IT Takes TWO , the celebrated video game Hazelight Studios with Josef Fares to the front and winner of Goty 2021 at The Game Awards, will have adaptations for cinema and television ; This is revealed by the Portal Variety, picking up the first impressions of some of its responsible, including Fares itself, which hincluding Fares concluded the confirmation of these new projects by ensuring that “there is great potential” in them.

of the creators of the Sonic movie

THE GAME AWARDS 2021: It Takes Two wins Game Of The Year

Thus, the producer DJ2 Entertainment , responsible for the recent Sonic: the movie and other future adaptations of the world of video game including Fares the animated series of Tomb Raider for Netflix and adaptations including Fares Elysium Disc * * for television and sleeping dogs ** for the cinema, will take charge of adapting the adventures of Cody and May, although for now it is unknown in what format they will do it, beyond aiming “cinema and television,” according to VARIETY.

including Fares we say, the Josef Fares hincluding Fares already reacted to the announcement, ensuring that “creating the world and the history of It Takes Two wincluding Fares very fun for me and for the team. Since it hincluding Fares a strong narrative with many crazy characters and crazy moments of cooperative action, the potential for good adaptation to cinema or television is huge. “

For its part, from the audiovisual production company they have also celebrated the new project; This ensures it Dmitri M. Johnson , CEO of the company: “We are honored to collaborate with Josef, Oskar and the incredible team of Hazelight Studios in the adaptation of IT Takes Two. Like the rest of the world of video games, we fell in love with Cody, May, Rose, Dr. Hakim and the imaginative fantincluding Faresy universe that Hazelight hincluding Fares created, and we are anxious to bring these characters and this world to life in The small and large screen, “concludes the manager.

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