BEHAVIOUR INTERACTIVE INC., known for the development of the asymmetric multiplayer horror Dead by Daylight, is a new build MEET YOUR MAKER at the announcement event BEHAVIOUR BEYOND distributed on August 4, 2022. ] Was announced.

What is Meet Your Maker?

This work is a first-person build and raid game developed as the next main game of BEHAVIOUR INTERACTIVE INC. Game play is mainly developed mainly on the construction of an outpost, and the infiltration that attacks other players.

The stage is an end-of-world near the destruction. The player becomes the administrator of the experimental body Chimera, which was created as a last resort to save the life on the earth, and is the key to the evolution of the chimera, the most valuable resource on the earth, Pure Genetic Material (pure genetic substance). Enter the battle over. Each player will strengthen the defense to obtain or protect resources, and to gather more genetic substances by infiltrating the enemy’s base and behind the enemy.

Open base designed by all players

In this work, the player designs all the stages **, and we plan to enhance defense by changing the role, traps (traps) and guards (escorts) to enhance defense. 。 Create a outpost base to lure, pull out, and defeat the invading players.

To create an impressive outpost, you need to strategically combine many customizable items such as blocks, traps, and guards. Also, with the innovative AI recording system, the player can surprise the attacker (Raider) by recording the guard pathway in advance. If you use a replay system, you will see a pleasure expression that other players are exhausted at the discerning base.

Raiders’ Intire Insanity Challenge

To get the resources used for the construction of the base, you need to attack the outpost created by other players. The goal is to test the patience, intelligence, and reflected nerve at each of the outpost, and to survive, grab the genetic substance, and escape alive.

By repeating the challenge, falling down, falling down again, accumulating knowledge and capturing the optimal route. Since there are no same outpost as two, it will be a highly replay experience.

Interview with Developer

At the time of this announcement, GAME*Spark participated in the media presentation and had the opportunity to interview developers. In the following, we will tell you the contents.

-Is the stage only made by users? Is there any other outpost?

The basics are all made by players. Raiders are only players. However, there is a possibility that the outpost will be made by the development side by looking at the situation.

-Can I play with only one of the defense or infiltration?

I can do it. However, builders should be able to do both to get the resources in the game used for architecture. It will also be helpful for base making.

――Is you easily created a base that can not be captured?

Theoretically, it is impossible to capture, but it will be very difficult to realize. We are developing to become fair.


――Is it easy to create a outpost?

There is a way to create a base by obeying.

-What is the matching specification?

The raider side can search at a difficult level.

Meet Your Maker will be released on PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S in 2023. A closed play test for this work will be held on August 24, Japan time. If you are worried, register your account on the official website and participate.