Due to a yellowstone, the Canada Cuban had been missing in the 1-0 in the Olympic Stadium against Turkish Combination in the Olympic Stadium last week. Now the regular player of coach Rüdiger Riehl found himself back in the starting and experienced the second victory in a row, this time with him and above all thanks to him.

The leadership by Damer he put on after a counterattack, when all including his coach first thought that he had missed the time to play the opportunity was. After halftime, when Meppen pressed with two top chances to equalize, the 25-year-old provided a spectacular run for the expansion of the leadership. The scene after a corner for opponents Meppen described Froese at the microphone of “Magenta Sport” like this: “The ball jumped up in front of me. Then I accepted him with his head and just started racing on. Somehow I managed to hang it all “

So he found around 80 meters and with three meps behind him before Keeper Domashke. The Council, the Dribbling then concluded with his weaker left foot, had come from coach Rüdiger Ziehl, as later betrayed and said, “The feeling of Kianz Froese with ball is faster than without ball.” The right foot used the midfielder then again with his penalty beam into the left upper torger, to 3: 0.

within two weeks of “amortized” near the saving shore

Canada vs. Cuba - Full Match | Men's Volleyball Tokyo Olympic Qualifier 2020
The game analyzed Froese in his native language English, despite now five years in Germany, and talked only about “we”, from “us”, even if he described his own gates. His coach Zehl ordered: “It was a willing line. We wanted to refill for the victory against Turkey Capture and I’m just glad that we have made the leap and at least temporarily left the last place in the table.” The TSV, now with 20 points, told the Würzburg Turkishs, who stand in Saarbrücken at 18 meters before their game.

“Many had already written down in the winter break,” Ziehl said. Now the Havelsers have come back near the saving place 16, three points are to there. Follow the next right against the BVB? “The motivation is another different, especially if you play abroad from many spectators,” say Ziehl for final whistle. “It’s now a contact there to the non-relegation places. It is now easy to continue working and continue to score.”