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The Urban Planning Simulator Farthest Frontier will reach early access on August 9

During the PC Gaming Show online exhibition, developers from the Crate Entertainment studio announced the release date of the Urban Planning Simulator Farthest Frontier to early access-August 9. In honor of the announcement, a new trailer was also shown, however, without personnel of the gameplay.


In the game, you have to lead a small group of settlers and go with them to colonize new lands. Create your settlement on untouched land, collect resources, engage in hunting and fishing, agriculture-in general, all that is acutely necessary for the prosperity of your commune. In the future, your village will grow to the volume of the whole city, attracting new inhabitants, bringing global trade and economy with it.

The gloomy Gothic metro -vital The Last Faith will be released in 2022

In 2020, the developers of the Kumi Souls Games surpassed all expectations for raising funds for their Gothic project in the genres of Soulslike and metro-vanning called The Last Faith, collecting 466% of the initial goal.

With such the support of the players, any indie publisher would be happy to have a similar game in his portfolio. And apparently, this lucky is the publisher of Mortal Shell, PlayStack. If you like pixel visual style, grotesque scenery, cruel and complex battles and huge, impressive bosses, then you should not deprive The Last Faith with your attention.

There is no exact release date of The Last Faith yet, but the trailer confirms that the game will be released in 2022 at the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

GTA Online: Franklin and Lamar go back to make robberies, here is the trailer

GTA Online: The Contract Trailer Featuring Franklin & Dr. Dre
As we know, since the release of “the contract”, which put in particular from Dr. Dre in his own role, Franklin Clinton is back in GTA 5 / GTA Online. It must be said that since the end of the solo campaign, the latter has withdrawn from the bad shots by getting married, melting a family and launching his own business. The only problem is that Lamar, his soss still, does not stop wanting him and he has succeeded if we believe this new trailer where the two friends go back to 400 shots. In fact, these reminiscences were initially available after the VIP contract requested to recover Dr. Dre’s music in the “contract” mission, but it is now possible to access them by launching the Activities menu. Suddenly, to boost desires, Rockstar Games has decided to double the $ and RP doubled until February 16th. You are warned!

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