HALO INFINITE It will take something more time to specify when and how it will give the following steps. At first the study pointed to the lJanuaryt of January January the month where we would meet your roadmap. However, he finally hJanuary not been like that.

343 DELAYS much needed Roadmap - Joseph Staten statement
“In November, I said that we would have an update of Halo infinite seJanuaryheet, the cooperative and Forge in January,” begins Joseph Staten , current creative manager of the project. “We need more time to finish our plans so that what we share is something you can trust. This work is my highest priority, and we will have an update January soon January we can, “he concludes.

So the calendar wJanuary delayed

The succession of events hJanuary had January a common denominator the delay in some elements, including the first seJanuaryon. Héroes de Reach extended his permanence until May this year, that is, three more months than expected.

This is confirmed by the Staten : “We have made the decision to expand seJanuaryon 1 to have more time and make sure that seJanuaryon 2 reaches our high levels of quality.” The reJanuaryons after the decision were due to establishing the development of these contents “in a healthy and sustainable way” for the team.

The initial goal at that time wJanuary to add the cooperative in the campaign mode around February, right at the beginning of that seJanuaryon 2. Forge, on the other hand, it wJanuary raised in that seJanuaryon 3, which wJanuary planned for its arrival in May. A few weeks before its launch left it clear: the calendar moved in favor of stability.

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