APEX Legends have several icons that players can unlock, moving along the service stairs and passing the game. While some icons are simple, others can be a little complex and take a lot of time to unlock. The 4K Damage icon is one of them, and players can unlock this icon, applying more than 4,000 units in one match. The 4K Damage icon is the last level the fury of the legend icon, and it is available for each character in the game. Let’s see how players can unlock this icon for each character in Apex Legends!

How to unlock all levels of the Legend’s Wrath icon in Apex Legends

There are four levels in the Anger of Legends, and you will find it on the Badge tab in the Banner section for each legend. For example, in order to unlock the Valkyrie Anger icon, you will have to apply 4,000 damage units in one match for Valkyrie. In the same way, in order to get the anger of the Blagunda, the anger of the ghost or the anger of the foreheads, you will have to apply the same amount of damage using this particular legend. To get the first level of this icon, players will have to apply 2000 lesson units per match.

1st level *: Apply 2000 units of damage in one match.
Level 2 : Apply 2500 units of damage for one match.
Level 3 : Apply 3,000 damage units for one match.
* Level 4 : Apply 4,000 damage units for one match.

Applying 4,000 damage units for one match can be easy for professional players, but it can be quite difficult if you are a newcomer in the game. Ideally, you want to land in POI with several other detachments in order to easily start damage immediately after falling. You will need to quickly find a weapon and join the battle with the nearest opponents. Do not worry if you do not find Evo Shield, since you can always increase the level of what you have by inflicting damage to the opponents.

And vice versa, after the acquisition of weapons and shields, players can land in a remote area and quickly move to the Poi defiant. After recent changes, players can be difficult to earn 4K Damage icon at the Ranked Battle Royale. Instead, try it in public matches. Please note that it is easier to unlock this icon if you are in a group of three players.

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