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This number of Ghost of Tsushima offers a jin Sakai half a meter and even more than 1,000 euros of price

Usually this would certainly not be news because it is common for all kinds of retailing of the games, yet the situation of this number of Jin Sakai is truly striking. Through a partnership with Prime 1 Studio, this Ghost Statuary has been lugged out, which can be booked.

Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Deutsch #29 - LEGENDÄRE SAKAI RÜSTUNG (DerSorbus Let's Play)
But if what interests you is the video game, it is worth keeping in mind that its multiplayer version is component of the games of the PS And Also of March. To find out more regarding your version for brand-new generation as well as the extra additions of material you bring, you can examine the analysis of Ghost of Tsushima that Alejandro Pascual returned last year.

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Those who have actually enjoyed Ghost of Tsushima given that its launch in the previous generation, or have benefited from the supervisor’s cut to do it in PlayStation 5, surely currently go well offered from the Japanese adventure of Sucker Punch Nonetheless, for those that have actually fallen in love with the video game, the study has actually presented a new figure.

It has a subtle shading as well as specific details, with the personality on a base of maple as well as rock sheets. The armor has interchangeable parts , with two various heads readily available with or without a headgear, 2 left arms and also 2 rights. On top of that, the right-hand man can be traded as well as includes a symbol of the Noticeable Sakai clan.

The amazing of the number is its high level of detail, which repercutes directly at the price: 1,349 bucks . A high cost to pay that can manage the most fit pockets in order to put the number of majority a meter high in the place they choose.

Ghost of Tsushima 2 would already be in development

_ Ghost of tsushima _RESULT TO BE A SUCCESS FOR PLAYSTATION , so it’s easy to assume that sooner or later, Sucker Punch will start working in your sequel. Since last year, there is rumored about it, and thanks to new work vacancies with very specific requirements, it seems that their developers are already preparing to continue with the story of Jin Sakai.

It happens that Sucker Punch is hiring for multiple positions within the study, including a Senior Combat Designer and combat technical designer . The company does not mention which project or projects these two candidates will be working, however, one of the requirements is that any of them must have played ghost of tsushima previously, as well as being perfectly familiar with their main gameplay mechanics.

Ghost of Tsushima 2 on PS5 Already in Development? + Spider Man Miles Morales Update

From here we can assume that the project in question is related to Ghost of Tsushima, and at this point, I no longer think that Sucker Punch Want to re-throw an expansion for the base game. I say, it could happen, but the reality is that this team has surely put down the work in the sequel, which will probably still take many more years to see the light.

Editor’s note: Considering how successful it was Ghost of Tsushima, it should not be surprising that a sequel is already under development. If I had to bet, I would say that this second part will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5, because I think we could even see it at the end of its life cycle, as happened with the first title of the saga.

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