The two-class company in the Season 1 ensures that the tension is out, who plays and who plays the relegation round. Concordia Hamburg, for example, is long set in the upper half, eliminated on Friday the last computational residual doubt and gathered in particular self-confidence for the rest of the season.

Against the Hamm United FC, it rang after a few seconds. Sulejmani sank a swing shot. The guests were fighting forces, but the favorite houses kept oily water. In the 14th minute Miry pushed a crosspass of Düzgüner over the line. Nevertheless, the winner was not fixed at the half-time beer because Rump shortened by dewisher (38.). Hamm United was nearly close to the descendant to the balance, marriage Boock with a shot in the long corner again produced the old two-door projection (58.). Two pointer turns Later, Boock once again turned on. Now the will of the table-sieving was broken, Saglam refined in the 67th minute a nice combination to 5: 1 before he was reserved for the final point in minute 84.

The 6: 1 is as mentioned primarily for self-confidence well. Since only those points are taken in Hamburg, which one brings against teams that follow one in the same round, the edge victory from Friday tabularized no value.

In the other Friday game, the constellation was similar: The SV Curslack Newengamme will move into the ascent round, for the bottom of the BRAMFELDER SV, it’s only and alone around the rescue. But against the SVCN, the eleven of coach Carsten Henning kept neatly, had to give himself beaten because of a header hit by Janelt from the 54th minute. Excitement prevailed five minutes before the end when the BSV had already seen an Oelrich header in the gate, but the referee team decided that guest luck man had scratched the leather out of the line.

Highlights: Concordia Hamburg - USC Paloma

Harnik: First he looks too, then he suggests

On Saturday, the game fell between Lohbrugge and the USC Paloma, so it was only on Sunday. There again two teams played from above against two out of the lower area. Here, the Tus Dassendorf abroad the HSV Barmbek-Uhlenhorst clearly hit 6: 0. In the first passage, for the undefeated leader (20th) met, but also BU was neat. But in the early term of the second half, it was then, but first Kurczynski (52nd) then Buchholz (58.) increased to 3: 0. Shortly thereafter, Torgmaschine Harnik also came to the Dassorf player, who carried out promptly in the 68th minute. A double pack of Maggio (73./81.) Made half a dozen full.

Not quite so glamorous the TSV Sasel defeated the penultimate Meiendorfer SV, but with the 3: 1 you will probably be able to live well in the warehouse of the table seconds. Also shortly after the pause, a double stroke, Gerken (52.) and Jeske (55th) succeeded in the TSV. After all, the connection gate of Zakerwal (67.) brought a five-minute tension phase, marriage ZANKL in the 72nd minute with the 3: 1 led the home victory preliminary in the way.