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God of War Ragnarok Goes Big With Leviathan Axe In London – Fans Rejoice!

It’s certainly unusual to see a game get this kind of promo so long after its real release date, however there are a handful of possible reasons for this timing. PlayStation just recently celebrated the fact that PS5 scarcities have come to an end, so maybe the company is looking to develop more awareness for the video game among those that just purchased the console.

Pictures of the Leviathan Axe were shared on Twitter by Desert, and can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

God of War Ragnarök released nearly three months back, however PlayStation is still pulling out the stops to promote the game. Fans have spotted a huge Leviathan Axe from the video game in London, together with a Live from PS5 van. It’s a really cool bit of viral marketing, and a great deal of fans is sure to be envious of those that get to see the thing face to face!

Whatever the case might be, the massive axe is actually cool looking, and likely drew a significant number of visitors, consisting of fans of God of War Ragnarök, as well as those that might be less knowledgeable about the PlayStation game! Naturally, it’s tough to envision that many individuals haven’t become aware of the video game; after all, it was PlayStation’s biggest first-party release of 2022. The follow up to 2018’s God of War, Ragnarök released to universal praise in 2015, when it appeared on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. ‘s evaluation for the game awarded it a 4.5 out of 5, which readers can discover right here.



Did you get to see this Leviathan Axe in person? What do you think of this viral marketing? Let us understand in the comments or share your thoughts straight on Twitter and on Hive at @Marcdachamp to talk all things video gaming!

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God of War Ragnarök launched almost three months ago, but PlayStation is still pulling out the stops to promote the game. Whatever the case might be, the enormous axe is truly cool looking, and most likely drew a significant number of visitors, including fans of God of War Ragnarök, as well as those that might be less familiar with the PlayStation video game! Of course, it’s hard to think of that lots of people haven’t heard of the video game; after all, it was PlayStation’s biggest first-party release of 2022.

The Callisto Protocol a live action television area with Josh Duhamel, the star who plays Jacob in the video game

Unless we do not particularly value the Survival Horror, The Callisto Procedure is clearly the most anticipated video game of this end of the year now that God of War Ragnarök is readily available on the market. The title of striking distance studios is when again discussing him through a live action TV area in which Josh Chapel, the star who plays Jacob Lee, inhabits the top of the poster. Realistically, there are specific elements present in the game such as the detainee’s attire of the hero-who, thereafter, will be caused place on an advanced combination-the HP gauge situated at the level of his neck, the well-known stick Electric which gives The Callisto Protocol an unnamed cruelty, or the knife to eliminate the biophages in all discretion.


Simply put, sufficient to make us much more impatient when the one that lots of think about as the spiritual successor of Dead Space is expected for December 2 (Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC). An eternity, even if we recognize exaggerating a bit.

How to defeat a traveler in God of War Ragnarok

Oh, you thought that only because the end of the world is approaching, Rates and Aura will be safe from the wandering warrior, known as a wanderer? No no no. God of War Ragnarök does everything possible and plays one of the best hits of his predecessor. Therefore, when Rates and Freya will meet with a wanderer in Midgard during the quest Word of Fate, you will be ready.

How to win a wanderer in Midgard at God of War Ragnarök

A traveler is a mini-boss, which is stupid between Rates and its goal. Most of his attacks are large, wide horizontal swings with a two-handed sword. You can fend them off, but it was much easier for us to just evade them. Computed attacks consist of thunderous blows on the ground. Give him the opportunity to roll up a tantrum, and everything will be fine.

Be sure to use Freya during the battle so that it is dotted with arrows that enhance the spontaneous damage to Rates and its runic attacks. The battles in God of War Ragnarök require the patience and expectation of your discovery. So, take your time, study the traveler’s movements and punish him when the opportunity arises. Then, when the time comes to perform this magnificent finisher, enjoy it.


To learn more about God of War, read the section How to win Gamma in God of War Ragnarök in Pro GAME Guides.

PlayStation 5: New God of War Ragnarök

This was revealed throughout a brand-new video in which the Immersive World of God of War Ragnarök on the next-gen console is very carefully examined. A detail of the brand-new PS5 package surprises.

Video game smith Sony rapidly announces a new PlayStation 5 bundle for the next month. It must appear at the release of God of Battle Ragnarök and provide the video game straight.


PS5 package: DISC variation comes with God of Battle Ragnarök download

In addition to a breathtaking 4K resolution, the very immersive features with which God of War Ragnarök wishes to mesmerize you on the PS5 likewise consist of an accurate 3D audio or the haptic comments from the brand-new dual sensuous controller. For the last, a fresh patent from Sony showed completely new strategies.

The video game is only consisted of as an electronic download code since although the console sold with the God of War Ragnarök bundle is the disc variation of the PS5. God of War Ragnarök as well as hence the corresponding package will be released on November 9th.

Last present video: console cover

Do not hesitate of a delay of God of War Ragnarok: Sony Santa Monica states that will be released this year

It appears this year Bruno Velazquez, Ragnarok Animation Director Again a head of Santa Monica has wanted to zan the issue. Bruno Velazquez , GOD OF WAR sequel computer animation director, has addressed the concern of a person that wanted him to address the question of whether he will come or not during this year. The message, published in the individual Twitter account of it, makes it clear: “Ragnarok arrives this year” .

It should be noted that the game was initially announced to come to 2021, however it was postponed at 2022 and also from PlayStation yet they have not desired to specify a specific date . Because of this, part of the follower area has actually pertained to bother with whether the job suffers a new delay, but supposition is ended if we offer what the designers themselves claim.

The owners of a PlayStation console are excited to learn more about GOD OF WAR: Ragnarok, the next special created by Sony Santa Monica From the best of the very first component, four years have been very first 4 years old, and Cory Barlog himself has actually spoken of why they have actually not instructed far more up until now.

Consequently, it seems that production is still on track . In the lack of verifying the minute in which it will arrive at Sony’s gaming consoles, the speech fits with the message that the Santa Monica Studio Area Manager left us last month, additionally making certain with no kind of repair that this year will certainly arrive.

Sign up for the 3D video game network on YouTube .

God Of War Ragnarok - Developer Update! News On Status Of Ragnarok From Cory Barlog!

As we have mentioned, God of War: Ragnarok is still scheduled for this year however without a details date noted on the schedule. It will certainly get here at some time of 2022 to PS4 as well as PS5, as well as from the programmer itself they are leaving us a series of tracks that direct out that their manufacturing might be rather more innovative than we believe.

Gow Ragnarök features should be as cool as the ax and I want to see that

Most God of War fans are likely to remind themselves too well when the game has asked them for the first time to throw the ax of Kratos. The feature is already satisfactory, but it is correctly rounded off it by pressing the triangle button when the ax comes back with sheeps. Every movement of the animation makes the force clear, which is behind this litter.

Such an experience should also be offered fans in God of War Ragnarök, which at least promises Beau Jimenez, who works as a sound designer on the continuation. On Twitter, he responded to a video in which a fan recorded his visibly impressed response to the first Axwurf in the game.

Such reactions promises Jimenez for God of War Ragnarök : “I am so looking forward to reacting players to what we were in God of War: Ragnarök work.”

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God of was new mechanics

Of course, what the team is working on the team does not reveal the sound designer. But we already know that a lot should change at the combat system in the successor. So struggles should not only become tactical, players * inside should also get more options for the hand.

An anticipated innovation is more verticality. Already in RevealTrailer was brief to see how Kratos moves with his chaos blades to a higher platform. Here you can watch this again:

Kratos with gripping hook and glider?

God of War Ragnarok - 8 Things We Don't Want
Although the pull up looks fun, but certainly does not approach the ax throw. Most likely, the trailer also shows not all new mechanics of the game. Well possible so that we expect much more impressive innovations.

So far, we can only give courage, but other action titles already present with interesting ideas. For example, Kratos could destroy walls, for example, as well as in Horizon Forbidden West with its gripping hook blades or like Aloy with a glider over the game world. Or boss fights in the game could have similar to a Shadow of the Colossus climbing passages in which the opponents have to be climbed first. Maybe, and here we sit out of the window, Kratos could even learn to jump.

The possibilities are practically endless. Which new mechanics ultimately create it into the finished game, we still have to wait. So far, a concrete release date is missing, despite displacement rumors, the game should nevertheless appear 2022.

What ideas do you have for new tools for Kratos or Atreus in God of War Ragnarök?

Once the account is possible, Lagranoque Origin Free Ship Introduction

Gravity adds a number of new content to MMORPG Lagranoque Origin on 30th. The update includes new classes, new regions, new mythical appearances, new content, and collaboration.

The new class is a thief, the secondary ‘log’ and the third ‘stalker’, and the dagger and bow blades are used as a main meal, and it is characterized by being able to attack both near and near. Heating, weapons, and armor dismantling, raids, and robbery, etc., such as a variety of skills, such as a variety of skills, such as a variety of skills, or they can overcome the enemies to unexpected timing in PVP with other users.

New system free former and character name change are also added. Freedom before updating the job per account per account is used to change the job change in the job, or if you purchase free-of-life rights in the RO shop. Changes in character name can be used to consume.

how to make an origin account (2020)

In addition to this, New Area Comodo beaches, new dungeon states, new dungeons, new dungeons, and Lava collaboration costumes and pets are added together.

Ragnarok Origin Lee Hee-su, a large-scale update, “he said,” New classes, new regions, and dungeons, free former rights, and Lava collaboration, and a large-scale update to provide more fun to users with colorful content. I said, “I ask you for your interest and love.” In addition, Gravity proceeds from March 30 to 4 of the update commemorative events from April 24).

For more information, see Ragnarok Origin Official Pages.

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