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The good vida is a surprisingly complex title, as one would expect of a created Swery experience. There are a lot of small connection systems, and the game does not always do the best job of explaining how everything works. The case is all the Team Cat vs Dog Team system, which can be a bit difficult to understand. Fortunately we are here to explain it.

Team Cat or Dog Team: What should choose the good life?

The two different teams essentially correspond to the villagers of Rainy Woods. In the top left of the screen, on the portrait of Naomi, you will see an indicator with a slider between a cat and dog icon. This is the team that you have the greatest affinity, which in turn decides how members of the team treat Naomi. So if you have a stronger affinity with Team Cat, villagers who are in the Team Cat will treat you better. This makes them kind to Naomi, and merchants will offer the products at reduced prices it if she is on her team.

You know what villagers are what team looking at the icon over his head, as it will be a puppy or a kitten. If you are looking to spend much on a specific trader, it s a good idea to increase the affinity of the team it with them for discounted prices. For example, if you want to buy expensive upgrades the camera, you ll want to be on the team dog. This is how all the essential traders in The Good Life crumble.

Bruno Evans – Mushroom & Evans (food) – Team Dog

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Thomas Berryman – Supermarket and butcher (food) – dog team
Michelle O Reilly – 1977 (food and alcohol) – Team Dog
Jan Yi Han – Scones (food) – dog team
John Berryman – John s (camera) – Team Dog
Virginia Yeats – Fancy & Bunny (clothing, seeds, plants) – Team Cat

Douglas McAvoy – McAvoy Construction (Home Improvement) – Team Cat
George Fakhoury – Hospital Veterinarian RW (healing, medicine cabinets, medicine, etc.) – Equipment Cat
Pauline Atwood – Witch House Pharmacy (concoctions, medicine) – No equipment

As you can see, most traders play are Team Dog, but the highest are in Team Cat. Near the beginning of the game, you probably spend more money on food and upgrades the camera, so it could be a better idea to lean towards Team Dog. However, as time passes, you start to spend more money on home improvement and medical treatment, so it may be a better idea to switch to the Team Cat at some point. Fortunately, it s pretty easy to do.

How to increase the affinity of the Cat equipment and affinity dog ​​team

Many of the interactions you have with the residents of Rainy Woods will have an effect on the measuring equipment. Becoming a dog or a cat and play with residents can have a minimal effect while completing secondary missions for members of either team can also contribute. However, the most influential way to change your team is offering tributes dog or cat in a sanctuary, that appear on the map as small yellow towers. A tribute will cost £ 100, so if you really are looking to change the meter, it will cost some money. Because you choose what you want team from the start and concentrate on that, then later in the game, when you re making more money, it will be easier to change team.

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