Rockstar Games releases the latest information on “Grand Theft Auto V” and “GTA Online” on February 5. Among them, we officially announced that new works of the GTA series were under development.

The company may be developed for a long time, and many fans know that many fans know the information about new works. And, whenever you have a new project, we stated that the development of the “GTA” series is progressing well. Details are to be released as soon as they are ready.

Rockstar Announces the Next GTA Game - IGN Daily Fix

In addition, it has been revealed that this is to launch “GTAV” and “GTA Online” PS5 / Xbox Series X | S version on March 15. Both works can already be played by backward compatibility, but the versions optimized for these next-generation machines are released. In addition, the stand-alone version “GTA ONLINE” is also scheduled to be delivered on the same day. PS5 users are provided free of charge for the first three months (played to PS Plus. In Japan, a credit card registration for age authentication is also necessary).

The next generation of models have new graphic modes, and implemented with up to 4K / 60FPS, upgrades texture, drawing distance, and responses to HDR Ray Tracing. In addition, functions unique to the next generation machine such as speeding up load time and 3D audio correspondence. Haptic feedback is also mentioned, and it seems to leverage the function of PS5 DualSense. The PS4 / Xbox ONE player can migrate data to each next generation of the progress of “GTAV” story mode and the character and progress of “GTA Online”.

Development report of the next work that was suddenly announced. Each time the “GTA Online” update was announced in SNS, the request for the next work was delivered to a large number of times. It may be an answer of RockStar Games for such a fan.