After the complete disclosure of Dead by Daylight_, the new DLC has now reached PTB servers to show players from what new characters are capable. The survivor, Yoichi Asakawa, has its own useful advantages for a team to use them, but as anyone who has been present in the light of day_ for a time will know, the most interesting parts of these chapters are typically the murderers, especially when They are like the Onryō and come from a licensed property. Within the new Killer Kit, his special death of memento mori is always one of the most unforgettable parts, and thanks to a new game that was opened on his way online thanks to some PTB players.

New Ringu Killer
The video is below is one of several showing how the death of memento mori of The Onryō is seen. For those who have not been close to the day, for a time or who love the series The Ring but they have not played the game, the death of memento mori can only be obtained by offering a unique article before a game like Killer. Even then, you must comply with certain requirements established by the element that include knocking down a survivor at least, so they are not always easy to achieve. Each murderer has his own death memento Mori unique, although the porte in light of day The team has said before they are open to adding more deaths for each character.

Since The Onryō is meant to be an entity that resembles a young woman, it is not as physically imposing as other characters like The Hillbilly or Michael Myers. Then it makes sense that she would use her supernatural skills to lift the soil survivor as she would do if she was taking them to a hook. The rest is explained by itself from the video above and the like that show the bad way in which a survivor at the hands of The Onryō Mori ends.

Bevern in the light of day Players will not see the new Killer’s Mori in live games for a while since she and the rest of the chapter will not be available until March 8, but even then, the mori will be a rare view. You will see the special ability of the character and the influence of her advantages with much more frequently, so it would be prudent to read about them before the launch of it so that you know what you face or how to play like her.