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How to unlock the emotion of the whistle in Lost Ark

There are many different emotions that you can get playing Lost Ark. You can use these emotions for various reasons, including the establishment of mutual understanding with non -game characters and the implementation of various quests.

Although you can get most of them according to the plot, you cannot get them all. One emotion that you need to look for, this is whistle emotion . Firstly, it is important to note that you need to achieve the final stage of the game and have an object level of 800. As soon as you take care of this, you can go to island of the azure wind which is located south of rodllar and to North from Yorn .

On the island, you will need to start the main chain of quests called dying horse to the second quest called mane of azure wind . At this moment, you will have access to the task from the list of tasks of the Una called hooligans in the ground . This quest requires you to destroy a total of x25 root drills which are randomly located around the island. You need to complete this task until you reach the level of reputation 3.

As soon as you do this, you will get whistle Emotion as a reward. At first it will be in your inventory, so you will need to click on it with the right mouse button to tie it to your character for use.

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Where to find Cykin Combat Ration Type A in Lost Ark

Cykin Type A combat diet is one of the simplest materials for manufacture in Lost Ark. It is available as soon as you arrive in Arttin. This requires only 30,000 silver and a conversation with the seller of the culinary ingredients of Malina.

Cykin Combat Ration Type C Lost Ark

Where to find Cykin Combat Ration Type A

The culinary ingredient of Malina is located in the market area in the origins of Stern. It can be found next to the Tavern Sturdy, and it sells only one thing. You can buy a combat diet of Cykin Combat Ration Type A for 30,000 silver. If you are not enough to do this, Origins of Stern is a big city, and you can sell here a lot of things to earn enough silver.

Talk to Malina to open her store and buy Cykin battle type A .

Go to your inventory and right-click on CYKIN Battery Type A Use it. After that, your character will notice that it hurts the belly, but you will receive an entry in your foliant.

We recommend doing this before creating any other collectibles, because it requires the least effort and requires a player only to visit the market area where you can buy other ingredients.

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