cavill (The Witcher), who had portrayed the superheroes in many films, would definitely not mind that the Red Cape can be overwhelmed for another time . But there is still the hope that Cavills Superman will appear in the next Shazam movie **.

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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League moves

As soon as we have updated our preview of the upcoming game releases in 2022 , we can also delete a candidate again. Namely, it is quite officially stated that Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will no longer appear this year.

First a rumor, then the confirmation

The bearer of the bad news listens to the name Sefton Hill. On Twitter, the Creative Director of the game and co-founder of Rocksteady Games writes: “_We made the difficult decision to postpone Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League in the spring 2023. I know that a shift is always frustrated, but we will be this time use to make the best possible game for you. I’m really looking forward to bringing the chaos to Metropolis together with you. Thank you for your patience! _ “

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Sefton Hill confirms Jason Schreier (Bloomberg), who already had already learned in February 2022 of internal sources details to a shift of the game .

Already last year Warner had to move a variety of projects planned for 2021 into the year 2022. Among them also Gotham Knights, which serves a similar target group as a solo and co-op Action RPG as the new adventure of Suicide Squad. Whether the recent shift has something to do with it is unclear.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Official Gameplay Trailer - “Flash and Burn” | DC
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Lol: the definitive dreamed by Seraphine with which the rival team was totally in love

Many definitive in League of Legends are usually incredibly satisfactory When you get fulfilled. Who has not dreamed of a perfect Karthus Requiem with which we can get the pentakill easier in history? Of course, one Good Pedrada de Malphite to 5 people next to a wave of shock by Orianna always gives us a cover on the stomach and it is likely that you too, but there is a special skill that we do not It causes that feeling, but it gives us all the desire to start singing in the middle of the game. As not, we talk about dear by some and hated by many, seraphine.

Seraphine, The Starry-Eyed Songstress | Champion Theme (ft. Jasmine Clarke) - League of Legends

The situation is easy to understand: After 45 minutes of departure and with almost all fish sold, both teams urgently needed the elder dragon to end the game as soon as possible. It is here when Seraphine, who was being controlled by Reddit user “hi_its_mish”, ** I was trying to guess when she could effectively throw her the definitive thing to be able to win the game. She had in her flashing her, so she had everything on her face to win.

After seeing that neither of them started and the red team had the soul of infernal dragon, the dream singer decided to take a step forward to try to break the game completely… and so it was. At a moment of surprise Seraphine would launch his r-bis to give full four of the five rivals that she had , creating a synergy of madness with Darius and Diana that would leave them at barely time to react and win fair After the game. That yes, we want to highlight the huge work of Rammus in the group fight that has caused the victory of Him’s team (we talked with irony, do not worry).

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League was allegedly postponed to 2023

In August of the year 2020, the new coop action game Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League by Rocksteady Studios was officially announced. According to Publisher Warner Bros, the game should be located in the same universe as the Batman: Arkham games, and playing in an Open World Metropolis.

In December last year, we received a new gameplay trailer as well as a few new details on the title, which should have been published in 2022 as part of the Game Awards 2021.


According to a new report by Bloomberg, however, the game was allegedly postponed next year . The report does not show why the new coop game should now be published in 2023, but Suicide Squad would not be the only game from the DC universe, which could not comply with its original release date. The Open World Action RPG Gotham Knights was also moved to this year in 2021.

‘Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’ reportedly delayed into 2023
Warner Bros himself has not yet expressed a possible shift, so it may not be problems in the development or the like. Instead, the publisher simply could not want to publish two co-op titles with open world in the Batman universe in the same year.

Shifts are always a bit disappointing, but at least the Publisher Warner Bros with Hogwarts Legacy and Gotham Knights remain two hot-expected titles that will be published this year. Incidentally, the latter recently received a new trailer that reveals the story of the game.

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