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How to get and use acid -resistant glaze in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has something to draw, and it is easy to get confused in it. This is especially true if you look at a huge number of objects and systems. One item that can confuse is acid-resistant icing. This can make you ask you what acid-resistant icing is and how to use it in Tower of Fantasy.

Acid-resistant icing is an improvement in the weapon in the game Tower of Fantasy. This is one of many items increases you can turn to your weapon . The modernization of your weapons and its strengthening is crucial to increase your power level. You can see below to find out how to get acid-resistant icing and how to use it in Tower of Fantasy.

how to get acid-resistant icing in Tower of Fantasy

There are many different ways to get acid-resistant glaze in Tower of Fantasy. The easiest way to open boxes with sets to improve weapons or purchase them in weapon store . Here are all ways to get acid-resistant icing in Tower of Fantasy.

  • A box with a set to improve weapons (make sure you have chosen acid-resistant icing)
  • Weapon store
  • Random loss from Password Chests II
  • Interstellar study
  • Spatial trials
  • Omnium lighthouse


How to use acid-resistant icing in Tower of Fantasy

Acid-resistant icing is improvement of weapons you can give a certain weapon, but make sure that you have chosen it. This includes the hammer of Ane and the molten shield of Huma. This item will increase the characteristics of your weapon, which will help you in battle. You must be wanderer of level 20 and your weapon should be level 30 before you can use this addition.

To obtain additional information about Tower of Fantasy, read the sections Where to Find ThornMato in Tower of Fantasy and All Ruine Places in Astra in Tower of Fantasy in Pro game guides.

How to improve cure indicators in a two -point hospital

The frequency of cure on Two Point varies from the hospital to the hospital. But if you want to increase the rate of treatment and reach a 3-star level, we have some tips that can help you.

In this manual you will find all the tips that you can follow to improve Two Points cure indicators.

How to check the cure level in the Two Point hospital

Checking the current cure level on Two Point Hospital is quite simple. Just go to the Patient tab, and you will find the percentage of cure in the Review section.

The rate of treatment will be as a percentage, and the required percentage can also be seen with it if you complete the task.

how to improve the cure speed

The cure speed greatly depends on your current hospital. But if you are trying to bring your hospital to 3 stars and reach a cure level of more than 90%, we have some tips for you. These tips will help you significantly improve Two-Point Hospital cure indicators.

Hospital staff training

You must invest your time and money in the staff to train it. If your staff is well trained, it will help you achieve a high level of cure.

Be sure to train your employees with diagnosis and treatment, and then appoint them to a specific room.

Personnel trained in diagnostics should be assigned to the diagnostic cabinet. The same is with procedural offices. Set only personnel to the procedural office that specializes in treatment.

increase in the number of medical and diagnostic rooms

Your main attention should be focused on the diagnostic office. To cure the disease, you must be 100%sure of it. More diagnostic rooms mean that you can quickly diagnose more patients.

After that, you will need procedural rooms to cure patients with a higher speed. Both diagnostic and medical rooms work side by side, increasing the cure level on Two Point Hospital.

update your cars

Cars are necessary for the treatment of many diseases in the hospital. The janitor will play a role in the modernization of these machines. The update will cost you an average of $ 15,000.

For some improvements, you will also need to conduct a study. You can return to the created hospital and complete the study in order to unlock the necessary update.

Modernized machines will help you increase treatment and cure rate.

good layout of the hospital

The layout of your hospital is really important for the unhindered stream of patients, and especially beginners do not pay much attention to this. What you need to do is your hospital so that patients do not have to walk much.

For example, you make diagnostic cabinets, cafes and toilets in one place so that they do not spend time in vain. Patients may even die due to wasted time, so you must cope with this if you want to achieve a high level of cure.

increase the amount of treatment with highly exhausted diseases

To increase the level of cure, you can choose a few well-cured diseases and start marketing campaigns so that more patients with these diseases come to your hospital.

More patients with well-cured diseases mean more successful treatment and a high level of cure. Some of the diseases that you can quite easily cure are also given below.

* Dizziness (20%)
* Loveshot mind (20%)
* Grout (0%)
* Clamp (10%)
* The face of the bed (20%)

Patients with a low probability of treatment

To maintain a high cure level on Two Point Hospital, you should send home those patients whose chances of survival are quite low. You can even use mods so that you do not have to constantly check your patients.

Set the diagnostic threshold by 100%

So that employees do not know about diseases and do not kill patients due to improper treatment, you must establish a threshold of diagnosis by 100%. The diagnostic threshold can be found on the Politics tab in the Review section.

When you are 100% sure of the disease, the chances of successful treatment are high, which means a high percentage of cure.

Add elements that can increase the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment

If you add objects that can increase the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment in the wards and corridors of your hospital, you will improve the cure.

These objects improve the treatment and diagnosis process and increase the chances of survival. Now you might think about what it is for objects. Do not worry; You can see these elements in the list below.

  • Medical office
  • Wall monitor
  • Scales
  • Book cabinet for treatment
  • Deep thing 2

Your expenses should be reasonable

To successfully complete the treatment, it is necessary to make sure that the patient pays.
If the patient refuses to pay, you will not receive any improvement in the level of cure.
Sometimes people adhere to tactics in which they increase prices for less cured diseases so that patients do not come.
But still, patients can come, and even if you are successfully treating the patient, they can refuse to pay, which will be bad for you.
So you should avoid raising prices and follow other tips.

Skyrim: How to level up Enchanting fast

If you’re thinking that Skyrim is a dead video game, you would certainly be incorrect. With the last release of Skyrim Together Reborn, dozens of brand-new mods uploaded every day, and also much more, Skyrim is prospering. While we await Senior Scrolls VI or Starfield, dive back right into Skyrim as well as develop the best Enchanter develop. Naturally, you need to know just how to level up enchanting promptly. Right here’s exactly how to do that.

Best Ways to Level Up Enchanting Rapid in Skyrim

Stack XP boosts

The first thing you ought to do to make Enchanting leveling a wind is stack every XP boost you can . Although only one Standing Stones, among the very best XP increases in the video game, can be energetic at once, the Aetherial Crown acquired through the Aetherial Forge enables two Standing Stones at the same time. Right here are all the Enchantment XP Increases you’ll wish to obtain right away:

The most effective guidance for leveling up Enchanting quick in Skyrim is enchanting . Disenchanting has two benefits: initially, it offers you a great deal of enchantment XP each time, and second, you keep any kind of delights you disenchant. If you have a lot of items that you recognize you won’t use, disenchant them to improve your enchantment, as well as later enchant various other products with the same glamours to obtain also extra Enchantment EXP.


  • Magic Rock : 20% incentive to all Mage-related skills, including Enchanting. Usage with Lover Stone with Aether Crown for 35% incentive.
  • Love Rock : 15% bonus to all skills. Usage with Mage Rock as well as Aetherial Crown for 35% incentive.

* Ahzidal’s Armor Set : 10% benefit to Enchanting when the full collection is outfitted. Acquired in Solstheim.

Pick up from an adorable instructor

As soon as per level Increase your enchantment level by 5 by learning from an enchantment trainer , can do this. Naturally, this sets you back a great deal of money, yet it deserves it to level up Enchanting swiftly. There are three enchantment instructors in Skyrim:

The Senior Scrolls V: Skyrim is available currently for PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Collection X | S as well as Nintendo Switch.

Avoid reading enchantment publications till after level 90.

The Oghma Infinium is only discovered by finishing the Discerning the Transmundane pursuit. It gives you 5 free degrees that you can designate to enchanting to get to level 95 or infected other skills. For much more leveling tricks as well as suggestions visit our Skyrim page.

The first point you must do to make Enchanting leveling a wind is stack every XP boost you can . The best guidance for leveling up Enchanting fast in Skyrim is enchanting . Can do this when per level Boost your enchantment level by 5 by finding out from an enchantment trainer . One of the best ideas for obtaining your enchanting to 100 rapidly and also successfully is: Avoid reading enchantment publications until after level 90 . For extra leveling tricks and also pointers visit our Skyrim page.

  • A Disaster in Black .
  • Catalogue of Shield Enchantments .
  • Catalogue of Weapon Enchantments .
  • Magic Guide .
  • Twin Tricks .
  • The Oghma Infinium .

One of the best pointers for getting your enchanting to 100 rapidly as well as effectively is: Avoid reading enchantment publications till after level 90 . After level 90 it will certainly take you a long time to enchant and also disenchant equipment to get to level 100 enchanting.

  • Sergius Turrianus-Academy of Winterhold-Level 75 .
  • Hamal-Temple of Dibella, Markarth-Level 90 .
  • Neloth-Tel Mithryn, Solstheim-Level 90 .

How to unlock the 4K Damage icon in Apex Legends

APEX Legends have several icons that players can unlock, moving along the service stairs and passing the game. While some icons are simple, others can be a little complex and take a lot of time to unlock. The 4K Damage icon is one of them, and players can unlock this icon, applying more than 4,000 units in one match. The 4K Damage icon is the last level the fury of the legend icon, and it is available for each character in the game. Let’s see how players can unlock this icon for each character in Apex Legends!

How to unlock all levels of the Legend’s Wrath icon in Apex Legends

There are four levels in the Anger of Legends, and you will find it on the Badge tab in the Banner section for each legend. For example, in order to unlock the Valkyrie Anger icon, you will have to apply 4,000 damage units in one match for Valkyrie. In the same way, in order to get the anger of the Blagunda, the anger of the ghost or the anger of the foreheads, you will have to apply the same amount of damage using this particular legend. To get the first level of this icon, players will have to apply 2000 lesson units per match.

1st level *: Apply 2000 units of damage in one match.
Level 2 : Apply 2500 units of damage for one match.
Level 3 : Apply 3,000 damage units for one match.
* Level 4 : Apply 4,000 damage units for one match.

Applying 4,000 damage units for one match can be easy for professional players, but it can be quite difficult if you are a newcomer in the game. Ideally, you want to land in POI with several other detachments in order to easily start damage immediately after falling. You will need to quickly find a weapon and join the battle with the nearest opponents. Do not worry if you do not find Evo Shield, since you can always increase the level of what you have by inflicting damage to the opponents.

And vice versa, after the acquisition of weapons and shields, players can land in a remote area and quickly move to the Poi defiant. After recent changes, players can be difficult to earn 4K Damage icon at the Ranked Battle Royale. Instead, try it in public matches. Please note that it is easier to unlock this icon if you are in a group of three players.

Do you want to know how to get all the icons from the event Collection of awakening? Find out how to get all the tests of the Awakening tests in APEX Legends in the game manuals for professionals.

PS And Also Extra and Premium: Gaming can be eliminated once more

Sony likewise began the three-stage PlayStation Plus program in Germany today. While clients to the Necessary stage remain to delight in the benefits that the previous PlayStation Plus supplied, clients from Extra and Premium likewise obtain access to hundreds of games, consisting of standards (premium), several of which are supplied with streaming.

extra and premium games can be eliminated

There is a distinction contrasted to the Vital video game catalog, which is also included in the greater levels: the added video games of extra and premium are routine registration provides that do not have to remain permanently in service. This suggests that elements can be removed every once in a while brand-new video games are included. As necessary, subscribers sometimes lose access to specific titles despite having active membership.

Comparable to PlayStation Currently uses: If the content is no more supplied using PlayStation And also, you can no much longer access the titles as soon as they leave the service. If the title is offered in the PlayStation Store and you choose to get, you can access your memory data again-just make certain that you do not delete it, says an older FAQ.

On the various other hand, the cost-free games of the gamers stay in the collection of the gamers in the previous Playstation Plus as well as the Important games as quickly as they were used-so nearly purchased for 0 euros.

The very same relates to the download web content that is linked to the video games. The DLCs are unusable till the players decide to move into the corresponding game somewhere else if a video game leaves the solution.

If your membership runs or the material leaves the service, you likewise lose access to the DLC as well as the extra web content for this game. As quickly as you register for the solution once more or choose to acquire the title, you can use your obtained DLC and extra content once more, states Sony.

Further records on PlayStation Plus:
| Essential, Extra and Premium offered in Germany-all video games had in the overview
everything rather than one-the advertising and marketing video for the new subscription design **

Even if Sony already highlighted this difference between the previous PS Plus as well as the extra libraries of the brand-new degrees ** last May, the possible removal of video games from the premium as well as extra collections as soon as again caused outrage at the weekend break. It is a version that is utilized by numerous various other registration deals.

Information on the costs as well as elements can be located in this message

  • Level 1-essential
  • Level 3 Costs
  • Level 2-Extra


Which PlayStation Plus level do you subscribe? .

  • Level 1-essential 39%, 3437 votes

3437 Votes 39%.

3437 Votes-39% of all ballots.

  • Level 3-premium 35%, 3054 ballots.

3054 ballots 35%.

3054 Votes-35% of all votes.

  • Level 2-Extra 26%, 2299 Votes.

2299 ballots 26%.

2299 Votes-26% of all votes.

Total ballots: 8790.

29. March 2022.

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Additional reports on PlayStation And also.


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  • Level 1-essential.
  • Level 3 Costs.
  • Level 2-Extra.


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