Progress in Dinkum can be quite slow sometimes. Start improving once you have gathered some recipes, bought essential licenses and tools, and have a good piece of sky on the island. One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is when you start needing old gadgets. It is essential to create useful machines. If you have trouble finding them, you are not alone; Here is How to get an old gadget in Dinkum .

How to get an ancient contraction in Dinkum

There are several ways to get Old Contraptions in Dinkum, and each method depends completely on luck. Those methods include:

  • A possible reward of a quarry
  • Using a metal detector
  • A possible reward of a research application

At first, you will trust old gadgets using a metal detector. You will need a metal detection license and the tool itself to start, which can buy Fletch and John for 500 permission points and 7000 dinks, respectively. The metal detector points and wait for the metal detector to emit an erratic beep and pray to discover an old gadget.

Image Source: The Ginger Empire/James Bles


Research requests are another way to achieve old gadgets. If a visitor asks you to investigate an area, it is very likely to discover a satellite. When decomposing it with a peak, it will be divided into valuable components such as hot batteries, green boards and old gadgets, but it is not a guarantee.

Finally, Old Contraptions can be a possible reward of a quarry. Every day, a quarry will recover a single element, which means that having three quarries will recover three elements per day. If you are lucky and a barrel appears, the contents of the interior can include an old gadget. Once again, it is not a guarantee.

What does ancient contraction for?

The bad news is that ancient gadgets are used for a variety of useful vehicles, in addition to being an essential component to build a quarry. There are six recipes that require old gadgets:

  • Tractor
  • Helicopter
  • Jet ski
  • Cortation
  • Motorcycle
  • Cantera

On the positive side, most recipes that require an old gadget only ask for one, excluding the helicopter and tractor. When you are lucky and find an old gadget, use it to build a quarry first.

And now you know How to get an old gadget in Dinkum . As you will need to earn Dines, a quick way to earn money is fishing. gadgets has a useful guide on how to fish in Dinkum. If you have a couple of friends playing, the multiplayer mode is always an option to relieve the load.

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