The last series of the quarterfinals in the Master Flow League begins with a very intense confrontation between the team from New Pampas and River Plate where only one can stay with the victory to achieve the last place in the semifinals of the Argentine tournament, the performance of both squads was varied because the foxes remained at the top of the table throughout the tournament while the millionaires did not have their best season.

The first map would begin with great action taken at the start by the Pampas team who would demonstrate their work with a surprise selection of a Yasuo in the hands of QQMore who would manage to take several casualties in his favor to take an important advantage in the part low and accompanied by the healing of Kindless with his Senna they would manage to close the first game in their favor in a good way.

For the second duel we saw the very aggressive foxes with a Lucian in the hands of Kindless and with a brutal duo of Yummi who healed him at all times to let him do all the damage he wanted, thus managing to put him in a situation favorable to the Pampas team that would not leave the rivals an opportunity to answer, leaving a second point in their favor.

In the third map we see the millionaires’ team worried about the situation they were experiencing, however, the foxes will have a different currency with the Enga Ahri that would be destructive during the match to end the lives of the opponents in different occasions in order to give an important advantage to their team and that little by little would increase on a large scale with it they will close the series in a phenomenal way.

Thus concludes the last chapter of the quarterfinal phase with an overwhelming victory for the team from New Pampas which gets the last ticket to reach the semifinals, the search for glory in Argentine lands is still in process to determine the team that reached promo/relegation to fight for the acclaimed ticket to the LLA.