Bitlife has many jobs and professions in which players can earn money, as in the real world. One of these professions is a marine biologist, and in order to become such in Bitlife, it is necessary to take a few steps. The first step towards becoming marine biologist in Bitlife is to create a character with a high level of intelligence. You can quickly create a character with a high level of intelligence by transferring your character. To become a marine biologist at Bitlife, after re-sigging the character, the following actions must be performed:

  • Create a character with high intellectual characteristics
  • Graduate School
  • Enter the college for biology
  • To attend graduate school

* Find a marine biologist on the vacancy tab.

How to Release characters in Bitlife

To beat the character into Bitlife, you need to re-create your character. When you recreate your character, he will have a different set of randomized characteristics. If you continue to transfer, the characteristics of your character will ultimately include a high level of intelligence.

How to enter college for biology in Bitlife

If you have a character with fairly decent smart characteristics, your next step towards becoming a marine biologist in Bitlife is to enter a college on a biologist. To enter college, you must finish high school, having reached the age of eighteen years. When you turn eighteen, your character will graduate from high school and will be able to enter the college using the option to do this in the education section. There is also the opportunity to enter the college immediately after graduating from high school. In short, when your character finishes training, you will receive a pop-up window with the question of what you want to do with your character. One of these options will be to enter the college , sign up in the army or take some time.

How to enter graduate school in Bitlife

To go to graduate school in Bitlife, you must first finish the college. After the college, you can go to graduate school using looking for higher knowledge option. If you do not use the option Search for higher knowledge, you can also go to graduate school by finding it on the Education tab.

How to get a job by a marine biologist at Bitlife

After you have completed all the necessary steps to become a naval biologist at Bitlife, you can get a job by completing a profession tab. If you do not see a list of marine biologist in the Profession section, try to update or restart the application.

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