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FIFA 22, DCE was a big efficiency solution

Discover the solution for the Greater Efficiency DCE, a team creation challenge was FIFA 22. This DECE is intended to save you a premium gold players pack by completing it.

Note that this challenge starts on Tuesday, February 22 at 7pm and lasts two days, ending on Thursday, February 24 at 19h. By completing this challenge, you will get a premium gold players pack.

Should this DCE do?

The DCE Big Efficiency is a unique challenge, linked to the Event Road to the Finals on the mode was FIFA 22. In view of the price of the cards and the criteria requested, we recommend completing it.

  • Recommendation: Yes
  • Probable credit gain? No

Fat Efficiency Challenge, Criteria

  • Players of Sporting or City: Minimum 1
  • Different leagues: minimum 3
  • Same nation: maximum 5
  • Rare cards: minimum 3
  • Overall team rating: 80
  • Collective: minimum 90
  • Reward: A Premium Gold Players Pack
  • End of the challenge: Thursday, February 24 at 19h
  • Price: 10k


Our example of a solution for the big efficiency challenge was made with the Futbin team creator.

Our solutions are examples of training allowing you to achieve these DCE at the cheapest price possible without having cards. It is obviously possible to achieve these challenges with other cards. Attention also because the overall cost of these solutions can evolve (downward as risen) over time.

You can find the full list of different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 mode on our list of active team creation challenges (DCE). In addition, find all our guides as well as all the news of the game on our FIFA 22 portal.

Youtuber in FIFA 22 cares for FUT Her loses coins

Infifa 22 Costs Many gold cards just very little coins. But that not only has advantages and leads to a problem, explains FIFA-Youtuber RunTheFuthMarket.

What s going on in FIFA 22? Since the start of FIFA 22 falls on that many cards on the transfer market in Ultimate Team are favorable as never – and become more cheaper. So you can watch virtually day by day, as the prices of many players fall.

Currently there are only 11 pieces with the gold cards, which cost more than 100,000 coins. All other cards over 100,000 are either icons, heroes or other special cards.

This is good for players as that it was never so easy to build strong teams to start. Many highly evaluated maps such as Lewandowski, De Bruyne, Sterling or Bruno Fernandes are available for affordable prices – even if you do not play so much.

But at the same time, this market situation creates a new problem: How should one now make the next step in terms of the team construction? Youtuber Runthefutmarket has looked at the more precisely.

Gold cards in FIFA 22 are cheap as never – and then?

Who opens? The Youtuber and Twitch Streamer Nick Runthefutmarket is known in the community as a content creator, which focuses mainly with trading tips and analyzes of SBCS, packs or special cards and so a lot Coins generated in FUT. He is an absolute transfer market professional and good FIFA player.

That says the streamer: In his new video, Runthefutmarket describes that this time it was difficult to get the top top top cards like Pelé, Gullit or Mbappé. Because while many highly rated gold cards fall in the price, the absolute meta cards rather rise from week to week and become more and more expensive.

Nick describes as a player in the Elite Division, who is constantly receiving the best rewards and most of his possibilities on the transfer market. He mentions he to turn out that he actually has very good prerequisites – and nevertheless finds difficulties to get enough coins for the best cards.

For most players who get less rewards, be even heavier.

It does not give enough guaranteed coins from the current Rewards, says Nick to get top cards. Except, you have a lot of luck and suddenly pulls real money brawers like icons or other special cards. And since the absolute top cards rather rise in the price, it becomes increasingly difficult to reach the exact coins.

TALL vs. SHORT... in FIFA 22! ????

What role does the transfer market play? Currently bring most gold cards that you can pull from packs, just too little coins. You can buy them cheaper than before, but at the same time this means that they can not sell them anymore. On the contrary: In general, you even lose coins.

Let s say you ve bought Van Dijk two weeks ago and he was with 200,000 coins, says Nick: The longer you keep this MID to low-animal meta targets, you actually lose coins. Currently, Van Dijk is about 150,000 coins, so is a good 50,000 coins cheaper than in mid-October.

Whoever bought him then can not even sell the card for the same value. This is not a problem if you speculate on other cards that are always cheaper – but difficult if you want to have top players who will become more expensive.

Let s say you ve bought Llorente a week ago – he cost 140,000 coins. Now he is at 70,000 coins. Thus you basically lost a whole rewards weekend.

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This tells the community: In FIFA subreddit is discussed about the situation. Among other things, emphasized User Ultimate Team : It highlights a lot of big problems, especially the drifting apart markets. Yes, it s great to build up to his first team, but what happens between the 84 to 85 rated team and the use of truly world-class tickets? Since there is very little that can use the player. This could become a massive problem develop (via reddit).

Another user is: If you Bruno- 30 [Fernandes] cards pack must (a good midfielder with 88 rating from Portugal, at United plays) is to a Rulebreaker-Dembele afford, then that is a problem. Because most people do not pack 88er players often, but very rare. So you need not only luck but also 30 times lucky. Your only hope to actually earn in this game coins, the packaging of high-end special cards or icons. Otherwise, almost every gold only feed (via reddit).

However, to pull such cards is still damn difficult, even if the chances of good cards from packs are a little better this year. At the same time players emphasize that there is some time to give and observe how the prices of top cards develop. In addition, in the Weekend League, you may be able to rely on better teams thanks to cheap gold cards than earlier – and hope for better rewards. How do you see the topic? Does her coins on the transfer market, or tries to improve your team about rewards? Do you keep the expensive top cards for a problem? Tell us in the comments!

FIFA 22 7 strong players under 100 000 coins

You are looking for new players for your Ultimate Team Infifa 22? Here you will find some players under 100,000 coins that are worthwhile.

What is this for a list? We have searched for this list of league and positions across to players in the range between 50,000 and 100,000 coins whose values ​​can convince.

These are players who can lift the starter teams to the next level. However, despite the low transfer market in FIFA 22, a few coins cost more.

If you are looking for cheaper players instead, you will find here:

8 strong players under 5,000 coins.
7 strong players under 10,000 coins
7 strong players under 20,000 coins
7 strong players under 50,000 coins

Here we now show you the candidates between 50,000 and 100,000 coins.

Leon Goretzka

Price: approx. 71,000 coins

This makes Goretzka out: Goretzka made aware of the release of FIFA 22 with its great gold card. No value below 80 on the map – so that Goretzka was the first gold card at all to the so-called Gullit Club.

Accordingly, versatile is the midfielder. Both defensive and offensively Goretzka can convince in the center. At the beginning of the season, the card still cost 200,000 coins – Goretzka has arrived at just over 80,000.

Presnel Kimpembe

Price: about 69.000 coins

This makes Kimpembe from: Kimpembe is a special case on the currently falling transfermarket, because its card is always more expensive in contrast to many others. If he still cost about 30,000 coins at the beginning, he is now about 70,000 coins.

That should be because the Paris defender is more and more a reputation as an absolute top card with FIFA fans – and also plays in a very strong team. His links are great.

His 83er total value may not be overly tempting, but many keep the PSG defender currently for one of the best defenders who can play in Fut. From pace about defensive and physical values, Kimpembe basically has everything you need from internal defenders – especially with a shadow style.

Marcus Rashford

Price: approx. 57,000 coins

That makes Rashford out: Rashford is only 23 years old, but already a classic under fut games. Because: The English has been considered particularly meta-relevant, thanks to its high tempo and due to its 5 star skills.

The attacker has now fallen from 150,000 to about 57,000 coins and thus significantly more affordable than even the release of the game. With him you get a very good option for your outdoor train.

Frenkie de Jong

Price: approx. 78,000 coins

The power de Jong out: The Barcelona midfielder offers a good mix of playmakers and clearer: Thanks to its values, it is perfectly able to prepare goals and at the same time prevent the opponent.

An Anchor Chemistry Style is offered to raise tempo, defensive and physique – then de Jong is extremely difficult to dub. Incidentally, he also has an RTTK card – but it lies in the upper six-digit area.

Kevin De Bruyne

Price: approx. 83,500

The power de Bruyne out: The Belgian is one of the highest rated cards in the game and scores with great offensive values. His pass stats are led on the map with 93 and his television is feared. Dribbling technically also has a lot on the box.

Weaknesses are at most in the areas of tempo and defensive. But you can lift both with a shadow style.


Price: approx. 91,000 coins

This makes Mendy out: The price of over 90,000 coins looks very high in view of an 83er card. In fact, however, Mendy has already fallen in the prize, he recently cost over 100,000 coins.

The reason that he is so expensive is simply that he is an extremely good defender. Many players designate Mendy for a long time as a broken card in FIFA, which plays much better than their total value suggests. The Frenchman also has strong values ​​at Pace and Physis, as well as 4 star skills and 5 stars on the weak foot.

Paul Pogba

Price: approx. 57,000 coins

This makes Pogba out: The Manchester-United midfielder can basically all and belongs to the most popular cards in Fut. He is extremely tricky (5-star skills), has strong shots in luggage and shines as ball distributor. It is also physically able to keep up, although it lacks some endurance.

Boosts are offered for the defensive and the PACE, so your pogba should equip with a shadow style. Then Pogba is well positioned in all areas.

Besides, it could be worthwhile to keep a look at Pogba – because recently, his price fell constant. Maybe he is even cheaper in a few days. On Pogba s position, there is currently an exciting alternative, but a whole piece is more expensive: The flashback map of N Golo Kanté is new in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 This is the most competitive team for Ultimate Team for less than 100 000 coins

Less than 100,000 team\” title=”coins” rel=”nofollow”>coins to get a competitive team It is not easy, but it is possible at FIFA 22. And for that we are. We have prepared for you a team at 4-4-2, the basic pattern of soccer that will allow you to have fun in the field and get victories thanks to a team with a very limited budget, but it will do havoc in division rivals or fut champions

In addition, the team is not made with any players, as there are football players such as Erling Haaland or Upamecano. All to have a competitive eleven with the lowest possible expense and that thus grows with your Ultimate Team team.

List of players and prices

Davies – 29,750 coins

Upsecano – 4500 coins
Coman – 14,500 coins
Can – 2,100 coins
Lacroix – 5,900 coins
MBABU – 1,600 coins
Sané – 2500 coins
Haaland – 13,250 coins
Trapp – 900 coins
Belligham IF – 12,000 coins
Embolo IF – 10,750 coins

Total price of the team: Approximately 97,000 credits.

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