Many expect that at any time a new Nintendo Direct is announced. Although at the moment there is no information about this presentation, it seems that one of the possible advertisements of this event has already been filtered, since a store has indicated that the BATMAN ARKHAM COLLECTION would arrive at the Switch next month.

Recently, the WWT site, a French store, enlisted the _ Batman Arkham Collection_ for the Nintendo Switch, with a launch date on August 31, 2022 , although this information was already eliminated. Previously, this trade revealed the arrival of The Witcher 3 to this console before its official disclosure, thus giving a little more legitimacy to filtration.

This collection came to consoles and PC in 2018, and includes the game edition of the Year of BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM and BATMAN: Arkham City, as well as BATMAN: Arkham Knight with its seasonal pass . Although the launch of this package is a possibility, especially considering the great popularity of the switch, the date is still in doubt. This would be the first time that a game of this franchise would reach a Nintendo console from arkham City in Wii U

Hopefully we will soon have more information about it. On Related Topics, a report notes that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been delayed until 2023. Similarly, here you can see the new images of the batman.

Editor’s note:

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The arrival of the Batman Arkham Collection is a fairly viable probability. The switch has not stopped receiving ports of this type for a few years, so it would not be a surprise to see Warner Games and Rocksteady on the hybrid console.