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Elon Musk hTitle Software no intention of launching a console to compete with PlayStation and Xbox: these are the reTitle Softwareons

Founder of Space X, Starlink, Tesla… Elon Musk is one of the most popular, ambitious and powerful personalities that exist. Known for all Videogames are pTitle Softwaresionate about ; During this year he hTitle Software enjoyed Elden Ring and on numerous occTitle Softwareions it hTitle Software been undone in praise towards the Title Software. In addition, we have also seen how he hTitle Software tried to implement ways to play aboard the cars of his prestigious brand.

However, and although I would not have problems addressing a hypothetical incursion into the console market, Musk hTitle Software been overwhelming when answering the question about whether he hTitle Software plans to carry it out: no , so short hTitle Software It hTitle Software been his answer during his participation in the PodcTitle Softwaret Full Send, one of the most important in North American territory. Then we leave you the complete talk.

Consoles are like a PC

By Title Softwareking him to develop his answer, Musk hTitle Software made clear his point of view on the current situation of the competition between Sony (PS5) and Microsoft (Xbox Series X | s): Right now, consoles are bTitle Softwareically Title Software a computer, so that I do not see the added value that would mean launching a new console , he explains.

What happens to the purchTitle Softwaree of Twitter by Elon Musk?

One of the great news of the year in everything that happens to the Internet wTitle Software the intention of acquiring the famous social network, one of the most used in the world, by the billionaire of South African origin. An operation that wTitle Software around the 46.5 billion dollars and that seemed to be about to close… until the hare jumped: after a series of enmity with the board of directors of the social network, Musk decided to retire, and now the company It demands that the transaction be completed. In this link you have All the information about what happened in chronological order . Next stop: Juucio between both parties in mid-October.

Igitt, the iron virgins from Elden ring are actually controlled by serpents

Have you currently obtained a closer to acquaintance with the Abductor Virgins from Elden Ring? The opponents, that are primarily driving iron virgins, have the routine of breaking us as well as pulling within. But exactly how does it in fact search in there and also what attacks us? Dataminer Zullie The Witch answers these interesting inquiries in a brand-new video clip.

defeat at the wheel

More precisely look reveals serpent balls: In the video clip you can enjoy the virgins in peace. Zulie additionally lets us look inside. Right here you can persuade yourself:

It has to do with: The Abductor Virgins, in German kidnapper-women wallow and also around Rental property Vulkan, as an example as well as who gets near to their close to, is primarily active assaulting and preventing at the right moment. This opponent can promptly link range, has strikes with a big reach and creates (relying on the degree).

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Link to the YouTube web content

Serpents are possibly steering the equipments: ZULLIE reveals us in the video clip that the reptiles are wrapped in rod that appears like a control device. In Elden Ring there are various other adversaries that operate machines. It is uncommon that there are snakes in the Virgins.

Under the video, Zullie exposes that many fans thought the snakes for arms. It is also fascinating that items of meat are connected to the virgin stomach dental caries.

A Lot More regarding Elden Ring:

If Elden Ring is too simple for you, just make all the challengers to Malenia | The knight on the Elden Ring cover is an NPC damages that his tale has actually been repainted! | Elden ring specialist shows us extremely exciting NPC pursuit that has deficient right into play

other interesting expertise

Zullie discusses to the lore element of the abductor virigns at Rental property Vulkan:

Serpents are possibly steering the equipments: ZULLIE reveals us in the video clip that the reptiles are wrapped in rod that looks like a control system. Be truthful: Did you recognize when playing that snakes come out of the inside of the adversary?

It is likewise interesting that the virgins have a baby in their arms. It is not a real living being, yet component of the iron covering.


Be straightforward: Did you identify when playing that snakes come out of the inside of the enemy? What do you think of the design of this challenger and also the video? Tell us in the remarks.

The virgins seem to accomplish a fairly simple objective: capturing and also transferring offerings for the big snake.

More exactly look shows snake rounds: In the video clip you can view the virgins in tranquility. Here you can convince on your own:

GAME*Spark Review: “Elden Ring” ── Even if your heart breaks

“ELDEN RING” appeared as a successor to the “Dark Soul” system, which should be said to be from software, and has achieved the largest hit ever.

The element of “open field” is special in the series. And I feel that this is the most successful breakthrough. It is undeniable that critical opinions are evoked from the difficulty and habit strength. Although there are also large flavors peculiar to the series, there is no doubt that it is very good and luxurious.

This review was delivered very late for various reasons. I would like to first say that it is ★★★ that I do not have a twisted evaluation, and I would like to send a calm analysis review.

As I mentioned in the review of the review, we do not consider the complex and mysterious world settings of this work. By the way, I can only play around a round, and it is also the fact that I can’t do such a narrative consideration.


This article does not include a big spoiler because it is intended to be a review for new players who are going to play **. I feel that the possibility of this work may sometimes create pain, and I hope that the reviews will be relieved within a reasonable range.

“ELDEN RING” and the Dark Soul Series

First of all, I will review what kind of work is “Elden Ring”. It is a “chewy” work created by From Software, and is the latest in a series that is said to be difficult.

Even though the series is a series, this work is a single IP, which is clearly different from the “Dark Soul” series. However, the style has the foundation of a common system as much as you think, “Is it a sequel?”

It is easy to get the impression of choosing people from difficulty, but the main actions and RPG systems themselves are simple. Find enemies, avoid attacks, look at the skiing and hit a counterattack. Defeat the enemy, gather experience and items, and gradually strengthen it. I can’t think of a special “new system!” This area is also common to the “Dark Soul” series.

From the works of from software are consistent, and the world settings are well-formed. They are making them from the principles, including the space range of the world, and they are worth considering.

However, the range that is not clearly told to the player is wide, and it is characterized by the fact that it is not possible to obtain more confirmation **. It is conveyed that it is kneaded, but I did not know what it was until the end… it is not unusual.

If you explain this work in a word, it can be said that it is a work that has added an open world to the “Dark Soul” series and secured “play” well.

Impression that “Dark Soul system” has been stacked

Since “ELDEN RING” has a strong flow of “Dark Soul”, I will introduce what kind of system it is.

Players explore the fields of a strong enemy, defeat enemies, gain experience, and acquire items. It is a design that it is necessary to proceed carefully because it has the strength that will be defeated in an instant if Zako enemies are careless.

In addition, the recovery method is strictly narrowed down, and at first you can use recovery drugs several times. There is a checkpoint on the way, and it is based on a “semi-consuming item” that the number of times of recovery medicine is reset when resting here. However, if you go through checkpoints, the enemies placed will be resurrected .

If you are done on the way without consuming experience points due to level up, you will lose on the spot. However, there is a rescue measure that can be recovered from the checkpoint and reaches the same point without being defeated, and this is generated in the form of challenge and caution.

It is also a major feature that there are intense bosses that do not seem to be able to capture at first glance. However, if you challenge it many times, you can clear it **, and the sense of accomplishment makes the player addictive.

However, contrary to the “expert feeling” that receives from that difficulty, the fact that anyone can clear it if you keep challenging, so the impression of the series is a “work that you can enjoy without fear”. It can be said that it is changing at a time .

“Elden Ring” topicality

Before the release, the adoption of “open field” was shown, and various speculations have been revealed because it has not been linked to the dark and narrow image so far. If it was launched with fullness, the result was achieved the largest sales in the series as a single title.

I feel that it is a title that reaches a wide range of players compared to before. The evaluation that the series has accumulated, “It’s difficult, but anyone can enjoy it if you work carefully”, and it may have led to sales.

The impression that only some players can enjoy, are definitely fading, and it is a title with more “play” than expected. If you look at SNS, you can enjoy only the diversity of character creations.

One of the claims of this article is that the width of the capture is considerable. If the conditions are met, ** boss characters, which are considered difficult enemies in the enemy, can be defeated in an instant, and in that sense, the size of “play” is secured. The adoption of the open field has greatly encouraged this.

Although it was a series with a slightly stiff impression, it would be acceptable to evaluate that Elden Ring was sublimated into a “lovable game” that is played down by various players.

About the analysis of “Elden Ring”

So far, we have reviewed the whole picture for those who have no experience in the series. Reviews cannot analyze all of “Elden Ring”. On the contrary, it can be said that the range of evaluation is only a small part.

First of all, there are not many stories about stories and world settings. This is because it is designed without clearly presenting the answer, and cannot be assessed. Another major reason is that I have only one lap of the story, and there is little information that can be effectively touched.

“ELDEN RING” is a very playful work, as its sales indicate. In this review, we first look at how this work throws issues to players. Next, we focus on what solutions have been prepared while realizing the texture of such problems. Then, while comparing the differences from the past titles, we will extract the strengths achieved by this work.

After that, we will derail a little and calculate back from the own experience of the writer to explore the “un fun trap” that players tend to fall. While reviewing how to work on the game, we will combine the issues that Elden Ring has, and try to present the guidelines for players who are trying to challenge them in the future.

I hope that it will help you run through the fun of “ELDEN RING” through the review.

My environment was a PC version, the version was 1.02.3 (before the first major update), the play on the mouse and keyboard was about 90 hours. With the so-called “safe ending that is the easiest to reach”, keep in mind that you have passed by without noticing many elements.

Trajectory until clearing

The play time of 90 hours a week is quite long compared to general works. Aside from the skill of personal capture, after the middle stage, I ran out at once, saying, “I want to aim for clearing for the time being.” To be honest, one of the reasons is to play Elden Ring.

Since I experienced “SEKIRO”, I thought that it was the start of “ELDEN RING” after learning ** enemy attack behavior and counterattacking with a normal attack. Regardless of the field or dungeon, he continued to challenge the enemies that appeared.

As a matter of fact, it is possible if you want to clear the last boss in that way. In some cases, such an exquisite motion design of the enemy was realized, and it was just that it was the royal road strategy.

The search was sweet, so I couldn’t find a new weapon for a while, had a normal sword dropped by the soldiers around it, and was almost naked. I knew that the equipment could be enhanced, but I did not know the detailed conditions and immediately turned down, saying, “I’m sure it’s an end-content element.”

Naturally, the time to hang on the boss is rising. As a result of keeping muscle strength to cover weak weapons, what kind of enemy it was, this was a single blow, and the existence of tactics and ashes had fallen out of my head , so as a game reviewer. I can’t deny that it was a pretty ponkotsu.

As a result of following the “in-game conductors,” it was reported on the Internet one after another, as a result of being defeated by a powerful boss. I guess it was the most difficult work so far… I think it was unusual for players to tweet. It wasn’t just the writer who was brain muscle! !

At one point, I was astonished by the strength of the tactics that had been flowing on SNS, and when I tried with the boss I met next, I had an experience of defeating it for the first time. Since then, the game experience has changed from “Elden Ring” in the writer from “Reflection nerve game to remember motion” to “high-quality action RPG”.

Because of the reaction that was so exhausted up to that point, at the end of the game, I ignored Zako enemies and gave priority to capture, but even though it was not as extreme as I, I tend to fall into similar pain. There may be a structure.

Is ## Flom game a “kicking down” game?

I don’t think the works of from software have a game design that kicks off players. If you look at each element carefully, you should be able to confirm that it is properly stored before the overdoing occurs.

From has made a mean boss appearing… At first, even though he thinks, it is designed so that the weakness is actually prepared properly, and the motion can be grasped so that it can be said that it is already a prospect. I am.

This is not limited to combat with the boss, but also in dungeons and mystery solving capture, it looks like there is no other way, and in fact it can be overcome simply or adopted a variety of methods “Clear. You can see the “line of design” .

I think that there are many places where the search is not wasted, such as almost certainly a detour can be picked up. In addition, it was also a very good impression that there were very few work-style scenes, such as being required to go up to level up.

Problems prepared by “Elden Ring” and its solutions

Let’s evaluate while looking back on what kind of features are in “Elden Ring”.

If you compare it alongside the “Dark Souls” series and “SEKIRO”, I feel that this work is the easiest title to play. The checkpoint called “blessing” and the shortcuts in the dungeon were arranged without difficulty, so it was not too easy.

There were many scenes that could be survived with stealth more than expected, and it is possible to run through forcibly. I used to be frustrated by purchasing the “Dark Soul” series so far, but I was able to run “Elden Ring” happily until the end even if it was painful, because of these elements. I feel that.

On the other hand, the strength of the boss was extremely extreme in SNS. When a boss appears in “SEKIRO”, which operates the hero who is quite strong in performance, he has a head when a violent and strong enemy appears.

Nevertheless, I feel that “ELDEN RING” is a wonderful work that secures the width and fun of the capture.

Although it is a little out of the game, it is quite difficult to understand the world setting. The depth of construction is also demonstrated in this work, but there are quite a few content that you can not even notice unless you are very careful.

While the action elements are included in a reasonable range, I think it’s overkill. Until then, if it was said to be unique to the series, this point was intense in this work. However, they are also sublimated as a strong value due to the structure described later.

Synajes in question expanded the player.

It is at the beginning that the “Dark Soul” series-related works gradually gained the impression of “challenging with confidence”.

Nevertheless, there was a harshness that could cause clogging somewhere and could be “frustrated”. The element called open field was added to it, which played the role of the excellent lubricant of this work.

First of all, there is a relationship of clogging and post-posting that everyone will feel. The early “streak”, which was indicated on purpose, was guided to hit a strong wall. Until now, I had to manage to capture the wall, but with the adoption of the open field, the player’s option was given to the player.

Like a general RPG, it is possible to simply improve and return. However, the highlight was that “you can get something if you take a detour by searching” everywhere in the open field.

“ELDEN RING” is not only the meaning and capture time, but also the number of items, the type of enemy, the variations of the enemies, the accompanying motion, the tactics, the variety of magic, and the specific movement of those who can call it with ashes. (And the mysterious scales of the world that are hard to see)…

This “variety” also exists in the strategy itself, and it is possible to delay the large wall itself, or in some cases.

Once a player who stumbles on the wall tries to travel in another area, he will encounter unexpected treasures and experience different types of difficulties. As a result, not only the level of character performance, but also the variety of actions, and if you notice, the player’s “familiarity” will be accumulated multiple angles.

I was going to postpone the “wall” capture with a distribution, but if I noticed, I had captured a completely different area… I think the order of capture by players will change a lot.

Because of the structure of exploring the open field as a post-end of the main, it may be possible to implement more intense bosses than “SEKIRO”, and to have more difficult mysteries to read.

Normally, such “difficulties” should be sharp in the title of choosing more people. This work has a large tre-and-error room except for some specific situations, and there are other pleasures… I think it is ** suppressed.

It broke once, right?

I spelled out the synergy effect by the open field, but there was a problem that my heart was broken in the middle of you.

If you analyze yourself again, I think that the reason for “starting after learning motion” was too strong. On top of that, when you use the tactics and battle ashes that can be obtained in the early stages, it moves a little unusual It looks like a plain physical surgery , and at that time it is not very attractive. It was.

It is true that this is a bonus, and it is true that it can still win a strong enemy with a normal attack, so this is the unusual feeling of “solving games for experts”. That’s why it has been connected. Humans have a limit, so it is natural that if you play for a long time through such an force, you will be exhausted.

At the end of the game, I picked up “ special ax ” for the first time.

The players are equipped with powerful tactics that everyone knows, but they didn’t notice that they were not particularly difficult. When I switched from a normal unhealthy sword up to that point, the excitement of “the game has changed” has encouraged me to reflect on “I will adjust the difficulty on my own.”

Looking at the impressions on the net, I saw a lot of players tweeting, saying, “I should have searched properly and challenge.” I just reflect on the writer, but I think the experience until I notice it tends to be longer.

beliefs and commitment narrow the possibility of enjoying

There is a reason why I wrote my personal play status as a review this time.

As mentioned earlier, the battle that gave up the enemy was the strategy of the “ELDEN RING” mainstream, and the idea of focusing on searching was weakened. In addition, special attacks like tactics were stiff with emotions such as “not a real capture.”

All of these must be said to be ‘s own bad beliefs and commitment .

However, this work actually has a wealth of choices. It is clear just by looking at SNS. Not only the capture, but also the freedom of a character cray that is so rich that it is a costume tournament, a wide range of elements that will no longer be a different game, including magic, tactics, ashes, and multiplayer… I think it’s just right to play ** to adjust the difficulty level by yourself.

Regarding these abundance, it is outstanding in the past “Dark Souls” series, and the size of the player layer tells it. If you play carefully without being trapped in your beliefs or commitment, you should be able to play for a long time.

Anyway, if you try out what you find in a wide field, you can do something like this, you can do something like that, “Elden Ring” will give you a rich experience.

In order to create a commercial review article, I intended to keep my self-awareness so that I did not give priority to the speed of writing the manuscript, but the experience in this work was an opportunity for the author to reconsider the real way of playing. rice field.

Also, this is one of my great reflections, but I would like you to carefully observe the NPCs that appear in this work without rushing in the main scenario capture. I can’t tell deeply here, but at that time I don’t know, but it always has meaning.

It is difficult to judge to cling

We have appreciated the more attractiveness of open fields. The difficult part of Elden Ring is that its charm has a part that is hard to judge at the same time.

Although it is a value for search, including esoteric world settings, most of the difficulties are “I do not notice in the first place”. From a different perspective, this is an endless charm ** for a player who plays for a long time, so it is not easy to say as good or bad.

In a place that seems to be unrelated at all, it does not come out at the center of the story, but what I thought was a little background, but if you look closely, it is drawn in common… It exists.

Avoid spoilers here, but the “commonly drawn” things may extend to the internal status. Assuming that there is something like a curse about the land (you will not notice if you play normally), if you attack related to Zako enemies nearby, it will be reflected only on the Zako enemy. It is such a cleaning.

Until then, it is a polite production, but the narrative side is like the existence of Elden Ring, the main element, so after arriving at the last boss, it becomes “I don’t understand anything!” It may have been one after another.

It will be an excuse for the weak search power…

There is a problem of the presence of the prepared diversity, which is a long way to get the journey to ** the player notices. The meaning of the status will not be able to be understood by those inexperienced in the series, and it is not surprising that players think that “basics of status do not want to fail” because of the difficulty throughout. 。

In the sense of the size of the frontage that can be tried in various ways, “Elden Ring” is the most secured, so I feel that it is still difficult to judge. After the release, information pages on the official website, such as “5 things to know before starting the game” and “Hints in the early stages of the game”, are posted, so some capture information, including my own reflections. It seems good to play while having fun.

An element that is overkill too much can be an enemy of that awareness.

It leads to the question of ” or “it is simply difficult to understand” or “it is difficult to understand” **.

The most prominent thing was a bug **, a hidden passage that appears when hitting the wall about 50 times (now has been revised). In fact, it was a problem, but it seems that this would be possible as a production of “ELDEN RING”.

Surprisingly many characters, it may be painful for players who do not want to miss such narratives, which are extremely difficult to understand the trigger of the event. Almost all people say only meaningful things , and you can’t understand unless you guess from some of the appearance and situation evidence (it can’t be concluded).

Of course, they are worthwhile to solve them over time. Let’s unravel such mystery elements carefully. If you think that you can play with “how to play” by switching for a long time with only action, the play value of the work is too much.

However, on top of that, bugs such as some of the difficult NPC events did not progress were confirmed. In this case, as a player, there is no way to judge whether it is “aiming” or “mistake”. I think it is necessary to catch it dry.

In any case, these mystery elements can be more complicated by the open field. If it is too easy, the charm of the lap play will fade, and if it is too complicated, no one will be able to do it. It may be the result of “exquisite balance of center of gravity” that the judgment of the judgment is clinging.

There are some wasteful places

There are some parts that seem too inconvenient to regard it as mysterious. However, it is not fatal because the UI and arrangement are mainly issues.

I feel that the UI on the map has room for consideration. I was playing with a mouse and keyboard, but the map cursor could only move on Wasd and could not choose the blessing with the mouse cursor. However, the list of the blessing list can be selected with a mouse cursor, so the UI is a strong impression.

At first, the whole picture of the map that is not obvious will be released by picking up the map in the field. I felt that the position of this map was indicated by the small icon on the map. Compared to the mysteriousness that penetrates the whole, this may have been a concessional element.

I was also worried that there was little information about the status abnormality. Under certain conditions, I think that the explanation was intentionally reduced (this was interesting personally) that the maximum physical strength was always reduced a little.

This can be regarded as one of the mysteriousness, but if you become a strong state abnormality in the normal capture, you will eventually die before you know what it is, and all seem to be the same. There is a waste.

Of course. It may be an element that is difficult to notice about this.

In some boss battles, there was a part where the movement to retry was too long. Compared to the series, it is small as a whole, but it is painful to run a long road many times. I think the stage of a large boss that can fight with many NPCs was particularly noticeable.

This boss has a wide stage itself, and the boss itself moves at high speeds, so it has fun like a festival, but it was a rough impression that it could be defeated in a glitch-like way. 。

Unusually in the series, it’s a fun part of playing JRPG, but it’s hard to notice the NPC events, so I feel that some players can be “Who are you?”

Joy, angry, fun

In a long play time, such as a boss that I can’t challenge for hours, a little mistake, unpleasant motion that makes me think and unpleasant motion … did.

The sense of accomplishment when destroyed like that recoil cannot be helped to shout from Flores. I was frustrated and sometimes terrible, but if it was not interesting games, my heart would not move in the first place **.

There is no doubt that the quality of Elden Ring has evolved in the end of these sense of accomplishment. When the mysteriousness and ease of understanding are placed on the left and right on the number of lines, the challenge of where the implementation is dropped, it can be said that the overall high demands were fully satisfied. Perhaps it is proven by a wide range of players and a wide range of players.

If you want to achieve this high level, it is natural that elements that could not be dropped will come out. It is only in that range for the unwilling to judge that it is attractive or wasteful parts.

“Elden Ring” has expanded the sweet spot itself in the droppings by adopting an open field. This is obviously a breakthrough for the series.

After the adventure of 90 hours per lap, my map has not been released. If you hurry in the second half, you should easily reach the 3-digit time volume with a polite progress.

While playing, the joy of “Is it still there!? Is it still spread?” I hope the new players who will be playing in the future will enjoy the individuality of the characters appearing and jump into the harsh world while sitting down and carefully testing various possibilities.

“ELDEN RING” was a title shown in the world again that if you put the volume carefully, you can compete by carefully accumulating the simplicity as an action RPG. Those volume is sober at first glance, but each is a luxurious composition with a strong originality.

As a whole, it was a work that left a big impression, and sometimes I was tired of the boss composition in the second half, but it was a good idea to beat my bad commitment and restore my heart. maybe.

General comment: ★★★

good point
The overwhelming volume of the highest in the series
The overwhelming width of the highest in the series
A field with a rich experience and color of challenges and rewards
Flexible difficulty adjustment that can be adjusted by yourself
Thoroughly kneaded, thoroughly packed, many mysteries worthy of searching
Bad point
The conductor is long until it is aware of the variety and can be used
A large flavor composition that cannot be wiped
The lack of usability and the lack of explanation of narrative are cloudy

Elden Ring: patch 1.04 already available with new missions, location of tutorial and adjustments

Elden Ring , the celebrated and successful open world action RPG of from software and bandai namco entertainment , hnamco entertainment relenamco entertainmented the patch 1.04 on all its platforms, one of the Most ambitious updates of the title to date that adds numerous news and corrections, such namco entertainment new missions , new camera settings, new weapons equilibria or a notice so that nobody is missing the game tutorial **, One of the most criticized namco entertainmentpects that its creators have now corrected.

Elden Ring: All News of Patch 1.04

Thus, they have been added new missions for patches , one of the most charismatic characters of the game, although for now they are all a mystery; Players will have to start discovering them on their own. On the other hand, the possibility of activating or deactivating the function of automatic rotation of the camera hnamco entertainment been added.

Although one of the most determining namco entertainmentpects of this new update are new weapons equilibria ; So much so, that colossal swords increnamco entertainmente in attack speed and two-hand damage, while the devouring scepter and grafted blade spadron also increnamco entertainmentes its damage.

Elden Ring - RUNE FARM PATCHED After Patch Update 1.04?! Not Sure How I Feel About This!?

For its part, the namco entertainmenthes of war receive their corresponding adjustments, while other magical powers such namco entertainment enchantments or invocations alter their damage, speed or cost. The Multiplayer Side of Elden Ring also receives its corresponding improvements along with more than one score of general corrections .

Although one of the most criticized namco entertainmentpects of the title wnamco entertainment the possibility of skipping his tutorial if we did not go through the right place, it is impossible to return from a certain point. From from Software they have put a remedy by adding a pop-up message when arriving in this area, revealing the location of the Cueva del Cueva , in addition to giving the player to visit said place with the game already Advanced

Elden Ring: The most important characters and their relationships in the overview

ELDEN RING Visitors all over the world not only with a complex combat system, a spacious and diverse open-world or its harmonious atmosphere: also its deep history and its multi-layered characters make a large part of the charm of the game.

Caution spoiler: In the following we talk about all elementary characters of the game, under which of course some bosses are located in Elden Ring (Buy Now 53.98 € / 50.99 €) *. *

Only yesterday we have given you a summary of the events, which have contributed to the start of the game before your arrival. Be confused in reading due to the many, very similarly sounding name or just want to know more about the interesting figures of the game, then you are exactly right at our character overview to Elden Ring.


  1. Page 1Marika, Godfrey, Rostala and Radagon
  2. Page 2 Godwyn, Morgott, Mohg, Ranni, Radahn and Rykard
  3. Page 3malenia, Miquella and Miscellaneous Staff
  4. Page 4Pictures Gallery to “Elden Ring: The most important characters in the overview”

Marika and Godfrey

At the beginning of our list stands Queen Marika, the eternal : She is probably the most central figure of the entire game. Originally just a descent of the nums, it will choose from the two fingers to an Empyreaan and gets up to the goddess. With their newly acquired power, she removes the Rune of the death from the Elden Ring and establishes the golden order.

Later, however, she destroys the elden ring and is included as a punishment in the earthbaum. Marika had two husbands during their rule: Godfrey and Radagon, both of which wore the title of Eldenkursten. With them Marika had a total of five children, all of which were born as a semi-gods.

Her first husband, Godfrey , was originally Horah Loux and was actually a bloodthirsty chief in the wilderness before transformation. When he marries Marika, he gets the lion Serosh to his side, loses his primitive trains and receives a new name: In this figure, she also meets him at the foot of the earth tree in the capital before he reveals his true nature.

Rostala and Radagon

The reason for this was the Full Moonkönigin Rostala , the head of the academy at this time. She is a mighty sorceress who resisted Godfreys troops and met at the red-haired Radagon , one of the allies of Godfrey. The two fall in love with the battlefield and bring a total of three children to the world: Ranni, Radahn and Rykard.

But in contrast to Rennala, Radagon’s role does not end at this point for a long time. According to Marikas Separation of Godfrey Radagon leaves a mentally deeply hit Rennala, becomes Marikas’s second husband and thus the new Eldenfürsten. The two witnesses two damned children: Malenia and Miquella.

Together with Marika, Radagon is finally trapped in the earthbaum, where he waits as a final boss of the game. Anyone who has already defeated him may be confused: In fact, the intermediate sequence in front of the boss fight shows Marika, as she hangs on a rune arc before she falls, her hair dyes red and she turns into Radagon.

In fact, with regard to this scene and the connection of the two characters, there are several theories, but all agreed that the two figures are in the end and the same. Whether Radagon has always been part of Marika or united with her after destroying the Elden Ring is unclear.

For the first thesis, the cursed children speak Malenia and Miquella: they could be a punishment for the actually forbidden relationship of Marika with themselves, ie Radagon. On the other hand, it could also be a penalty for the destruction of the Elden ring. The connection and relationship between Marika and Radagon is definitely one of the largest puzzles of Elden Ring.

Page 1 Marika, Godfrey, Rennala and Radagon

Page 2 Godwyn, Morgott, Mohg, Ranni, Radahn and Rykard

Page 3 Malenia, Miquella and Miscellaneous Staff

Queen Marika's Full Story Explained (Elden Ring Theory)

4 picture gallery to Elden Ring: The most important characters in the overview

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Is Elden Ring compatible with ultra-sharp monitors?

FROMSOFTWARE FANS, UNE! Elden Ring has finally arrived, opening the vast intermediate lands so that you can run, sneak and ride your faithful spiritual steed through Torrent. There are a lot of strenuous bosses waiting to kill you, and many surprises that will make you want to continue venturing for hours and hours. If you are playing on a PC with an ultra wide monitor, you may be asked if Elden Ring has ultra wide support, so you can play at an aspect ratio of 21: 9. This is what you need to know about the problem.

What are Ultrawide’s problems with Elden Ring?

In short, Elden Ring will not be displayed in an aspect ratio of 21: 9, which means that the game is only shown in a ratio of 16: 9 in the center of the screen.

It is a bit disappointing, especially given how excellent the Lands Between on an ultrachen screen would be. Some may have expected Ultrawide support would have arrived in updates 1.02 or 1.03, but unfortunately, that has not been the case.

Can you play Elden Ring with an ultra-launch aspect ratio of 21: 9?

Unfortunately, there is no official configuration or compatibility for Ultrawide in Elden Ring. FromSoftware had previously announced that Elden Ring would not admit an ultra-wide aspect ratio of 21: 9 or something similar.

Will there be an ultraanch mod?

It turns out that now there are a couple of mods Elden Ring Ultrawide that allow you to play in the aspect ratio 21: 9. You can download the Uberhalit version of Github here, or you can download Ultrawide Ui Fixes from Dziggy in Nexus Mods here.

The advantage of DZIGGY is that you can also change the position of the HUD elements that are supposed to be on the sides of the screen so that they are in their appropriate places. All menus and funds from pop-up windows are resized to cover the entire screen, and charging screens and scene transitions have been arranged so you do not see any flashing on the sides of the screen. It is a complete ultra-sharne mod for Elden Ring.

Another mistake with which you can find at this moment is Elden Ring’s failed network status error, which causes problems to those who want to enjoy multiplayer mode of the game.

That’s all you need to know about ELEN RING ultra-shark error. To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or see more of our coverage about the game below.

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ELDEN RING - How to UNLOCK FPS and Ultrawide Resolutions [Tutorial]

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Elden Ring Jellyfish Puzzle Guide: What to do in Stargazers Ruins

Developed by fromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco, Elden Ring is a completely new RPG that has just been released for PC and consoles. The game is developed in a huge open world named Lands Between, and is full of small secrets to discover, along with some riddles that can be perplexed. Here is What to do in Stargazers’ Ruins and how to solve the jigsaw puzzle in Elden Ring.

As you progress in the main story of Elden Ring, you will eventually arrive at a new area called Mountointops of the Giants. There is a lot to do here, and you will also come across the ruins of star observers, where you will find a spirit of Medusa that looks for Him’s sister.

What to do in Stargazers’ Ruins in Elden Ring

Stargazers' Ruins Puzzle Solution - Full Narrated Guide - Elden Ring [4k HDR]

  • If you have not already done so, make sure you talk to Roderika at the abandoned cottage near the entrance to the Stormveil castle.

Exhaust your dialogue to receive the Medusa Spirit Ash.

  • Locate the spirit of the jellyfish in the ruins of the contemplates, standing on top of the stairs that lead to the basement.

  • Invokes the spirit of the jellyfish and a notice will warn you that a seal has been broken.

  • Low the steps and opens the door to find a chest that contains a talisman.

That is practically everything you have to do. You can still conserve and convene the spirit of the jellyfish after completing this puzzle.

The Primal Talisman Glintstone Blade that you get in Stargazers’ Ruins is also a pretty good reward for magic users, as it decreases the amount of FP consumed by spells and weapons skills, although it reduces your maximum HP.

That’s all you need to know about what to do in Stargazers’ Ruins and how to solve the jigsaw puzzle in Elden Ring . Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more advice and information about the game.

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  • Here is a public service ad from Elden Ring about Stormveil’s castle guardian

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Elden Ring: So you can bring dead NPCs back to life

Our test agrees with the colleagues of the trade press: Elden Ring is a true masterpiece. Thanks to your faithful horse Stormwind and our helpful entry-level tips, you will certainly sit firmly in the saddle and have met in the intermediate country also one or the other friendly minded NPC .

Also worth reading: So you will find the bottle of miraculous drug and crystal tears in Elden Ring

Because most interlocutors in Elden Ring (Buy Now / 50.99 €) are actually charming journeymen, which often only a nice chat and maybe have a little favor in mind. Should your NPCs be accidentally attacked or killed equally, your quest series can not be continued. A dilemma for which it luckily gives a solution.

Tote NPCs in Elden Ring are not lost forever

Actually, there is a way to revive the dead NPCs **. A warning in advance: the method should probably not work with all characters, but it is unclear which NPCs stay dead. So keep your sword in bridle and attacks no innocent passers-by.

If the mistake is still undergoing you, you have sent one of the many NPCs to the boards and now want to revive him, you must visit the church of the vow in the Middle East from Liurnia , where you already have the Turtle Miriel expects. The ecclesiastical hat does not carry the armored crawl without reason: you can give your sins for him.

This means concrete: Not only Tote NPCs are revived by the granting of your absolution, also hostile-minded characters that want to get to the leather after an accidental attack on their own, will be friendly again. The Absolution thus helps you to resume quest string of angry or killed NPCs.

What is heavenly and where can I find the object?

For forgiveness, however, you do not have to continue with Miriel himself, but at the statue a few steps. Just approach the statue and chooses “absolution” to give you your sins forgiven. However, a hook has the whole thing: every time you want to give Absolution, you need the item Himmstauf .

This is a bottle filled with a blue liquid. The object is quite rare and you can not farm him from opponents, but there are some places where you will find Handzstau on your journey. So you get a portion of heavenly jam from a corpse on a lead in the Uhl Palastruinen , from a corpse on the lower level in the Eternal city of Nokron as well as from a corpse under some ruins in Nokstella .

Two characters sell the valuable essence as well: Once the Nomadian dealer at the underground river Ainsel and once the servant Pidia, which is well hidden in the house Caria . Highway is a very rare well in Elden Ring, which is why your NPCs are best not attacked, but with words with words.

How to Revive Dead NPC's | Celestial Dew Location Guide (Elden Ring PS5 Gameplay) #EldenRing
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Where to find gold scarabs in Elden Ring

Golden Scarab is a talisman in Elden Ring, which passively increases the number of runes earned. This does not increase the amount for which subjects will be sold, but increases the receipt of runes for each killed enemy, including bosses. This item can be found at any time of the game, and it is located in the dungeon in Calide.

Where to find Golden Scarab in Caelid

The path to the abandoned cave requires that the players pass Calid until they are in Drakonia Kurgan . At the initial stage, this may be a challenge, as many enemies can kill players with endurance players from one shot. Upon arrival in the cave, players just need to fight enemies. Boss inside to get a reward Golden Scarab .

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Elden Ring – Gold Scarab Talisman Location

Alaty rot In the dungeon, ramps of water and gas are raging, so it is recommended to carry armor that increase the player’s resistance. Once in a room with the boss, players will fight two knights clean rot , one with a spear, and the other with a sickle. The boss option can be fighting in Liurni as well as a field boss, while several other versions exist as ordinary enemies, like most dungeon bosses. After the victory from these bosses, Golden Scarab will fall .

Advanced Elden Ring Guides, see the “Best Weapon of Faith in Elden Ring” in the Games for Professionals.

Elden Ring Bloodhound Step Location: So erhalten Sie Bloodhounds Step Ash of War

Bloodhound’s Step is one of the best Ashes of was in the very elden ring, which allows players to temporarily become invisible while dodging at high speed. It moves faster and further than the standard Quickstep capability that is standard for most DOLDEN, which is an impressive performance. Bloodhound’s Step can also be used to circle goals for a simple back stitch, so it basically fits every imaginable game style. There are no restrictions on his weapons, as it can be equipped with every melee armament in the game. Here’s how you come Bloodhounds step in the Eldenring.

Where can I find Bloodhound’s Step in Elden Ring?

Bloodhounds Step You get by defeating the cavalry of the night boss in Caelid region. It appears on the bridge that leads to the bestial sanctum. There are many Night’s Cavalry bosses scattered through the Lands Between, but only one in Caelid will drop the ashes of war after seeing them. The place of grace closest to the boss is Lennes rise and you can see its location on the map below.

How to defeat the cavalry of the night

Elden Ring: Bloodhound Knight, Bloodhound's Fang, Bloodhound's Step. Weapon and Ash of War Location.

The boss of the Night’s Cavalry appears only at at night , so discourage the time by resting the darkness in a place of grace until the sun is resting when the sun is still on arrival. This boss fight is incredibly hard for players who are not high enough, but our Night’s Cavalry boss leaders also applies here, as his Moveset is the same in all regions.

However, if you are not feeling for fair struggles, you can actually cover this version of Night’s Cavalry with cheese Spread weapons or litter items . If she grows on the stand large branch over the bridge, the boss will stand directly below you and will not meet **. Just use a bow, magic or throw as many projectiles as possible until the boss dies. Remember that Cracked Pots are reusable, so they can continue to make objects while they are in their secure place.

As soon as Night’s Cavalry is defeated, it will be dropped Ash of War: Bloodhounds Step . You can then bring this to any place of grace and add it to your melee weapon. As mentioned above, it is a very effective evasion that she also makes invisible while they move. Whether you use it to swirl around an opponent for a quick back stitch or just be more moving in the fight, you have just earned one of the best Ashes of War in the Elden Ring.

ELDENRING is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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