-Aly in the dreamy world with the motif of painting in the Joseon Dynasty

-It can be purchased at a 15% discount on Steam by the 7th

Catdes Studio unveiled Metro Bania-style 2D action platform game on Steam on the 1st.

In , you can experience the battles and adventures that feel tension in the dreamy atmosphere re-enhanced with the motif of the Joseon Dynasty.

Yeomra-hwan Saengbae Camellia is the first film to introduce the world of Yeomra, which is scheduled for a total of three trilogy. You should find traces of traces and clues of hidden truth.

He is given the ability to get hidden in the dungeon and gives him the ability to get through the difficulties, and he can complete the book through the collection of traditional foods and the encounter with Yo-Kai.

The demo version of can be downloaded from the Steam page and can be purchased at a 15%discount per week to commemorate the current launch.