It was clear that with Edmond Tapioca (Burkina Faso) and Dillon Kossounou (Ivory Coast) and Dillon Kossounou (Ivory Coast) would be missing for weeks because of their participation in the Africa Cup for weeks, the worst skeptics demanded post-liabilities for this position, Saw Bayer Leverkusen to the back round start dramatically understaffed in the defense center.

Nobody talks about three weeks later. Trainer Gerardo Sloane served in his squad and closed the gap with Piero India. Just 20 years old is the Ecuadorian, who went to Argentina as an 18-year-old, played there for Ca Talliers and moved to Leverkusen for around six million euros before this season.

From the emergency solution to 100 percent dual ratio

At first, he came to use as a left-part, convinced quiet. When needed on the man, he moved in: he last acted three times as center-back, detach by a proverbial beer rest, good positioning game and high anticipation ability. His passport ratio of averages 90 percent in the games against Union Berlin, Mönchengladbach and the FC Augsburg speaks for his overview, against the Berliner, his duplication ratio was 100 percent. In each game, Hippie proved that he is more than a gap in the headquarters, its largest deficit (1.84 meters) compensates for thanks to its pronounced timings. No trace of teenager inexperience.


Solid size in the Nationwide Ecuador’s

When he moved to Herself, he had already given his debut in the national team of his country, today he counts in spite of his youth to the solid inventory of La TRI, with which he occupies third place in the World Cup qualifier. Four game days before the end Ecuador shows six points ahead of Colombia. Sounds comfortable, but already the next task has it in itself: Ecuador receives on Thursday (22 clock CET) Brazil, Hippie is looking forward to duels with Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid) – concentrated world-class comes to the young Leverkusen.

On February 2 (3 o’clock me) it goes for his team to Peru. It is important not to make the point projection not too very melt, because only the first four places entitle directly to participate in the World Cup tournament, Five place means play-off games.