Paradox Interactive took its mission to survive March a few years ago. Construction and management simulation was launched in 2018 and included a number of extensions and DLC packs with different types of buildings and mission objectives. It has been almost two years since the last extension and Paradox has also released another game from the Surviving The Aftermath series, but they handed the Developers Hammond Games to work for a new Surviving Mars. The In-Dome Construction Pack will come out every day and, hopefully, will bring the players back on Mars.

The In-Dome Construction Pack has been developed with the help of the Silva Community Fodder. It will introduce eight different buildings to erect inside land-friendly domes. This pack contains several resident buildings, as well as community buildings to develop your colony. Players can build smart apartments, elderly residences, school arrows, security stations, medical positions, hospitals, large nurseries and television studio workshops, all to make March a little more the earth, but I do not look too much like the earth.

Since there has been such a great gap between DLC versions, I hope this pack will be the beginning of a new era of content for surviving Mars and not just one. In parallel with the return on Mars, Paradox Interactive also announced that surviving the aftermath will remain in anticipated access a little longer than expected, because of the comments of the players. Serving Mars is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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