The first update of 2022 for Dofus Touch will arrive very soon. In first mouthwashing guide, a beta of patch 1.54 will be held to test the many changes announced until there by teams on social networks.

A beta and ankama live next week for Dofus Touch 1.54

The mobile version of Dofus will once again evolve and differentiate from his big brother. After “transition” updates, the Touch team will once again turn the game into the very heart of its gameplay. For the release of the patch beta, a live Ankama is even planned to detail decisions and positions around the changes. See you Tuesday, March 22 at 3 pm To follow this stream announced as a historic and already subject to debate.

Watch live on twitch

What we already know

In recent weeks, communication around Dofus Touch has become more active. Via twitter images or classifieds, update 1.54 is almost already written. We can also mention an unblog on the passage to 4 of all the fighting of the game, as well as the spoils of equipment on YouTube.

But that’s not everything, far from it. Through ads on social networks, the patch gets up to become a real turning point for Dofus Touch. The game wins in ergonomics and is retouched on a wide panel of its features. In summary, you can find:

  • A “+” button displaying the details of a monster group before a fight
  • Differentiations for too similar objects (spell scraps, core stones)
  • The end of the merchant mode
  • A selling hotel for dofus
  • A Revision of the Premium House
  • Daily missions reporting more and better balanced
  • An improvement of the Sadida water
  • Improved challenges, based in particular on classes
  • A real dungeon entry for the gelaxext dimension

Finally, it is also possible to analyze the official image of the beta 1.54. 4 particularly expected classes come together here: Ecaflip, Xelor, Sacrier and CRA. By counting the Sadida, a great wave of balancing is preparing any discretion.