Mr. Kozani, who is familiar with the creature designer in the “Silent Hill” series, suddenly ** “I had to design a pyramid head (triangle).

Red Pyramidsing and Common Lectibe “triangle” in the same series has a major impact on players with the appearance and intense event scene, and then appeared as a creature representing the series.

Mr. Ito will continue to say, “I’m not going to mention the reason” ** “I’m not going to mention the reason”. However, Mr.’s tweets have a voice of questions from all over the world.

About this Overseas Media Niche Gamer introduces his past tweets. Among them, there was also a tweet that leaks dissatisfaction, such as “the intention of his production to the triangle, is actually received as a different form.”

It is unknown whether this tweet has such dissatisfaction, but it seems that the fan does not hide the upset in the breast of the designer who has been revealed with the character representing the series.