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Horses in Minecraft: where to find them and how to tame them to quickly move

Horses are one of the many animals you will find in Minecraft. You can find them living wildly in different places, but it does not have to be so forever. With a bit of patience you can find them, tame them and even raise them . I tell you how to do it next!

A look at… Nether update trailer for Minecraft

The horses: your best friends for long distances

Wild horses are usually found in a group in the biomes of meadows and plains . The first thing you should do is go to one of these areas and look for one of those groups. When you have it located, choose one that you like and focus on it. It’s time to tame it!

Tomar horses in Minecraft does not differ from doing so in other video games such as Red Dead Redemption II , for example. Get out slowly and without objects in your hands to the specimen you have chosen.

Then try to ride it. The horse will throw you and it will probably harm you. Repeat this process several times until some headful s. A small trick to expedite the process of tame the horse is to give sugar, wheat, apples… with the right button.

Sugar *: Recover ♥ of life and +3% probability of tame.
Wheat : Recover ♥ of life and +3% probability of tame.
Apple : Recover ♥♥ of life and +3% probability of tame.
Gold Carrot *: Recover ♥♥ of life and +5% probability of tame.
PAN : Recover ♥♥♥♥ of life and +3% probability of tame.
Golden apple : Recover ♥♥♥♥♥ of life and +10% probability of tame.
* HOE BLOCK : Recover ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥manspar.

When you get it, place a chair or mount to the horse you have tamed (open your inventory and drag it inside). You can also use a fence post and a rope to leave the horse bound by home or anywhere else. In the case of donkeys and mules, you can also put a chest (right button with the chest in hand) to load things.

And how can you raise horses? If, for example, you have a farm and want to increase your number of horses, the first thing you should do is Build a small stable (place fences until you make a small enclosure) and section of the main one, where you will put the rest. Once you have your two specimens in the small stable, feed carrots and golden apples to both. In a few minutes they will appear foals similar to their parents.

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Metin2 presents: Extended Horse Riding and Performing Offline quests

Metin2 enters a new year with a really thick pipe. Game forge has just presented an extended horse-driving system and a mercenary system.

Especially this second element promises to be interesting, because thanks to these mercenaries we will be able to do tasks… Being offline.

Extended Horse Riding:

This update will make your mount even more useful! With the Golden Book of Horse, you can recall a new, powerful military horse. Using the Book of Horse Skills, you can learn your mounting huge skills: agile hoof, violent nature, a silent walk and immortality. For so much dedication, you must, of course, feed your horse to strengthen it to the next common fight!

New horse: What How can you get a horse? Very straight: When your horse reaches level 31, you’ll get access to a mission in which you can prove that you are worthy of your new companion. To pass the exam, you have to overcome for 30 Minutes 100 monsters in Knoll caves. Complete the mission, and you will receive a golden Sonia.

New Horse skills: Enabling a new horse will not be used not only to quickly move from a place to place! It also has powerful horse skills, thanks to which you give you wonderful bonuses, while you travel on it. As soon as you reach it Level 21 may learn 1 of these 18 skills to support you even better. You can get a horse skill from bosses in the harbor of Northern Wind, for your tasks made by your mercenaries and from many other sources. These new horse skills can be used Raise up to 20.
Mercenary system

A new mercenary license allows you to recruit mercenaries who have been performing tasks on your behalf, while you will be offline! You will receive prizes for successful tasks for mercenaries. And this is how the new system works: after reaching the level of champion, just ask the commandant from Zohar. He allocates you the mission you have to complete to use the mercenary system. Then you can click on the u key or access the menu tab.

Every mercenary has a name, special skills and features. During recruitment, the name and skills of mercenaries are set randomly. Their skills are useful passive bonuses, like a reduced risk of injury or shortened task.

Send your mercenaries to perform tasks to scrape great prizes. The more mercenary you will send, the greater the chance for success, because the bonus of each sentence is classified as a task.

You can find more information here .

Metini2 would also make a graphic upgrade, but such a revolution will never wait again.

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