It seems that the week can not close without any error occurs in social networks. On this occasion, it is not Facebook who suffers from connection problems, but Twitter , where it has been reported that it is impossible to access this site for a few minutes.

According to Down Detector, severe faults have been reported on Twitter servers during the last minutes. The site has mentioned that from 11:14 am (Time of Mexico City), the social network has presented several failures . At the time of accessing this site through a PC, an error message prevents the step to our Timeline.

However, This is something that does not affect mobile users , where the Twitter application seems to work without any problem, although this could well change at any time. At the moment there is no clear response to this problem. We only have to wait for the company to solve this inconvenience.

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Editor’s note:

These types of errors are not as common on Twitter, especially in a way that only affects the social network on PC, and not on mobile devices. Just hope that the solution does not take much to arrive.