As you know, the ** third phase of WOW: Burning Crusade Classic starts in the night from 27 January to January 28, 2022. We expect:

  • New battleship : The battle around the Heal
  • New battles : The black temple
  • Epic gems : Jewelry artwork for epic gemstones are offered by Inform in the caves of time. Epic gems can be collected by mining at the battle around the Heal (requires a craft of 375) and are dropped in the black temple as a rare prey.
  • Quests of the Nether wing : Increases your reputation with the Nether wing by daily quests in the Shadow Monday. Collects Nether wing eggs to accelerate poster collecting. For players who reach an awesome call, nether dillies are available as epic ribs (requires ‘kilter tab’).
  • Start of PVP Season 3

The official patch Notes for Phase 3 is here .

Bonus: Blizzard fulfills player wishes

A few hours ago WoW developer agreed in the official WOW forum surprisingly announced that Blizzard for Phase 3 but also changes for the accessibility of PVP items in the baggage – based on player wishes, the by the Community Council The DEVs were prepared .

The problem of the current situation: It is enormously expensive to farm the honor for PVP parts. Especially PVP beginners often fail at this hurdle. However, good EVE equipment parts are much easier, because the Raidgrupps have much fewer issues with the bosses when it was the case at the time in original burning crusade.

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That changes coming night

The solutions from Blizzard, which are also implemented in the coming night:

  • PVP call items can now be bought from benevolent (instead of respectful).
  • Season 1 Equipment costs no battlefield brands anymore.
  • The battlefield mark costs of triumph items are halved.
  • You now get more bonus gauge if you finish the repeatable quest around the battlefield brands.
  • For the daily “call to the weapons” quests, you must now get three brands of the respective battlefield, the bonus honor is increased.
  • The bonus gauge for Haley and Troika PVP-Dailys is significantly increased.
  • The PVP Daily of the Hellfire Female Island now grants Bonuses.
  • Tier-4 and Tier-5 tokens can now exchange for Season 1 and Season 2 Settings for retailers.

What do you think about these changes? Betray us in the comments!