Semiconductor supply is hard to be tight until next year.

US Bloomberg Communications reported that the industry officials were so voiced in the technology and automotive forums of the Recent Investment Bank (IB) JP Morgan.

Tom Cole field, a global foundry, Tom Cole field, a global founder (CEO) said, It will not be fully supplied this year, said Tom Call field’s best executive (will not be supposed to be a year.

The Power Semiconductor Company’s Hasan Elk CEO also predicted that Demand will be more than supply throughout this year.

Semiconductor demand was surged due to new coronavirus infection (corona 19). Internet companies with telecommuting and remote classes, online shopping, etc. Internet companies increase their servers, and notebooks and tablet PC sales are increasing.

The automobile is considered to be a striking industry with lack of semiconductors. The automotive industry incorrectly predicts the demand for Corona 19, the automotive industry predicted the demand for Corona 19, said that people will not ride their cars in Corona 19, but the reality is a person who avoids public transportation, He argued, he said.

The World Major Automotive Manufacturers (OEM) is experiencing a semiconductor problem in a press conference that introduced the Genesis G90 new car, said Chase Jong-un’ I said. We are preparing to respond to semiconductor issues in the long term, he said, he said.

It is difficult for a certain model, he said, It is difficult to talk about certain models, he said.

European automotive specialist medium was also concerned that the semiconductor tribe would be worse. The Automotive World has pointed out that the future automotive market is hot, but now the semiconductor crisis is only a sign of the semiconductor crisis. This is because electric cars and autonomous travelers increase, as they increase, demand for semiconductor chips needed.