The lower bracket action continues with a confrontation between Leviathan to Fnatic to seek survival within Valorant Masters, a complicated challenge for the Latin team but has already been seen on previous occasions and have brought out their great work, now with their Last life only one can advance to the next instance to become one of the best four teams in the world.


Dreams that can come true

A first map of Fracture that begins with great aggressiveness on the side of the European team that seeks to put an important point within the stage but the defense proposed by the Levianeta works better thanks to Benjamin adverse Poblete that He used Bridge to leave a 7-5 , in the change of sides the match was quite even with the plays of emir Alfajer Ali that with their companions sent the map where they could mark where they could mark The difference to take the first point with 14-12.

Passing to Ascent We see the most comfortable sea dragon by raising aggressive rounds in his favor with a Vicente Tacolilla Compagnon that marked the start of the start but things would be couples in the duel with a *6-6 , now with a turn in defense, the Leviathan team sought to prevent rivals from putting points to separate them, however, the current EMEA champion would have other plans but did not have the presence of Marco Melser Machuca that would be the key to putting a 13-10 that tied the series.

A decisive map of Bind would be the one that will determine things starting with an aggressive defense that proposed Francisco Kingg Aravena with which he would make the rivals fall bluntly but fnatic would not give in So easy proposing clashes that will mark some rounds for them leaving a 7-5 , in the change of roles we see that the game becomes very even for both sides that interspersed rounds to the point of sending to the extra time where they would play 8 more rounds where Jake Boaster Howlet would cause a great impact and help to settle the meeting with 17-15 in favor of the European team.

We see one of the most couples and suffered series for both squads but only one could take the pass to the next stage, the Leviatán team ends its participation in the Masters but with the results obtained ensures its place For Champions , on the other hand Fnatic becomes Top four of the tournament but will have to face a two more duels if you want to reach the grand final.