Nobody could have seen the success of yu-gi-oh! Master Duel, coming. While the franchise is still an important player in the TCG scene, the franchise has hesitated in the United States with its anime and video games. He has gone well with his loyal fan base, but few expected to see that the IP will take a game to the top of Steam… but it is happening right now. _Yu-gi-oh! Master Duel reminds the fanatics how fun Monsters can be, and even allows them to access their inner Kaiba hedge.

For those who are not familiar with the launch, well, prepare for an intensive course. Yu-gi-oh! Master Duel is a free game that focuses completely at the Duel Monsters card game. The game, that the manga and the anime introduced decades ago, has adapted to a niche community who fought against giants like magia: meeting and pokémon. However, this new game has introduced hundreds of thousands into the game, and this online increase has made it easier than ever to face opponents as it would make Seto Kaiba.

5 Tips Every Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Player Should Know!
With its free entry and affordable passes, it is not surprising why yu-gi-oh! Master Duel has become a great success. The game is simple and has a unique presentation. Many have compared this game with a more accessible version of Magic Arena, and given the mediocre Pokémon options to play their online TCG, _YU-GI-OH! _ Is thriving to big.

As you can see below, new and ancient fanatics are playing yu-gi-oh! Master Duel daily at this point. The transmission platforms such as Twitch have raised the profile of the game, and even anime fanatics who never entered the TCG are now beginning to immerse themselves in their depths. Really, if you ever wanted to feel like the companion of Yugi, this is a game that you should try.

What do you think of _yu-gi-oh! _ And your resurgence in recent times? Have you tried this new game? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or contact me on Twitter @meganpeterscb.

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